This map leads to the secret Vampire Cave in Outworld.

The Vampire Cave Map is a map that leads to a secret cave called the Vampire Cave in Outworld. It made its debut appearance in the Konquest mode of Mortal Kombat: Deception.

A map that was created, outlines a rough path to the hidden network caves of this particular location in Outworld. Rumor has it that vampires can be seen fleeing from the cave late at night that the cavern was even given the name "Vampire Cave".

A robed man (who is not a Shadow Priest) with both a bloody dagger and a book, who is a researcher studying the Moroi culture for a long time. He has asked Shujinko during his travels in Outworld, to find a vampire for him. He found the way to a place where the Vampires are rumored to hide, using the map that the Vampire researcher has created to the Tarkatan camp. behind the Tarkata's encampment is the cave, and at the very end, he found Nitara. She admits to being a vampire, and questions Shujinko on why he is interested. Shujinko would have answered her but he felt that it would be better that the Moroi researcher answer her question. Later Shujinko quickly returned to the robed man who has rewarded him with 600 red koins.

Now the would-be famous researcher on the Moroi people has the chance to meet with a living vampire and complete his study on the "creatures of the night".


A robed man with a bloody dagger and a book, revealed to be a researcher on the Vampires.

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