Nitara is the known Vampire and member of the ancient Vampire race, the Moroi.

The Vampires, also known as Moroi, are a species that were native to the Realm of Vaeternus.


The Vampire race have a long history that stretches across the ages. They were known to be a powerful race that had no natural enemy. At some early point in their history, a mysterious sword known as Datusha came to their realm and was possessed by one of their kind known as Kahil Grigesh. Under the command of the mysterious sword, he would begin a campaign slaying many of his kind over the centuries but eventually regained enough of his senses to journey to the Netherrealm where he committed Hara-Kiri thus trapping the sword within that infernal realm.

At some point, the Vampire realm would be conquered by Shao Kahn and incorporated into Outworld. Many of the Vampires would travel through the realms, especially using the power of their magic crystals and some even journeyed to Earthrealm where they found the natural sunlight to harm them unlike that of other realms.

The vampiress Nitara would spend many long decades finding an orb that linked her realm to that of Outworld. Using the aid of Reptile and Cyrax, she managed to recover the orb and free her realm. The vampire race would attempt to rebuild but once again they found them besieged by the sword Datusha now in the hands of the demon hunter Ashrah. Nitara would try and fight her but failed and attempted to gain godhood at the Pyramid of Argus in Edenia to achieve the power to make her race dominant forever. [1]

In Nitara's Armageddon ending, she defeated and slew the fire elemental Blaze, and divine power obtained upon her victory, transformed Nitara into a blood god. The new Vampire diety then turns her attention to, and transforms, all the kombatants present at the pyramid (including Shao Kahn) into Vampires. With an army of powerful warriors at her command, Nitara now conquer each realm and rules the universe.


The Vampire race were Human in appearance but possessed sharp fangs as well as wings. They were not an evil race but neutral as they required the blood of living beings in order to survive. The race were known to be incredibly old as well as have very detailed histories which were chronicled by their Elders. These archives were so detailed that some of those archives contains prophecies that encompassed the realm of Edenia in relation to the fabled Pyramid of Argus and even had knowledge on the Saurians of Zaterra.



  • Mileena (Vampiress - Depicted in Mortal Kombat Mobile)
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