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What’s up, Fandom users. Welcome to my profile page. Nothing much is to say about me, except the fact I have been logging on Fandom Wiki and making edits for over a year now, so I decided to edit my own profile. To be honest, I am not familiar of the website Fandom Wiki, as I have been just scrolling through the Internet on my phone, trying to find informational guides and “how-to” steps (or just pure information) of how to achieve something from the games I play. I don’t even remember which day I first started to visit Fandom Wiki. I’m not always active on this website all the time, however, it is fun to make edits of categories that are in Wikis (in which I consider are missing parts), and put my edits, that will definitely fit in those categories, into them. I will display the edits I made below in the meantime, so I can be remarked on how I made these edits. Also, I only make edits to games that I often play

Edits Made By Me (Thank you to those who further made any changes or edit extensions to them)

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  • Any quotes said by characters that are labeled in “Gameplay” for Mortal Kombat 11 (see Characters)

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