Scorpion VS Sub Zero MK 9 by Khaluow
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Sub Zero The first Assassin by Blazekingz

my real name is mohammed al jaroof and im 23 years old i live in australia and i hope they stop the ban in mk9 i really realllllllt wanna play it. i love mortal kombat my favourite characters are scorpion and sub zero and ofcourse noob saibot. i only like ermac on mk9 and ultimate mk3 but not in 3d. i also like human smoke and rain they kick ass. i basicly like all the ninjas except for chameleon don't know why they made in the first place.

well when i started playing mortal kombat when i was a kid i just couldn't stop playing it and every seqeul was better but not much mkd or mka. but the new mk is looking to be the best as all of my favourite character appear and i hope smoke rain appear aswell :D .

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This is not noob this is fake

my buddy noob

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