THE AGE OF EMO IS UPONE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!&nbsp

My name is lochie and i live in australia i am 12. I love MK for the gore and the awsome storylines. i have been playing mk since i was 9 it is one of my fave games along with Tekken. My faverate MK is MK9.


DashieXP - Super Cereal!

10 Fave Pages

10 Shang Tsung

Your Soul Is Mine!!

9 Raiden

8 Shirai Ryu

7 Liu Kang

6 Chameleon

5 Smoke

4 Noob Saibot

Get Over Here!!

3 Cyber Sub-Zero

2 Sub-Zero

1 Scorpion

Liu Kang

My Fave MK Character is Liu Kang. He has the best signature move and fatality

Liu Kangs Fatality Dragon Bite

Liu Kangs Bicycle Kicks

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