• I live in Earth's Continental Crust
  • I am Male
Liu kang mk9

Test Your Might

I am the TheInmortalRobert, a huge fan of Mortal Kombat since 1995 when the films and Arcades catapulted the series into a media monster.

Though I love playing as most characters, I prefer the ones that protect Earthrealm; especially the rosters of MKII & MK3.

Growing up with MK and its excursions outside video games solidified it as one of my favorite franchises of all time. I love to play any installment of the main games to become Champion of the tournaments, and to immerse myself in the mythology once more.

My favorite Playable Characters (Overall)

  1. Liu Kang
  2. Nightwolf
  3. Jade
  4. Reptile
  5. Jax
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