The Tengu Clan is a clan that appears in Arctika as a rival clan to the Lin Kuei. They wear similar clothes, but in orange instead of blue. They made their first appearance in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.


In the Konquest mode, the Tengu Clan attacks Taven, mistaking him for one of the two outsiders: Noob Saibot and Smoke, who had earlier attacked his men near the obelisk. Wu Lae, the leader of the Tengu, asserts that he thought Taven was a member of the Lin Kuei, a rival clan of which the Tengu share an uneasy truce with. He continues by saying that they reside in a temple close by, and warns of their in-hospitality.


  • Tengu Gate Watchers
  • Tengu Grunts
  • Tengu Guards
  • Tengu Henchmen
  • Tengu Patrollers


  • The Tengu are named after winged, long-nosed goblins found in Japanese mythology. However, their costume designs do not fit this description whatsoever.


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