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Test Your Luck is a challenge mode that debuted in Mortal Kombat (2011) and later appeared in Mortal Kombat X.


The chosen character must spin a set number of slot-machine style reels (between three and seven) which will first determine their opponent, and then various added status effects, such as poison, armor, increased time, decreased time, or headlessness. The opponent must then be defeated with the imposed handicaps and/or benefits.

The mode returns in Mortal Kombat X, with some changes: dozens of new effects were added to the previous ones, and certain modifiers may affect one player or both at random. Players may also assign fixed modifiers to one or more reels, which can be earned through the Krypt or the Living Towers.

NOTE: Effects marked with an asterisk affect both players, while others affect one player randomly.


  • Test Your Luck is very reminiscent of the Kombat Kodes of the older games which served similar purposes.
  • The following modifiers did not return in Mortal Kombat X: Armless Kombat, Confused, Disoriented, Dream Kombat, Gun Shy, Headless Kombat, Jumping Disabled, Kombos Disabled, Lucky!/Jackpot!, No Health/Super Meter Display, Psychosis, Rainbow Kombat, and Zombie Kombat.
    • For Jackpot!, the Koin payout follows in order for 7-slots: +200, +250, +300, +750, +1000, +10000
  • The "Kick Dive" modifier in MKX is a reference to the fighting game Divekick, a satirical game that pokes fun at core fighting game concepts by having only a dive (jump) button, a kick button that always KOs in one hit, and removing directional inputs and blocking completely. The Kick Dive modifier approximates this by only allowing players to walk, jump (with exaggerated rising and falling speeds), and perform an angled dive kick that always deals 33% damage.