Emperor Scorpion

aka i'm on from time to time

  • I am a legend on here

About The Emperor...

I'm a big fan of the MK series and my favorite characters are Sub-Zero, Sektor and Scorpion. Mk9 sektor by cmofarts300-d2zjjy5

Neosignature1340Mortal kombat logo

Sektor versusLadder2 Sektor (MK9)

Scorpion MK-AScorpion

ShangversusLadder2 Shang Tsung (MK9)

Cyrax-armLadder2 Cyrax (MK9)

Reptile vsLadder2 Reptile (MK9)

Baraka versusLadder2 Baraka (MK9)

Ermac with his axeLadder2 Ermac (MK9)

CageversusLadder2 Johnny Cage (MK9)


10789 Sub-zeroLadder2 Sub-Zero (MK9)

Smoke versusLadder2 Smoke (MK9)

Mileena's vs. (MK Armageddon)Ladder2 Mileena (MK9)

Kitana with her Steel FansLadder2 Kitana (MK9)

Jade versusLadder2 Jade (MK9)

Stryker versusLadder2 Stryker (MK9)

Sonya versusLadder2 Sonya Blade (MK9)

Favorite Character Sektor
Favorite Fatality Robo-Sek
Favorite Stage

Jade's Desert/Shao Kahn's Arena


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