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hanzo hasashi (a.k.a scorpion) meets molly (my OC you'll find out more about her later) she falls in love with him after a few days he slowly gets use to her slowly realises that he needs to move on and slowly starts to fall for her later on some how her love for him returns him to normal then later on then few years later thay get married then another few years and nine munths later she has twins boy and girl 

scorpion and my OC molly. <3



name:fay hasashi age:18 parents: *hanzo *molly love: *flying *fighting dislikes: *all mk carecters except her daddy *evil powers:has both her mom's and her dad's fighting stile:same as her dad's finishers: *the kunai spear attacks like her dad *flame tornado *supernova (altamet move) *wings of death other:born with her mom's wings and the burning dizzier to fight like her dad




name:matthew hasashi age:18 parents:hanzo &molly likes:flying, fighting allies: *fay *his dad *his mom *raiden *jade enimes: *Johnny Cage *Kano *sub-zero *Noob Saibot *Shang Tsung *quan chi *Mileena *kitana *Baraka *Smoke *sindel *Kabal *Ermac *Rain *Chameleon *Khameleon *Frost fighting stile:same as his father's finishers:same as hid dad's and fay's wepins: *kunai *scorpion blade *flame blade other:he is the spitting imeg of his father and like twin sister fay has his mom's wings



name:molly age:(when she met scorpion) 21 wepins: *the claw blades *flame blade likes: *flying alies: *scorpion *zandra *ica enimes: *all evil fighting stile: *unknown finishers: *supernova *blaze tornado *wings of death *twin talons of fury


  • ica
  • zandra
  • molly

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