Towers of Time

Towers of Time is a game mode in Mortal Kombat 11. It is an ever-changing rotation of challenging Towers. Fighting through the challenges will earn profile experience, level up character Gear, grant limited rewards, and award currency.

There are several event types:

  • Tutorial Towers: Four short towers that you must complete before you can access the other types. These teach you concepts like: endurance, consumables, and boss battles.
  • Timed Towers: A few towers on a single platform that refresh hourly, daily, or every few days. These can sometimes focus on certain characters. Occasionally these may be a single Boss Tower.
  • Character Towers: Unlocked by spending Koins. To start, you summon a tower for your character for 25,000 Koins. After that, you can summon the next tier for that character for 50,000 Koins, etc. These towers award brutalities, intros, gear, skins, variation icons, and augments for the chosen character.
  • The Gauntlet: A collection of 30 rounds of special towers.
  • Summoned Towers: Accessed by using Tower Keys.
  • Heroic Towers
  • Rapid Towers
  • Tag Assist Towers
  • Premier Towers
  • Ko-Op Towers

Konsumables can be used to power up fighters with offensive or defensive benefits. They are often useful in counteracting certain abilities that opponents will have.

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