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Towers of Time

Towers of Time is a game mode that made its debut in Mortal Kombat 11. It is an ever-changing rotation of challenging Towers with different objectives, challenges and attributes per Tower. Completing a Tower grants players Experience Points for their profile in addition to Experience Points towards their character's Gear that they have equipped. Towers can also offer Koins, Souls and Hearts for the game's Krypt, in-game currency, currency for the Store, consumables or modifiers for Towers, and customization options for characters. If a Tower is completed consecutively, its rewards will be reduced the more it is played, however these rewards can be earned again if the Tower reappears at a later time.

Upon completing Towers, meeting the point requirements for all three currency rewards also unlocks the Brutal Difficulty, which will reward more items for players to unlock. Brutal increases the Towers' base difficulty, including modifying the fighters for the fight and the overall frequency of their modifiers. Brutal Difficulty is permanently unlocked for a Tower after completing it and can be immediately selected for the Tower should it reappear at a later time. Additionally, selecting Brutal Difficulty disables the ability to continue the current Tower should the player lose at any time during it, however equipping the Sacred Blood Beetle Konsumable overrides this option and allows players to continue Brutal Difficulty regardless if they lose. Brutal Difficulty is not available in the One Time Towers or Multiplayer Towers, with the exception of Stage 6 of the Character Towers. The Sacred Blood Beetle Konsumable does not work on the Stage 6 Towers of the Character Towers.

Every Tower varies in difficulty and the Towers are very different from the standard Arcade Towers. Players can also modify their characters with Augments for their Gear that can grant them additional bonuses or effect for Towers in addition to using consumables and modifiers. Augments for Character Gear can only be used in Arcade Towers or the Towers of Time and have no effect in online multiplayer matches.

There are several event types:

One Time Towers[]

  • Tutorial Towers: Four short towers that you must complete before you can access the other types. These teach you concepts like endurance, consumables, and boss battles. Once these Towers are completed, they can not be entered again.
  • The Gauntlet: A collection of 30 Stages of Special Towers with different difficulties and traits than any other Tower in the Towers of Time. Each Stage can have a standard modifier to a unique to bizarre modifier and requirements. Completing each Stage and Tower rewards the player with exclusive Gear for characters only found in The Gauntlet in addition to being reward Time Krystals, an in-game currency exclusive to the game's Store that can also be purchased using real world money. Once Stage 30 is complete, the Tower can never be played again.
  • Character Towers: Each character in MK11 has their own unique set of Towers featured in six different Stages. Each Tower has a set requirement that must be completed to proceed to the next Tower. These requirements are listed below (See Character Towers below). Completing each Tower earns the player Koins, Souls, Hearts, Augments and most importantly customization options for their character. These items include Intros, Outros, Fatalities, Brutalities, Gameplay Taunts and Gear for the character for their appearance. Once a Tower is completed, it can never be played again.
    • Upon completing all five the main Stages, a sixth Stage is unlocked featuring only Boss fights with heavy modifiers. Completing these Towers rewards Jinsei Augments for the selected character, the rarest Augment in the game in addition to more Gear. Each Tower increases in difficulty just like the regular Character Tower but reward higher level Jinsei Augments as a result of completing them. Due to the difficulty of these Towers, Augments are highly recommended when trying to complete each Tower. Unlike the Towers of the previous stages, these Towers can be played again after the first completion.

Standard Towers[]

  • Timed Towers: Every Tower in the Towers of Time is timed, some being for only an hour to some being available for up to 9 hours. These Towers are all different and can have a series of different Stages and Towers to complete or simply be a single fight Boss Tower.
  • Premier Towers: These Towers are featured Towers for a limited time. These Towers also offer exclusive Gear or unlockables that are only unlockable when they are available. Premier Towers also change for events of the year or sometimes when new content for the game becomes available for all players. With the content related Towers, these include DLC characters that will be available for any player to play regardless if the player has downloaded or purchased said character, similar to that of a trail. Additionally, holiday-themed Towers and Stages can appear with exclusive items and modifiers for players to unlock should they be completed.
  • Heroic Towers: These Towers can contain either set of Towers, or one Boss Tower.
    • The set of Towers contains three simple Towers, sometimes complicated by modifiers for some opponents. Some of these Towers can be played only by using AI, some of them are the Survival Towers (one healthbar for the selected character for entire Tower).
    • The Boss Tower has heavy modifiers and set at the max difficulty. Only one fighter is fought during this Tower, however this can be a challenge due to the fighter's increased difficulty and modifiers.
  • Rapid Towers: These Towers are standard Towers with simple modifiers for increased difficulty. These Towers can consist of multiple Towers that finish off with a Boss Tower or can simply be a single Boss Tower like a Heroic Tower.
  • Tag Assist Towers: These Towers always feature a fighter assisting the opponent, where the fighter will enter from off screen and attack the player with a random attack before retreating. Additionally, a single Tower can also be present, which features a multi-fighter Tower consisting of a single fight where the player must fight two fighters that have the ability to tag-in and tag-out of the fight whenever they wish.

Special Towers[]

  • Summoned Towers: Special Towers accessed by using Tower Keys. These Towers can be repeated if the player has multiple of the same Tower Key. These Towers deactivate after some time or when completed.
  • Meteor Tower: A Special Tower that can only be summoned at a certain time of the day through a specific button combination that offers exclusive Gear for characters only obtainable in the Kombat League. These Towers are single Boss Towers at an extreme difficulty and require a large amount of Coins, Souls and Hearts to participate in. These Towers last for one hour once summoned, however leaving the Towers of Time at any time after summoning the Tower immediately deactivates it.

Test Your Luck[]

  • The most difficult Towers in the game. Upon completing any Summon Tower, the player is rewarded a Lucky Key. Selecting the Lucky Key in the Summon Towers will spawn a Test Your Luck Tower consisting of 8 Towers of EXTREME difficulty that are available for 1 month. All Towers will consist of random opponents every time the Lucky Key is used with different, exclusive modifiers per fight. These modifiers include; granting the opponent immunity to specific attacks types, taking reduced damage from specific attack types and taking increased damage from specific attack types. Between all 8 Towers, half are Boss Towers and the other half are regular Towers with the Extreme Modifiers consisting of 4 fights. Unlike the other Towers in the Towers of Time, the player is unable to select their own modifiers for the Tower and must rely on Augments to progress, otherwise, completing the Towers is almost impossible. These Towers cannot be restarted if the player is defeated, even when Brutal is not selected. Additionally, like Character Tower Stages, each Tower has a price or requirement to enter and challenge. The price and requirements to unlock each Tower varies;
Test Your Luck Towers
Tower Fighter Type Unlock Cost/Requirements
Tower 1 4 Fight Free
Tower 2 Boss Complete Tower 1
Tower 3 4 Fight 1000000 Koins per attempt
Tower 4 Boss Complete Tower 3
Tower 5 4 Fight 9000 Souls per attempt
Tower 6 Boss Complete Tower 5
Tower 7 4 Fight 2500 Hearts per attempt
Tower 8 Boss Complete Tower 7
  • Upon completing each Tower, players are given various rewards. Completing the High Score unlocks the Brutal Difficulty and even greater rewards. These rewards and Augments consist of the following;
    • Gear: Players are rewarded Gear based on the fighters of the Towers.
    • Augments: Players are rewarded Level 4 Augments of the 6 Augment types for any character.
      • Jinsei Augments: Players can obtain Level 4 Jinsei Augments for any random character.
    • Elixir: 3 Slot Modifier - Grants Invincibility to the user, causing them to take no damage from any attack. They still succumb to the effects of the attacks.
    • Lucky Rabbit's Foot: Soul Augment - Increases Luck by 100%
      • This Augment increases the chances of getting higher ranking rewards when equipped. Additionally, playing any mode on high difficulties causes the opponents to occasionally make mistakes and reduces their chance to perform specific attacks like Flawless Block Attacks, Krsuhing Blows, etc. This Augment is universal and can be equipped to any character once unlocked but must be removed for another fighter to benefit from its bonuses.
    • Luckality: Dragon Blood Augment - Brutalities have a chance to trigger on opponents regardless of health level and instantly kill the opponent, ending the match. While equipped, the character utilizing this Augment can no longer gain Experience Points towards their Gear.
    • Lucky Blows: Dragon Blood Augment - Triggering a Krushing Blow has a chance to reduce the opponent to 0 health, ending the round. While equipped, the character utilizing this Augment can no longer gain Experience Points towards their Gear.
      • Unlike all other Dragon Blood Augments which are universal, these Augments are bound to specific characters and must be unlocked for others to use. Additionally, they are the only Dragon Blood Augments that have Levels, with the percentage chance of their effects triggering increasing the higher the level.
        • Level 1 - 2%
        • Level 2 - 4%
        • Level 3 - 6%
        • Level 4 - 8%

Multiplayer Towers[]

  • Ko-Op Towers: These Towers are single fight Boss Towers that can be completed with other online players. These Towers are extremely difficult and feature fighters with extremely high health and powerful modifiers that change as their health depletes. Players can also choose to play these Towers by themselves, however doing so increases the difficulty. Konsumables cannot be used even in Solo mode, forcing players to rely on equipped Augments for their best chance at success. There are three types of Towers that players can participate in:
    • Group Battle: This Tower consists of three players fighting one Boss. Each time a player dies, the next player is forced into the fight. The Tower ends once all players are defeated or the Boss itself is defeated. During the fight, the players on the sidelines are given three modifiers that they can use to benefit the player that is currently fighting the Boss. These include modifiers that can armor or heal the player fighting, or modifiers that can inflict damage or negative effects towards the Boss.
    • Tag Battle: Similar to a Tag Assist Tower, two players fight off against a Boss where either player can tag the other player in to fight. Players that are defeated can not longer participate in the fight at hand and must rely on their teammate to finish. The Tower ends if both players are defeated or the Boss is defeated. This Tower can be played Solo by picking two characters as one player.
    • Raid Battle: A Tower in which players must defeat a Boss character whose health is shared between all players. The team has lives, and lives are lost when a player is defeated. The team will win if one person succeeds in defeating the Boss, regardless if everyone else loses. The players will still lose if all lives are spent and no one defeats the Boss. The Boss will use modifiers that will gradually be added as their health decreases. Players can also receive useful modifiers if they have all successfully completed the appearing challenges. This Tower can not be played Solo and requires at least two people to play.

Character Towers[]

Each character has six stages of character towers. Each stage can be unlocked by spending Koins and/or souls. Within each stage will be a five towers. These towers have their own range of requirements, which can be unlocked doing certain actions during gameplay. These actions must be done ether in Towers of Time, or in Klassic Towers, or in online matches. In order to progress, these actions must be completed.

Character Towers
Stage Unlock Cost Completion Requirements
Stage 1 25,000 Koins Complete the First Tower of the Stage, Spend 50 Souls, Connect 15 Uppercuts and Throws
Stage 2 50,000 Koins Spend 100 Souls, Spend 250 Souls, Perform 5 Fatalities and 3 Brutalities
Stage 3 75,000 Koins Spend 50 Hearts, Spend 100 Hearts, Perform 10 Krushing Blows and spill 5,000 drops of blood
Stage 4 100,000 Koins

10 Souls

Perform 15 Fatal Blows, get 3 Flawless Rounds, 15 wins, and perform 10 Krushing Blows
Stage 5 150,000 Koins

20 Souls

Win 25 matches, perform 20 Fatal Blows, perform 15 Fatalities and 15 Brutalities
Stage 6 250,000 Koins

100 Soul Fragments

50 Hearts

10000 Koins per attempt, 25000 Koins per attempt, 50000 Koins per attempt, 250 Souls per attempt, 100 Hearts per attempt