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Cyber Mileena


About me: OK first of all, I use MANY emoticons xD. I've been a fan of MK since I was seven. MK was introduced to me in a cousin's house, where he showed me the first MK I ever saw: MK2. It was then when I developed my insane admiration towards Mileena. Since then, she's been my favourite character. What made me like her was her fatality, Man-Eater. I couldn't believe a game had so much gore in it! Another cousin showed me MK3, and when Trilogy came out, I was fascinated. (: A different cousin (a girl this time), that I spent much time with, led me to like all female fighters. I loved Kitana, Jade, Sonya and Sindel. I then started playing the 3D-styled games, starting with Deadly Alliance, following Deception, and finally (just a few years ago) Armageddon. I was unbeatable with Li Mei, Frost, Sheeva, Mileena, Kitana, Jade, Sindel, Sonya and Tanya. But when MK:DA came out, I also became a fan of.. well, not female kombatants, like Kenshi, Sub-Zero, Nightwolf, Ermac, Noob and Stryker. By Armageddon, I was fan of, almost, all the roster; xD, with Mileena still being my favourite. [Proof, my user pic (: ]. Two months ago, ANOTHER cousin (a twenty-five year old) [and yeah, I have a pretty nice relationship with my cousins xD] showed me MK9. There, two things happened: 1) I hated Sindel infinitely (Story Mode), and I liked Mileena much more (Flesh Pits Costume xD)!

What I don't like about the series: 1)The amount of stupid deaths in MK9. (and Sindel)

2) Scorpion and Sub-Zero's rivalry.

3)Some character's designs in MKA..

4)And finally, Mileena's teeth getting shorter and shorter in every game. :)

Well, that's it concerning the series... I really don't understand why I did this little bio, since noone is going to read it carefully, so I guess it was for fun, xD :P.

This is me and the series! :) This wiki rocks! Cyber MileenaFatalitymk9Kiba 2 AND I'M A DUDE!

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