Concept art of the Undead General created by Steve Beran.

The Undead General is an ancient high-ranking soldier turned zombie who is the commander of the Dragon King's Army, and he answers only to Onaga the Dragon King himself. Though his real name is unknown, he is from the realm of Outworld and he is about 10,000 years old. The Undead General only appeared as a concept art sketch found in the Krypt and kontent galley special features of Mortal Kombat: Deception.

He was going be a character featured in the game but never made to the production, thus he became a concept art sketch of himself in the Krypt and kontent galley.

The Undead General's History

The Undead General was a proud Outworlder who was among the soldiers and the royal holymen loyal only to Outworld's first ruler, Onaga the Dragon King. Serving under him, the man was promoted to general and continued performing military services, leading Onaga's empire, and bringing order to all realms explored and conquered in the name of the Dragon King. His home, Outworld was already a unified realm and a glorious kingdom all because of Onaga himself. Until one day, the king's former advisor Shao Kahn poisons him and seizes the throne of Outworld for himself. The general sworn retribution against the usurper for killing his master and stealing the throne. He then took part in the ritual mass suicide pact of the army following the Dragon King's funeral within his tomb. He and the rest of the soldiers are waiting the day their king returns and used his power to awaken them, reclaiming Outworld and restore that realm to its former glory.

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