She vowed to create a free Edenia. Something you refused to do.


—Tanya to Kotal Kahn in Mortal Kombat X.


  • Mortal Kombat X: "Like Kitana and Rain, Tanya is an Edenian, a native of a realm konquered by Shao Kahn and merged with Outworld millennia ago. The Edenians have been fighting for independence ever since. Though she's a skilled kombatant, Tanya prefers more subtle means of achieving her goals. More recently she and Rain have allied with the ousted former Outworld empress, Mileena. Tanya and Rain will help Mileena regain her throne in exchange for the creation of a new Edenia. What will become of Tanya's relationship with Mileena thereafter, none can say..."


Mortal Kombat X

Tanya is an Edenian whose father was an Ambassador of Edenia and whose family respected Kitana and King Jerrod's family in the days before the Outworld conquest of Edenia 10000 years ago. She helped the deposed Mileena escape from imprisonment at the hands of the usurper, Kotal Kahn.

During the rebel attack in Z'Unkahrah, when Kotal Kahn tries to kill a traitorous Kano who had just made an assassination attempt on the Osh-Tekk emperor, Tanya leaps into the fray to stop him, allowing Kano to flee. Kotal warns Tanya that he will never forget those who helped Mileena escape imprisonment, but Tanya protests that Mileena is willing to free Edenia from Outworld, whereas Kotal refuses to do so. Kotal argues that Outworld is strongest when united, but Tanya replies that it will never be united under his rule. The emperor defeats Tanya, but before he can kill her, he is attacked by Tarkatan soldiers, with Tanya escaping while he is distracted.

When D'Vorah and Cassie Cage team up to retrieve Shinnok's Amulet from Mileena's camp in the Kuatan Jungle, Rain explains that he has set up Mileena to kill herself by using the amulet, whereupon he will assume power. While he is speaking, Tanya sneaks up on Cassie from behind and attacks her while D'Vorah does battle with Rain. Tanya is victorious against Cassie and, after D'Vorah defeats Rain, turns to attack her, too. She says D'Vorah's people, the Kytinn, believed they were left alone out of respect for their solitary nature; in fact, they were simply disliked.

D'Vorah then defeats Tanya, and is about to kill both Tanya and Rain with her ovipositors when Cassie asks her to spare their life. D'Vorah reluctantly obeys, allowing the two Edenians to live.


  • Mortal Kombat X (Non-Canonical): With Mileena executed, Tanya's dreams of a free Edenia seemed dead as well. She and the other rebels were fugitives from Kotal Kahn's justice. Her fellow Edenian Rain had proved a powerful ally and a satisfactory konsort. But he had become useless to her. In exchange for leniency, Tanya informed the Kahn of Rain's whereabouts. Imprisoned but alive, Tanya's plotting began anew.
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