• Hi and Hello. Mortal Kombat..I have been a fan since I can remember I love the the game ever time it comes out. But I noticed mortal kombat has taken there character away from ninjas. I say continue to keep the ninja appearance..I also love the idea of special guesss..l would love to see this happen. 1. Strom Shadow- G.I.Joe 2. Snake Eyes- G.I.Joe 3. Ninja Gadian- from SAGA 4. SHANOBI- from SAGA 5. The Rat King- from Ninja Turtles.. 6. This one would crush them all..Shedder-from Ninja Turtles.. But no turtles that would make it look silly..

    Remember to continue to keep them ninjas.

    Also..Mortal Kombat.. needs A white Ninja..with maybe made of chrome metal like terminator 2, police officer.. Just some ideas. Love ya..

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