Real Name
Age 23
Resides Italy, Earthrealm
Origin Heaven
Favourite MK game Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
Species God
Fighting Styles Karate
Alignment Neutral
Portrayers Freddy Fiorentino
Fight of the destiny!


—Kombatgod, every time in a game a fight happens between two characters somehow connected trough their storylines

About me

I'm from Italy and I'm a big fan of Mortal Kombat.
I like to know in detail every single second of every MK character's life, and tell my friends stories about them. Of course they hate me for not leaving them alone.

I also edit some other Wikis, mainly based on video games, but my most inportant project is the Crossover wiki! A wiki I made about fictional crossovers. Only official crossovers, not fanfiction, eh. I know fanfiction's more fun, but there are lots of other wikis for that, and my goal is instead to list every crossover that happened between fictional series.

By the way, I made a Mortal Kombat page in the Crossover Wiki: [1]

My MK Kollection

I also have the first movie on DVD and the whole MK Malibu series of comic books.

I'm also a big fan of many other game franchises, like Tekken (I also have every one of them 'til T6, that sucks), Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, King of Fighters... Well, almost every fighting game, then Metal Gear, Tomb Rider, Mario, Zelda, Prince of Persia, Resident Evil, MediEvil, Monkey Island... And many others! (this sounds like a commercial..)

My contributions

My favorite pages

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