Sub Zero stands before the Temple of Elements

The Temple of Elements, also known as the Temple of Elementals, was a large ancient structure built into the Himalayan Mountains on Earth. Its location has been stated in various places as either Nepal or China.[1] Its construction predated man's recorded history and its location was known only on the Map of Elements.

In the events prior to the first Mortal Kombat tournament, the original Sub Zero was dispatched by the Lin Kuei to a hidden temple in Earthrealm where a mystical treasure, sought by Quan Chi, was believed to be held. The Temple of Elementals was littered with elite traps and formidable guards, and its doors could only be unlocked by a set of four certain keys in order to progress further. The temple was also protected by four elemental guardians appointed by Raiden—one each of WindEarth, Water, and Fire. The temple was further safeguarded by a mystical seal which thwarted the likes of sorcerors such as Quan Chi from entering, and could be dispelled only by defeating the guardians.

The forbidden amulet was well-protected with one reason only: It belonged to the fallen Elder God Shinnok. Bestowing great power upon its possessor, in the wrong hands it could bring about calamity. Therefore, at Raiden's direction, the amulet was hidden in the Temple of Elementals, over which Fujin and the other elemental guardians would stand sentry.


The Amulet of Shinnok inside the Temple of Elements

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