I will achieve my mission objective.


—The Terminator to Kollector.

Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101, also known as the T-800 or simply as the Terminator, known for the film franchise of the same name, is a playable guest character in Mortal Kombat 11.

The Terminator made his debut as the third character available through DLC as part of the Kombat Pack.

About The Terminator

The Terminator, or the T-800 in particular, is a recurring, central character in its origin franchise. While a majority of the films feature a T-800, they are never the same version of the character despite exhibiting the same mannerisms and being portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the original film, designed to be a science-fiction action horror film, the Terminator serves as the main antagonist, sent from the future to terminate Sarah Connor, whose son, John Connor, would lead the human Resistance in the future during a war with the machines controlled by the artificial intelligence known as Skynet. After the first film, the T-800 became a central protagonist to the series with the exception of a cameo appearance in Terminator: Salvation, usually if not always serving as a protector to the film's protagonists after the first film.

Being a cybernetic organism, the Terminator is designed for infiltration and assassination missions and stops at nothing until its mission is complete. A complexed machine, it has detailed files on weapons, vehicles, people and human anatomy, making it a deadly killing machine. Its body is made up entirely of an endoskeleton that is resistance to small arms fire. The tissue over its endoskeleton, however, functions like real human tissue. The Terminator can live for 120 years and the hair and tissue follicles over its endoskeleton can age and die off as well. This tissue and hair can grow back if damaged, however it does take time for it to do so.

Despite the T-800 being the most common and well known Terminator, there are other Terminators in the series that are far superior to the Model 101. The T-1000, the T-X, the T-3000 and the Rev-9 all possess the ability to shapeshift. The T-1000 was the first of these advanced Terminators while the rest feature similar traits to it along with the shapeshifting. Other non-shapeshifting Models are also present in the series which also include airborne attack drones. The T-800 itself is usually, if not always played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In later films, stand-ins using Arnold's likeness through CGI have portrayed the character while Arnold usually played an aging or older version of an already active T-800.


The Terminator's appearance varies depending on what Kosmetic Outfit is selected, with his appearances taking inspiration from his origin franchise.

The Terminator's primary appearance is that of Carl from Terminator: Dark Fate. The color of his outfits varies on the outfit choice.

A secondary appearance is a younger appearance from Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. This version features his biker outfit featured in the two films in addition to other younger skins wearing t-shirts referencing the Mortal Kombat franchise, the character's portrayer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, shirts referencing his origin franchise and a plain white shirt. The second younger appearance outfits do not feature his biker jacket.

A third appearance is based off Carl's final appearance in the climax in Terminator: Dark Fate in the final battle with the Rev-9.


  • Mortal Kombat 11: "The Terminator T-800 from “Terminator: Dark Fate” is a cyborg assassin, sent back in time from a post-apocalyptic future. He is nearly indestructible and possesses superior technology, fighting skills and artificial intelligence making him the ultimate killing machine."

Combat characteristics

Powers and abilities

Being a cybernetic killing machine whose only purpose is to terminate its targets, the Terminator utilises inhumane strength and extensive knowledge of weapons and firearms to complete its objectives. Because of his strength, coupled with being a cyborg capable of shrugging off minor wounds, small arms fire and "cosmetic damage," The Terminator is capable of throwing his opponents and striking them with minimal effort.

While all Terminators are capable of utilizing a wide range of weaponry, the T-800, being an infiltration unit, has additional knowledge covering firearms of the past alongside his pre-existing information regarding weapons from the future. In MK11 and many of his other appearances, the Terminator's main weapon of choice is a sawed-off lever-action shotgun, a weapon that he is able to control extremely effectively due to the gun's lighter frame (which offers increased handling over heavier firearms) and its faster fire rate combined with his already keen-eyed accuracy. He also carries multiple ion grenades and a secondary submachine gun.

The Terminator is also equipped with a portable Time Displacement Equipment that he uses to teleport through time and space. For reasons unknown, he has the ability to summon flames around him as shown in his Endoskeleton special move, victory poses and tower ending.

Signature Moves

  • Sawed Off: The Terminator pulls out his shotgun and fires it at the opponent. The closer the Terminator is to the opponent, the higher the damage this attack will do. The Terminator is vulnerable when pulling out his shotgun to fire it. (MK11)
    • Amplifying the attack has the Terminator fire a second shot for increased damage. The second shot does not have an increased hitbox.
    • The attack can be amplified a second time, where the Terminator fires a third shot for even more damage. Additionally, the third shot knocks the opponent down. Like with the first and second shot, the third shot does not have an increased hitbox.
      • The Terminator is also given the option to retreat or advance with each amplified attack if a directional input is used. Doing this gives him various options:
        • The Terminator retreats with every shot
        • The Terminator advances with every shot
        • The Terminator retreats with the second shot but advances with the third shot
        • The Terminator advances with the second shot but retreats with the third shot
    • If this misses twice then successfully connects at close range, the attack turns into a Krushing Blow, with the blast to the stomach damaging the opponent's organs and knocking the opponent back a significant distance from the Terminator while dealing over three times the original damage.
  • Gorilla Press Slam: The Terminator lifts the opponent over his head and throws them to the ground on the opposite direction, face first. This attack has armor breaking properties, ignoring the armor granted by specific abilities and Fatal Blows. (MK11)
    • Amplifying the attack as the Terminator grab the opponent by the throat and throw them to the ground in front of him for increased damage.
    • The Terminator is given a second amplify option if a directional input is used, where he grabs the opponent by the throat with both hands but then puts them down to deliver a double axe-handle slam, causing the opponent to stumble backwards. Unlike both versions of the attack, this amplified version does not knock the opponent down and deals slightly less damage.
  • Killing Machine: The Terminator turns his back to his opponent and parries all projectiles that hit him with the exception of Fatal Blows. The attack can be delayed to increase its duration. (MK11)
  • Rolling Ion Grenade: The Terminator tosses an Ion Grenade on the ground that detonates shortly after. If this successfully hits, the explosion will launch the opponent high into the air for a juggle. The attack can be used at different ranges, called Close/Far Rolling Ion Grenade, respectively. The Terminator must wait for his grenades to reload to perform the attack again. This ability conflicts with Cyber Rift when equipped, disabling the option to select Cyber Rift and requires two ability slots when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying any version causes the grenade to detonate on impact, retaining the original juggle properties.
  • Death Grip: The Terminator grabs the opponent out of the air, bearhugging the opponent before tossing them away. The Terminator is given the option to toss the opponent in the opposite direction. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying the attack has the Terminator immediately re-stand the opponent after the attack is amplified. The Terminator is offered the use of special attacks and interactables after successfully amplifying the attack.
  • Infiltrator Toss: The Terminator grabs the opponent out of the air and tosses them in the opposite direction. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying the attack has the Terminator slam the opponent down in front of him, bouncing them off the ground for a brief juggle. The Terminator can amplify the attack as many times as possible.
  • Endo Lunge: The Terminator jumps and lunges at the opponent, delivering a double axe-handle slam that knocks the opponent down. The attack can be used at different ranges, called Far/Close Endo Lunge, respectively. This ability conflicts with Running Man when equipped, disabling the option to select Running Man. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying any version of the attack has the Terminator pull out a submachine gun and unload on the downed opponent for increased damage.
  • Cyber Rift: The Terminator takes his Ion Grenade and slams it into the ground, instantly causing a shockwave in front of him, knocking the opponent off their feet if they are within range. The Terminator must wait for his grenades to reload to perform the attack again. This attack is considered a projectile. This ability conflicts with Rolling Ion Grenade when equipped, disabling the option to select Rolling Ion Grenade. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying the attack sends the shockwave forward on the ground towards the opponent for increased damage. Like the original, this version is considered a projectile and knocks the opponent off their feet.
  • Running Man: The Terminator begins to sprint at the opponent. Different attacks can be used while he sprints. This ability conflicts with Endo Lunge when equipped, disabling the option to select Endo Lunge. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Tackle: The Terminator tackles the opponent to the ground. This attack acts as a throw and is unblockable.
      • Amplifying the attack has the Terminator begin to walk away, only for him to turn and brutally curb-stomp the opponent's groin for increased damage before he steps away, causing the opponent to painfully clutch their groin while writhing realistically in horrible agony.
      • If the Terminator sprints a far distance at the opponent, amplifying Tackle will turn it into a Krushing Blow, with the stomp to the groin causing male fighters' testicles to explode but cause damage to a female fighters' groin, dealing over double the original damage.
    • Punch: The Terminator uppercuts the opponent, knocking them away. When used in the corner of an arena, the Terminator is offered combo extensions.
    • Kick: The Terminator kicks the opponent, sending them across the arena if the attack connects.
    • Stop: The Terminator simply stops sprinting. Doing this requires and spends a bar of Defensive Meter.
  • Endoskeleton: When the Terminator's heath reaches 10% or less on the final round of a match, a knockback effect occurs, separating him and his opponent and knocking him to the ground. He begins to stand up, where his flesh, weapons and clothes burn away and only his Endoskeleton is left. During this time, both he and his opponent will be affected by various effects. This ability requires two ability slots when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Terminator;
      • Terminator is granted armor for the remainder of the match until his health depletes to 0.
      • Block, dash and jump abilities are disabled.
      • All Throws, special moves and Fatal Blow are disabled.
      • Attacks are restricted to basic attacks that gain knockback effects or increased knockback.
      • Combos are disabled with the exception of Security Threat which knocks the opponent away on second hit.
      • Fatalities and Brutalities can not be performed with the exception of a modified The Klassic.
      • Terminator can not perform an uppercut Krushing Blow.
      • This ability is disabled in the Towers of Time under certain conditions;
        • Tag Battle - Both Online and single player
        • Multi-fighter Towers - Towers consisting of two or more fighters in a single match
    • Opponent;
      • Interactable cinematics do not work/can not be perform on the Terminator, simply knocking him away and defeating him if the damage is higher than his remaining health.
      • Throw interactables do not work.
      • Can not perform juggle combos on the Terminator.
      • Can not perform Krushing Blows on the Terminator.
      • Armor breaking effects and parries do not work on the Terminator.
      • Fatalities, Brutalities, Mercies, and Friendships can not be performed, as the Terminator is immediately knocked down and the opponent is declared the winner. The Dizzy Sequence does not occur.
  • Ion Grenade: The Terminator tosses an arcing Ion Grenade that detonates shortly after. If this successfully hits, the explosion will launch the opponent high into the air for a juggle. The attack can be used at different ranges, called Close/Far Ion Grenade, respectively. The Terminator must wait for his grenades to reload to perform the attack again. This ability conflicts with Incapacitator when equipped, disabling the option to select Incapacitator. This ability replaces Sawed Off when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying any version causes the grenade to detonate on impact, retaining the original juggle properties.
  • Albi Back Breaker: The Terminator grabs the opponent, lifts them up and slams their back on his shoulder before tossing them away in the opposite direction. The Terminator is given the option to toss the opponent forward. This ability replaces Gorilla Press Slam when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying the attack has the Terminator lift the opponent up on his shoulders before dropping them on the ground, head-first. The Terminator is also given the option drop the opponent forward.
    • If the Terminator lands all forms of this attack, the attack turns into a Krushing Blow the next time it is amplified, where when the opponent is dropped, the impact is greater and the opponent breaks their neck on impact despite there being no X-Ray visual, dealing increased damage and bouncing the opponent off the ground for a juggle.
  • Terminate: The Terminator clutches his fists and a red aura surrounds his arms and his eyes glow red, granting him armor for a short duration at the cost of both a bar of Offensive and Defensive Meter. A bar of Offensive and Defensive Meter is required to activate this ability. While active, the Terminator is unaffected by any attack, combo, special attack, and interactable, with the exception of Fatal Blows, parries and attacks that grant armor breaking properties. During this time, the Terminator's ability to block, dash and jump are disabled. When the effect wears off on its own time limit, an electrical surge surrounds the Terminator, disabling the use of the ability for some time while also disabling his abilities to use of special attacks, interactables and the ability to amplify any attack. This ability conflicts with T.D.E. when equipped, disabling the option to select T.D.E.. This ability replaces Killing Machine when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
  • T.D.E.: The Terminator teleports through time using his Time Sphere and reappears behind the opponent. The attack can also be delayed, delaying when the Terminator reappears. This ability conflicts with Terminate when equipped, disabling the option to select Terminate. This ability replaces Killing Machine when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying the attack requires and spends a bar of Defensive Meter and allows the Terminator to recover from the attack significantly faster, allowing the Terminator to attack almost immediately upon reappearing.
  • Incapacitator: The Terminator tosses an Ion Grenade at the opponent that sticks to them. After sticking, the opponent receives a gold aura around them and during this time, they can no longer amplify attacks nor can they use interactables. This attack is unblockable, but can miss ducking opponents. The Terminator can only inflict one Incapacitator at a time and if the attacks misses, he must wait until his grenades reload. This ability conflicts with Ion Grenade when equipped, disabling the option to select Ion Grenade. This ability replaces Sawed Off when equipped. (MK11 - Equip Ability)

Fatal Blow

  • Chill Out: The Terminator stuns the opponent by striking them with its shotgun, then strikes them again in the chin with the butt of its shotgun. The Terminator then points the barrel of the gun directly in their face and gives a thumbs up and smile, before firing the shotgun and knocking them away. Before the opponent has the chance to gain any more distance, the Terminator grabs them by the leg and pulls them back, saying "Get over here", then holds them by the neck and slams them headfirst onto the ground, which causes them to bounce back up into his chokehold. He then punches the opponent in the face one final time, followed by a headbutt that knocks them away. (MK11)

Other Moves

  • Throw (Backward): The Terminator hits the opponent over the head with a hammer fist, then holds them up by the throat. He then proceeds to attach an ion grenade to their face, then hurls the opponent to the opposite side. As they land, the grenade goes off, sending the opponent further away. (MK11)
  • Throw (Forward): The Terminator punches the opponent in the stomach, then proceeds to jab its SMG in their gut, blasting them away with a volley of bullets. (MK11)
  • Vice Grip: The Terminator can now amplify his Hammer Slammer basic attack and Say Goodbye combo. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
  • Terraformer: The Terminator can now amplify Alloy Hammer, smashing the ground after the axe-handle slam, causing a shockwave that knocks the opponent off their feet and deals nearly double the original damage. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
  • Hammer Slammer: The Terminator backhands the opponent into the air then immediately grabs them and slams them down in the opposite direction. (MK11)
    • Equipping Vice Grip allows this combo to be amplified: (MK11 - Equip Ability)
      • Amplifying the attack has the Terminator stomp on the downed opponent's back, dealing increased damage.
      • If only the anti-air grab of Hammer Slammer connects on its own, amplifying the attack turns it into a Krushing Blow, with the stomp to the back shattering the opponent's spine and ribcage while dealing three times the original damage of the anti-air grab.
  • Say Goodbye: The Terminator delivers an overhead slam then grabs the opponent by the throat and knocks them away with a headbutt. The second half of this combo acts as a throw and is unblockable. (MK11)
    • Equipping Vice Grip allows this combo to be amplified: (MK11 - Equip Ability)
      • Amplifying the attack now has the Terminator re-stand the opponent by dropping them in front of him instead of headbutting them. Doing this will also reduce the damage of the combo itself.
  • Unstoppable Machine: The Terminator stomps on the opponent's foot and does a lunging knee, knocking the opponent away. (MK11)
    • If only the second strike of this combo connects, the combo turns into a Krushing Blow, with the knee strike damaging the opponent's intestines and launching them into the air for a juggle while dealing double the second strikes original damage.
  • Alloy Hammer: The Terminator performs a double axe-handle slam that knocks the opponent to the ground. This can only be performed during a hop and the attack type is shared with every character. (MK11)
    • If the attack is used as a Kounter or Punish to a Low attack, the attack turns into a Krushing Blow, with the slam shattering the top of the opponent's head and bouncing them off the ground for a juggle while dealing increased damage.
    • Equipping Terraforming allows for the attacks to be amplified (See Above).

Mobile Game Moves

  • Terminator Rising: The Terminator is immune to all Krushing Blows, X-Ray, and Fatal Blow attacks. When they are performed on him, he teleports through time to avoid the attacks. With Krushing Blows, he will even teleport in the middle of the special, should it follow the requirements. When defeated, the Terminator turns into an Endoskeleton, restoring all his Health and losing all his Power. He will no longer generate Power from attacks, is immune to damage-over-time effects and takes 30% less damage. While in his Endoskeleton form, the Terminator can not tag-out. SpecOps teammates take 15% less damage from all sources. While in his Endoskeleton, the Terminator is immune to Shao Kahn's Culling The Weak Passive involving killing the opponent and is immune to Brutalities. (MK Mobile - Dark Fate Card - Passive)
  • Sawed Off: The Terminator pulls out his shotgun and shoots the opponent three times. The opponent is affected by Cripple, disabling their ability to use special attacks with the exception of their X-Ray/Fatal Blow for some time. (MK Mobile - Dark Fate Card)
  • Eat That: The Terminator grabs the opponent and slams his fists over their head. Afterwards, he grabs them by the throat, slams them onto the ground, and sticks an Ion Grenade onto their face, knocking them away. The opponent is affected by Blind, giving a chance for their basic attacks to completely miss. This attack is completely unblockable. (MK Mobile - Dark Fate Card)


  • I'm Back: The Terminator kicks the opponent forwards and walks away. The opponent then looks up in a shocked manner at the Terminator now riding his motorcycle towards them, where he drives and spins the motorcycle into them, sending them flying into the air. The Terminator spins, cocks his shotgun and shoots the opponent, blasting them to pieces. (MK11)
  • Target Terminated: The Terminator blows out both the opponent's knees with his shotgun, then uses the Time Sphere to send the opponent to the future, leaving behind the lower parts of their legs. They reappear in 2029 on a battlefield as the war between Skynet and humanity goes on. They try to crawl away, only for one of the invading T-800 units to spot them and blast them with its laser rifle, blowing a hole through their chest as they scream in agony. (MK11)


  • The Klassic: The Terminator performs an uppercut, causing the opponent's head to explode due to the shot of his shotgun. This Brutality is shared with every character. (MK11)
    • Must not block an attack for the entirety of the final round.
    • A button must be held.
    • Will not trigger on Krushing Blow, if it has not been activated during the match.
  • Marked for Termination: The Terminator performs an Albi Back Breaker, only this time, instead of slamming the opponent on his shoulder, he immediately slams them head-first into the ground, destroying their head upon impact. (MK11)
    • A button must be held.
  • No Bargaining: The Terminator performs his Say Goodbye combo, only this time when he grabs the opponent, he punches a hole clean through the side of their head instead of headbutting them. (MK11)
    • A button must be held.
  • Target Acquired: The Terminator performs an amplified Gorilla Press Slam, only this time, he rips the upper half of the opponent's face off. (MK11)
    • Requires The Terminator to be at certain health level.
  • Hunter Killer: The Terminator performs a Death Grip, breaking the opponent's spine during the bearhug, then decapitating them with a palm strike. (MK11)
    • A button must be held.
  • You're Terminated: The Terminator performs a Throw (Forward), only this time it is extended when he shoots the opponent, reducing their head to a bloodied, destroyed skull from a barrage of bullets with his submachine gun. (MK11)
    • A button must be pressed repeatedly.
  • Efficient Execution: The Terminator performs a Throw (Backward), only this time, instead of planting the grenade on them, he chokes the opponent until their head pops off. He then shoots the head as it falls back down. (MK11)
    • A series of buttons must be pressed repeatedly.
  • Final War: The Terminator performs a Running Man then performs a Kick with the impact of the kick severing the opponent's legs at the knees as they are kicked forward. The opponent crawls forwards before bleeding to death. (MK11)
    • Requires The Terminator to be at certain health level.
    • A button must be held.
  • Future Assassin: The Terminator performs a Sawed Off, shooting and obliterating the opponent's upper body. (MK11)
    • A number of Sawed Offs must be performed.
    • Will not trigger on Krushing Blow, if it has not been activated during the match.
  • Alternate The Klassic Brutality: The Terminator performs an uppercut while in his Endoskeleton form, decapitating the opponent with a rising uppercut with their spine still attached. (MK11)
    • Has the same requirements as The Klassic.
    • The Terminator must be in his Endoskeleton form.

Other Finishers

  • Friendship - Stuntman: The Terminator turns and walks away, only to return on his motorcycle. He stands on top smiling and giving a thumbs up as it drives by and performs various stunts every time he drives off-screen and returns. (MK11)


Mortal Kombat 11 Gameplay

  • "Get over here." (Quote used during Fatal Blow)
  • "Terminated." (Round Win quote)
  • "Accept termination." (Round Win quote)
  • "Resistance is futile." (Round Win quote)
  • "Weak effort." (Round Win quote)
  • "Defective strategy." (Round Win quote)
  • "Ineffective defense." (Round Win quote)
  • "You are irrelevant." (Round Win quote)
  • "Death is inevitable." (Round Win quote)
  • "You won’t live." (Round Win quote)
  • "You will live." (Round Win quote)
  • "Chill out." (Round Win quote)
  • "Big mistake." (Round Win quote)
  • "Erased." (Round Win quote)
  • "Get up." (Round Win quote)
  • "You're wounded." (Round Win quote)
  • "You're out of time." (Round Win quote)
  • "You're obsolete." (Round Win quote)
  • "You can't win." (Round Win quote)
  • "You won’t be back." (Brutality quote)
  • "You are terminated." (Brutality quote)
  • "You're done." (Brutality quote)
  • "Die."


  • Mortal Kombat 11: (In the words of Cassie Cage) "It was an epic accident that brought the Terminator here, rather than to his own Earth's past. But it didn't take long for him to adapt. He figured that terminating Kronika, and taking her Hourglass gave him the best chance at achieving his mission objective. Destroying humanity so that the machines prevail. Turns out the Hourglass wasn't the ultimate weapon. No matter how many times the Terminator re-booted history, the war between the humans and the machines always ended the same. With their mutual destruction. He realized this war was a losing game. The only way to win, was not to play. So the Terminator used the Hourglass to build a future where humans and machines don't fight, they cooperate. The Terminator knew that to preserve this future, no one else could learn about the Hourglass. The information stored in his machine mind was dangerous. It had to be eliminated. That's why the Terminator threw himself into the infinite depths of the Sea of Blood. No one would ever find him, or unlock the Hourglass' secrets. If you could ask him about it, he'd tell you the made the only logical choice. But in my book, that machine's a hero."



  • The Terminator is the third science-fiction character to appear as a playable character, the first being the Predator and then followed by the Alien in Mortal Kombat X with the fourth being RoboCop.
    • It is also the first science fiction character to appear whose series is not primarily horror. While the original film was intended to be sci-fi horror, its sequels dropped this element in favor of being more action oriented. The second is Robocop.
    • With the Predator being the first, it is the second guest character in Mortal Kombat that comes from Arnold Schwarzenegger's films.
  • The Terminator is the second pure cyborg character to be a playable character. The first being Triborg.
    • Coincidentally, both are DLC characters, however, the Terminator is a non-canon guest character.
  • The Terminator's metal and glowing red optic receptor inspired Kano's Bionic Eye.
  • The Terminator uses the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger who previously played the Terminator in multiple games and movies.
    • Despite using Arnold's likeness, Schwarzenegger does not provide the voice for the character, and Terminator’s new voice actor was handpicked by Schwarzenegger himself.
  • The Terminator is the only character in MK11 to not make any grunts or sounds when taking damage. This makes him the second character in the franchise after Jason Voorhees to not make noises when attacked.
    • He still, however, reacts to attacks, unlike in his origin franchise (See Errors).
  • Out of all the Mortal Kombat characters, including guest characters, the Terminator is the only one with an endoskeleton, cybernetic brain and artificial heart.
    • RoboCop could fall into this category, however his brain is not cybernetic but actually his own.

Mortal Kombat 11

  • Due to its endoskeleton, the Terminator is the first character in Mortal Kombat 11 with a unique visual when a Krushing Blow is performed on him. The second is RoboCop.
    • While the Terminator still suffers damage from Krushing Blows, his endoskeleton does not break, instead gets severely damaged and dents. He will however lose his teeth during uppercut related Krushing Blows or other Krushing Blows that share the same animations as uppercut Krushing Blows.
  • The Terminator's intros are references to its origin franchise.
    • Time Bubble is a reference to The Terminator, where the T-800 first arrives in 1984.
    • Action Figure is a reference to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, where the T-800 pulls out a shotgun from a box of roses.
      • The box of roses was changed in MK11 to a Johnny Cage action figure box.
    • Killer Ride is a reference to the T-800's motorcycle from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the Harley Davidson FLSTF Fatboy.
      • Rather than the Harley-Davidson logo, Johnny Cage's signature is depicted on the motorcycle's gas tank.
  • The Terminator is currently the only character whose ending is explained by a different character rather than itself, with Cassie Cage explaining the cyborg's ending.
    • The way the Terminator sinks into the Sea of Blood is a reference to the way he sinks into molten metal in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. His reasoning is similar in both cases – in Judgment Day, he does so so that he cannot be reverse-engineered while in MK11, he does so in order to prevent others from learning of the Hourglass.
    • This is also derived from the fact that Terminator films conclude with narrations from other characters.
  • When interacting during a mirror match, one Terminator will call itself Model NRS-419, named after NetherRealm Studios and Mortal Kombat 11's release date of April 2019.
  • Due to being modeled after Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator has a few references to Schwarzenegger's previous movie roles outside Terminator, such as Predator, Jingle All the Way, Total Recall, Kindergarten Cop, True Lies and Conan the Barbarian.
    • The Terminator mistakes Sonya Blade for one of his primary targets, Sarah Connor, during interactions.
    • During an interaction with Erron Black, the latter says "Hasta la vista, baby", which is a quote originally said by the John Connor who then taught it to the Terminator from the second film, Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
    • During an interaction with Kabal, the latter prepare to start a fight and says "It's Turbo Time!", which is a catchphrase originally said by Turbo Man, and Howard Langston (as an accidental Turbo Man actor) in Jingle All the Way.
    • During an interaction with Baraka, it is shown that Johnny Cage taught the Terminator to call Baraka "an ugly mother fucker", a reference to the 1987 film Predator and to the guest character himself, Predator.
  • The Terminator is currently the only character with two separate versions of the The Klassic Brutality.
    • Additionally, he is the only character that does not actually uppercut the opponent's head off, rather, he blows their head up with a diagonal shotgun blast.
    • While in his Endoskeleton, he regains the traits of the original version, uppercutting the opponent's head off with a literal uppercut.
  • During his Terminated Victory Pose, if you look closely to the top right of the screen, images will cycle in the corner. These images are from every characters' Arcade Tower Endings in the Arcade.
  • During an interaction with Kano, the mercenary asks if the Terminator has "electro nets and homing rockets" to which the Terminator simply says "No". Kano will then say the Terminator is "not much of a cyber". This a reference to the cyborg ninjas Cyrax and Sektor and the Cyber Lin Kuei.
  • The Terminator is the only character that has no reaction during the Terminator's own I'm Back Fatality.
  • During his Across Time Intro, a picture of Sonya is on fire, where the Terminator destroys it by stepping on it. The picture is very similar to the one Sarah Connor is given at the end of The Terminator, and is seen throughout the franchise on separate occasions. This can further support the previous idea that the Terminator mistakes Sonya for Sarah Connor.
    • Sonya even receives a DLC skin where she dressed up as Sarah Connor from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • The Terminator is the first of two characters in the series to not have a traditional "dizzy" animation prior to a Fatality being performed on him, rather remaining still as he looks at the ground, as if powered down. The second is RoboCop.
  • His moveset contains many references to movies that Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in.
    • Killing Machine is a reference to the scene in Terminator 2: Judgement Day where the T-800 protects a young John Connor from the T-1000's gunfire by facing his back towards the T-1000, blocking the bullets.
    • Albi Back Breaker is a pun on the famous quote from The Terminator, where the cyborg assassin says "I'll be back" before killing majority of the people inside the police station that Sarah Connor was hiding in.
    • The Terminator performs his signature shotgun flip reload from Terminator 2: Judgement Day for the animation of his enhanced Sawed Off move.
    • The special move Running Man is a reference to a film of the same name that Arnold also appears in.
    • His Endoskeleton move is a reference to the Terminator's final battle against Sarah and Kyle Reese in the first film where he rises from the flames of an explosion, reduced to its endoskeleton.
    • His T.D.E. special move is a highly modified version of the time travelling equipment shown in the Terminator series. Besides being able to travel through different points in time, the Terminator can use the equipment in battle through short distance teleportation as well as temporal banishment by sending the opponent to a future where the Skynet has successfully won the war against humanity.
  • MK11 marked as the second game where The Terminator and RoboCop cross-over, the first one being Sega and Nintendo game RoboCop Versus The Terminator, which was also based off the comic of the same name.
  • When hovering over the Terminator's icon in the character selection screen before a match, he looks around as apposed to constantly looking forward like the rest of the roster, as if he is surveying the area. This makes him the first of two characters to not look forward when being selected for a fight. The second is RoboCop.

Mortal Kombat Mobile

  • The Terminator is the only character that can not be struck by Krushing Blows, X-Ray or Fatal Blow attacks.
  • The Terminator is the only guest character to be affiliated with SpecOps.
  • The Terminator is the second of two guest characters with more than one playable card, the first being Jason Voorhees.
    • He is the only guest character with two Diamond character cards.
  • The Terminator is one of the few characters to receive an exclusive reskin in the mobile version of Mortal Kombat not featured in the game he is playable in.
  • The Terminator's T-800 Endoskeleton is the only Equipment Card that increases the user's Health and reduces the Power cost of the user's Special 2.


  • The Terminator does not show emotion when taking damage or being struck by bullets or attacks in Terminator movies. However, he reacts to Krushing Blows and Fatal Blows during gameplay. This is likely just gameplay mechanics as all characters have the same reactions to them.
    • This is also true with Fatalities, however he does not react during his own Fatality, I'm Back.
  • The Terminator's Ion Grenades incorrectly swap sides when he swaps stances.
  • When connecting the Krushing Blow version of his Albi Back Breaker, the Terminator loses his shadow and the lighting of the arena becomes incorrect for him. This is easiest to see in the Special Forces Desert Command arena.
    • Additionally during this, only the shadow of his accessories and weapons will be visible on the ground.
    • The only way to correct this is to successfully connect his Fatal Blow, however this does not work all the time.
    • In Practice Mode, connecting the Fatal Blow then resetting will correct the error.
  • When fighting Kronika in the game's Story Mode as Fire God Liu Kang, it is possible she will call upon the Terminator to fight for her when using her Duplicate Fighter Ability despite him being a non-canon downloadable guest character. This can also happen with the Joker, Spawn and RoboCop.
    • This can also occur in Aftermath during Shang Tsung's fight with Kronika.
  • When the Terminator performs a Brutality, much like the rest of the roster, he will speak a quote after. However, sometimes, he speaks nothing and is immediately announced the winner even before performing one of his poses. It is unknown why this occurs.
    • On rare occasions, this also happens with winning a round, as he will perform his round winning taunt pose, however no dialogue is heard despite the animation.
  • During the Terminator's Outro, Reborn, he will have his sunglasses on should a pair be selected when performing the Outro after a match, however previewing the Outro in the Kustomization, his sunglasses will be absent, regardless of the pair selected.


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