• Alright, so I purchased MK:C a few days ago and it arrived this morning, so tonight I've planned on knocking out a few episodes. I've seen bits and pieces of the show prior to now, but never in full. I'm just curious if anyone else who may be reading this has ever watched the show and what their thoughts are on it. I just finished the first episode and the primary thing I noticed right off the bat is that the main character is clearly supposed to be The Great Kung Lao, but he's dressed exactly like Kung Lao from MK3, even sporting the hat. That seems quite odd to me.

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    • I grew up with this show. Back then I thought it was the shit, tho now it's just a guilty pleasure. Helped that it was kinda my rebound from Annihilation at the time. Still has the best Quan Chi ever and some things too.

      Will talk about it more when you get further or long or finish the show I guess, since I don't want to spoil anything.

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    • I appreciate it. I'll report back later about it. I finished four episodes last night. I'm a mark for any and all MK media, regardless if it's good or bad. This show definitely has some cheese to it, but it isn't too over the top cheesy. Side note: it seems all the women of Earthrealm 500 years ago were sluts. Lol.

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    • Alright, just finished up episode 9 (Quan Chi). I gotta say, the costumes and makeup are on point with him and the female BoS members. Hilarious that Jaime Pressly played one of them.

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    • Admittedly, I didn't know who most of the cast were back then, so realizing it was her as one of Quan Chi's angels years later was kinda funny.

      Yeah, Adoni Maropis I would still kinda argue to be the best Quan Chi ever. Funny enough, just realized recently that Quan's debut in this show and in the cartoon had basically the same plan, of bringing out everyone's inner demons/turmoil and turn the heroes against each other; of course in the cartoon it was more rushed, but y'know.

      Oh yeah, how do you like Jeff Meek Raiden? While based on Christopher Lambert's Raiden, I think it kinda tops even that since he got a bit more screen-time overall, and thus more god/teacher humor moments.

      The Shang Tsung I really like as well; maybe not as much as Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa's, the latter portrayal of which is more iconic, but the show version really left his mark too I felt.

      Siro I liked as well out of the non-game/show original characters, tho now he's just meme material. Vorpax had an interesting premise, but she may as well have just been Jade or someone.

      edit: Oh, how'd you like Sub-Zero or Noob Saibot? Keep in mind I guess, this show was before the revelation that Noob Saibot was the elder Sub-Zero, so he was treated as an entirely different entity back then. The oil thing with Noob was weird, but with how little about him was known at the time, not sure what else they could've had for him (assuming they probably didn't have the budget for shadow clone spam), but he had a cool fight scene, at least.

      With Conquest, it helps for most portrayals that "at least it was more than an Annihilation cameo", in the case of like Noob Saibot or Rain. Adoni's Quan Chi was initially planned for Annihilation apparently, but he got scrapped from the movie thankfully (no one would've saved that dumpster fire of a flick) and was saved for the show.

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    • Jeff Meek's Raiden is superb. I wholeheartedly agree it tops even Lambert's performance. He is solid gold in this and personally for me, is the best part of the show. EDIT: I just finished up episode 12 and had to comment on Raiden trolling Kung Lao about having sex with Mileena. Seriously... Gold.

      I find it pretty awesome that Bruce Locke ended up actually practicing multiple martial arts after the fact due to his portrayal of Shang Tsung in the show. He looks the part and does a acceptable job, for sure. No one can ever match Tagawa, though. He was literally born for the role, man.

      I know Bernhardt mostly because of the Bloodsport movies. He reminds me of Kevin Sorbo from the Hercules TV show from back in the day for some reason. Lol. Bernhardt and Meek are actually legitimate martial artists, but I've yet to see Meek actually fight in the show yet.

      Also, Kristanna Loken is just fun to look at.

      Vorpax's character is similar to Tanya so far, it seems. Just lookin' out for numero uno, whilst being evil, but also with an agenda against her evil counterparts.

      The backstory for Sub-Zero was a little bit vague, I thought. There was a line spoken by the Grandmaster saying Sub-Zero was an "infant", so I'm not sure if they were implying that they created him or what, but later when we actually see Sub-Zero, the Grandmaster mentions that he's from a long line of people who can control ice. I don't know. He was kinda "meh". Seems they were going for the Americanized MK3 Kuai Liang, though.

      As for Noob, I really disliked that whole premise. He looked pretty dumb, honestly. I didn't mind the oil part, but his look was not good and the guy portraying him was using capoeira for like half the fight between he and Kung Lao. It just didn't fit with the character.

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    • Indeed, and not sure if you already knew or not, but Jeff Meek played Shao Kahn in the show as well, so he definitely has range, though not sure whether to say his or Brian Thompson's Shao Kahn was better. I mean Annihilation may have been shit, but Brian was the perfect casting choice for Shao Kahn, a big guy whose played various villain roles...

      Ah, did not know that about Bruce Locke. Interesting. During the show he usually had a fight/stunt double as Shang, but still cool that he practiced martial arts afterwards.

      Yeah, Daniel Bernhardt's awesome. Aside from Siro, I first knew him as Agent Johnson in the 2nd Matrix film.

      Huh, maybe Vorpax should've worn yellow then instead of green...

      Oh yeah, Conquest Sub-Zero isn't based on either of the brothers but simply an ancestor cryomancer (who you'll see again later in the show), but showing how the Lin Kuei trained and basically made him was interesting.

      Fair enough on Noob Saibot. At least Rain was done better by comparison, just wasn't real memorable, but at least had a couple cool/better fight scenes.

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    • Well, I made it through episode 15 last night (The Serpent & The Ice). Gonna be taking a break from it this weekend.

      Yes, I was aware that Meek was playing both Raiden and Kahn. I'm not sure what to think of Kahn's outfit. It looks cool and fits the universe, I guess. Subjectively, I'd have to go with Thompson. He looked bad ass and did a great job in Annihilation.

      Holy shit! Bernhardt is in Reloaded! Didn't even cross my mind.

      Regarding Sub-Zero, I didn't mean that the character was based off of Kuai Liang's story, more so just that he was played by an American actor (JJ Perry) as opposed to a Chinese one. But yeah, after this last episode, it's shown that he did indeed have a family and of course we get the fight between he and Scorpion as is tradition for almost every media iteration of MK, it seems. Lol.

      Rain was fine, as well as Reptile. I forgot to mention before too, about the white Lin Kuei ninjas. Those looked pretty damn cool. I've always wanted a white ninja in MK.

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    • MK:Conquest had its cool moments. There are times it was really dry to watch. If I'm not mistaking, it's supposed to be a prequel of sorts to the movies. That would make sense being that there were hardly any recognizable characters in the story at the beginning, Raiden, Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn excluded. Just wish that they ended the series with a fight between Kung Lao and Goro.

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    • Alright, I just finished up the final episode! Damn, I didn't see that ending coming. That last episode has to be my favorite. I'm thinking the majority of the time, you know, it's Meek God vs. Meek Kahn in Verbal Kombat, then something's gonna happen and Shao's plan will be foiled.....

      Seeing all the prime time players getting taken out one by one by the shadow priests was badass and then FINALLY seeing Meek in a fight sequence for the first and only time in the entire series, although I'm very interested to learn who he was actually playing and when during that, considering he was essentially fighting himself.

      And then that final little scene... "A traitor... Dead. Two sorcerers... Dead. A queen... Dead. A daughter... Dead. A bodyguard... Dead. A thief... Dead. A champion..... Dead. You... Will... BOW... To... ME!!!"

      It's a rare occurrence when the villain gets the W and Shao Kahn pulls it off in dramatic fashion here. I loved it.

      Objectively, I'd say the show was so-so. I can't see how it would really appeal to many people outside the world of MK fans. There's lots of half-naked women and three separate crossover episodes I caught with WCW (Wrath, Meng, and Emery Hale), though. That in and of itself is pretty ironic, considering I was a huge WCW fan AND MK is my favorite game series of all time.

      Subjectively, regardless of the cheese factor and the mostly irrelevent characters that were created specifically for this show, I'm always on board for MK media and I'm glad I made the purchase to add this to my ever growing collection of MK memorabilia. I give Mortal Kombat: Conquest two flawless victories out of two!

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    • The whole bee women arc could've gone without, tho funny how we now have D'Vorah.

      How did you like Master Cho? Easily one of my favorite characters on the show, and since Conquest happened before the 3D era, he was pretty speculated to be a prototype Bo Rai Cho. Regardless, I liked the idea that he had trained Shang Tsung who was once on the side of good/earthrealm, which could've made for some interesting parallels to Great Kung Lao, but y'know... And of course, with the kind of writers the show had, couldn't keep Cho around.

      That was the one major gripe with Conquest, was every time it seemed like they were leading up to Kung Lao and the team getting a new ally for the cause of earthrealm, the character in question either dies, or they just part ways because reasons. Sub-Zero eventually joining them as a result of him burning bridges with the Lin Kuei had so much potential. Well there was the little cliffhanger with Smoke, but because the show got cancelled earlier than planned, we didn't get to see the follow-up with Smoke and Sub-Zero.

      Other than that, Conquest I felt handled the whole Shang Tsung and Quan Chi rivalry much better than John Vogel did with them in the actual canon, sad to say. ... My opinion anyway.

      The leader Reptile I liked as well, and as left field as those two women being Saurians were, was still good to see Zaterra or what was left of it set up in a live action setting such as that.

      And pretty much agree on the final episode, much as it scarred me at first back then. Didn't like how overpowered the Shadow Priests were though and would've preferred the end-game they had originally planned with Goro vs the Great Kung Lao, tho I guess that would've also meant we'd have to see Siro and some people age and die. Whelp... But as far as the ending we got, I agree as far as the whole Raiden and Shao Kahn thing. Not only did they have pretty much THE best fight in the entire show, but Kahn outsmarted Raiden by stalling him with their chat while I guess his forces were secretly invading earthrealm.

      I read in an interview that the writers had planned to use Omegis in season 2 as a means of reviving most of the cast that were killed by the Shadow Priests, then the Elder Gods would finally take action, put Shao Kahn in his time-out chair, and ban him from being part of Mortal Kombat tournments, which led to Shang Tsung hosting them afterward, and eventually meeting Goro, yadayada.

      But as far as the ending we got for the show, I can still understanding liking it for what it is. Kahn's gloating victory speech was kinda amsuing, looking back now. Between Kahn's victory there and him winning Armageddon, which did you like better?

      Was kinda weird that Conquest Shao Kahn used a sword though, but after seeing how well a hammer worked for Raiden (when Raiden Thor'd it up briefly in their fight), I can only guess he became the hammer user we know him as afterward.

      Oh, and yeah, the show initially aired on TNT, which is why you had the WCW wrestlers at times, which I didn't mind since I was kinda into wresting back then too.

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      Yeah, the Kreeyans were pretty "meh", especially learning that Vorpax was one of them. Although I did think it was perhaps not important, but at least entertaining to push the idea of alternate realms and the primary species that inhabit them. Coincidentally, even though I'm aware most people despise D'Vorah, I actually thought she was the best new character from MKX.

      I thought Master Cho was clearly a foreshadowing of Bo' Rai Cho, yes. As far as what I thought about him though, I'm not too sure. I mean, he served his purpose, but he didn't specifically stand out to me. He probably should've gotten more screen time. Him training Shang prior to his heel turn was a cool little tidbit, for sure.

      I definitely agree with the sentiment about random heroes being killed off before being able to join forces with Kung Lao and the crew. Especially considering THAT WAS THE ENTIRE ORIGINAL PLOT POINT. Kung Lao is supposed to be going out to find and train new Earthrealm warriors for the next tournament, but they never gain any allies that actually live. Lol. I also wanna point out too that I kinda hated the fact that they made Kung Lao seem very underpowered. I mean, Average Joe #3 would be keeping up with him in a fight scene for a good while before he'd get the upper hand. He's supposed to be the best fighter on Earth... He should be destroying people. And yes, it was a bummer not getting to see what they were gonna do with Smoke at all.

      I feel that in the canonical story, Shang and Quan don't really have much of a rivalry. They both have bigger rivalries with other characters more so than with each other, I mean. However, Conquest highlighted how jealous they were of each other very well, I thought. They both believe themselves to be the greatest sorcerer in all the realms and when one of them finds success and the other learns of it, the envy is obvious.

      Speaking of Reptile and Saurians in general, I'd like to see how they'd be portrayed with the type of CGI we have nowadays, because I felt like they always looked goofy as hell when not in human form in all the media they were seen in. I personally didn't really like that Reptile was the actual leader of Zaterra, though. He's such a passive character in the canon that I can't imagine he'd ever be that high up in the hierarchy. Their greatest warrior/spy though, sure.

      I didn't mind the overpowered nature of the Shadow Priests so much, but rather it was the execution of it all. To me, Shadow Priests should be some of the top tier magic users in the series, but they should also be less than average fighters. And when we see them taking out everyone one by one with physical force, well... I'd rather have seen them casting spells on people vs just mauling them, but yeah. And I'm not sure how they would've executed Goro. I was constantly noticing the piss poor CGI on the little lead-in sections right after where a commercial would've been. ie: Showing Zhu Zin before seeing the heroes, showing Saurians before seeing Reptile, showing Outworld with SHITTY Shokan models before seeing Kahn or the Cobalt Mine scenes, and showing the outside of Quan's fortress (I guess?) before seeing him. I'm sure Goro wouldn't have looked near as bad, but I don't think he would've looked too awesome either...

      I wonder how much they actually had planned out, because the obvious next step is moving past the other heroes and eventually getting to Goro defeating Kung Lao. Inevitably, the story wouldn't really end on a high note. Lol. Omegis was gonna resurrect all the dead cast members? I hate that shit. That's probably my single biggest complaint on MK in general, being that death means absolutely nothing.

      I hands down enjoyed Kahn getting the better of Raiden here much more so than him "winning" Armageddon, especially considering the situation Kahn was in during the big Pyramid of Argus battle, what with him being carried off into the air by Onaga.

      Yeah, it was a little strange seeing Kahn with a sword; his hammer is so iconic. Raiden has his thunder mallet from MK4. Lol. I prefer Raiden without any weapons at all and Shao with his hammer, definitely.

      Seeing the wrestlers on the show was just ridiculous, but it was entertaining. When Emery Hale drops the atomic leg drop on Kung Lao and he just gets right back up, I'm like, "nah, bro. That's the infamous Hogan Leg Drop. You don't get up from that." Haha.

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    • LOL! Yeah, those wrestler appearances were pretty laughable.

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    • Is it just me or does anyone want a Mortal Kombat: Conquest inspired Mythologies fighter game?

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    • Elaborate? Not sure I get what you mean.

      Also, since it wasn't brought up before, Conquest was kinda the odd one out among the live action MK, in the sense that Ed Boon had no involvement in it. In the movies, including awful Annihilation, he was at least there to provide the voice for Scorpion, but with Conquest that was not the case, and while I like Chris Casamassa who deserved getting to reprise his role as Scorpion after the first film, it wasn't the same hearing "Get over here!" in his voice, even with them filtering the voice for that classic line to make it sound more deep... I don't know, tho Scorpion in the show was alright aside from that.

      Boon himself also apparently wasn't a fan of the show, and can understand why to a point, but it still felt like MK more than a lot of the Legacy web-series. To be fair I guess, it's debatable as to which was better between Conquest and Legacy season 1, but Legacy season 2? Conquest beats it hands down.

      The awful costumes that Machinima had for some of the characters/ninjas made me more thankful for the real life costumes that Sub-Zero, etc got to have back in the 90's... Shame there wasn't an episode of Conquest that had Ermac though, who was the only ninja missing out of the show (Reiko even appeared some as a cameo character in his MK4 appearance), but I'm sure Conquest would've done a better job portraying Ermac than Legacy S2 did at least (and redeem the poor Annihilation Ermac), despite the "miss" it kinda had with Noob Saibot.

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    • To elaborate, I was thinking of a fighter game that could serve as a "Mythologies" game of sorts and it's based on Mortal Kombat: Conquest. It probably won't happen but it would be fun.

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    • @Ridley: By the way, I was thinking about what you were saying about the differences between Conquest and Legacy. I would have to agree with your opinion. I looked at season 1 as a great lead into the tornament. Everything also seemed really well thought out as well as represented as far as the original story goes. Season 2 didn't have that. It was really rough because the writers were way too involved in creating a completely alternative story. Most of the characters from season 1 were just forgotten about in season 2. And yes, Ermac was the worst incarnation of any character.

      The only two things I would disagree with you on would be the costumes in Legacy and having Ermac in Conquest. I personally thought the costumes in Legacy were fantastic, both seasons. Not the best but still pretty fantastic. And having Ermac in Conquest would not work for the fans because he is one of Shang Tsung's newest creations supposed to be in MK1. At least, that's the story. Having him in Conquest would just set back his story.

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    • Ermac was one of Shao Kahn's creations, not Tsung's. Not like everyone in Conquest was accurately portrayed to their origins anyway, so they could've found a way to include Ermac in an episode, but I see what you're saying.

      I didn't mean to suggest that all the costumes in Legacy were bad, but I guess with season 2 being fresher on the mind, it's easier for me to think that at times, what with Ermac and stuff. But I mean look at how generic Shao Kahn looked in Legacy S1... Even compared to Shao Kahn's costume in Conquest, it's no contest. Sub-Zero's costume in Legacy S2 barely even looked like Sub-Zero either. It only had one little line or tint of blue, not that Conquest Sub-Zero's constume was perfect. It was decent, but loses some points for the overly big mask. Something closer to the Sub-Zero costume/mask from the first movie would've been better.

      Then you had Legacy portrayals like Raiden which was largely unrecognizable to the character... I don't know. Suppose I'm just nitpicking. Legacy's Mileena was better than the Conquest one though, I'll say that much for MKL.

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    • @Ridley: Yeah, you're right about Ermac being Shao's creation. Sometimes, I get Shao and Shang mixed up.

      I see what you're saying about the costumes though. Sub's costume was lacking and his mask kind of overtook his face. But I guess I'm not sure what you mean by how generic Shao's costume was. Granted, he didn't really look like Shao Kahn but I liked that he didn't have a mask. I guess it was just a different take.

      And yes, Mileena was pretty great.

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    • Thinking about Mileena, how did you feel about Mileena not being played by the same girl? I just want you opinion.

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    • It was fine. Sure, Mileena was born as a clone of Kitana, but aside from the fangs, her appearance became more differentiated from Kitana's over time, so a different actress is well, passable.

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    • Yeah, you're right. Personally, Jolene Tran is my personal crush and I would have loved to see both her and someone who looked like her to play Mileena and Kitana in Legacy respectively. I absolutely hated her in Annihilation though.

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    • Thinking about it, could a single actress play both Kitana and Mileena and we take it seriously?

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    • How about twins playing Kitana and Mileena?

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