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Tank Garage Bunker is a stage that debuted in Mortal Kombat 11. It is one of the bases of the Special Forces located in a desert and is the interior of Special Forces Desert Command.


It is a United States military bunker with facilities for Special Forces soldiers and storage for their equipment and vehicles. Its most prominent features are two battle tanks, of which the left one is covered in a tarp. A number of US soldiers also stand around to watch training fights take place.

In Story Mode, Sonya Blade announces to Cassie Cage, Johnny Cage, Jacqui Briggs, and the Special Forces that Jackson "Jax" Briggs has retired, and therefore, Cassie, Sonya and Johnny's daughter, is promoted to Commander, but not before passing her final test against her mother in kombat.

After old Johnny teaches his younger self a lesson from disrespecting past Sonya, the base is attacked by the Black Dragon and the Cyber Lin Kuei. The two Johnnys put differences aside, and fight back against the Black Dragon, before the younger Johnny is grazed on the cheek by a bullet, causing a faded scar to appear on the same spot for the present Cage. Driven into a rage, the younger Cage charges headlong into the melee, firing wildly and pushing back the Black Dragon henchmen, leaving his older counterpart to deal with the past Erron Black, who is still affiliated with the criminal group. Johnny questions the gunslinger's allegiance, since his present counterpart remains in a tenuous alliance with Earthrealm by virtue of staying in Kotal Kahn's service. Black responds that he always picks winners, to which Johnny counters that he chose poorly after defeating him. The elder Cage finds Cassie, alive but injured, who informs him that past Sonya has been captured. Johnny heads out to rescue her, commandeering a tank on his way to deal with the Cyber Lin Kuei.


The Tank Garage Bunker features three arena interactions. Listed in order:

  • A large portable generator in the center of the stage that can be jumped off of.
  • A large rack of weapons in the far right corner that can jumped off of to escape the corner.
  • A tool case in the far left corner, where you can throw your opponent against and then ram a large power drill through their forehead.


  • Johnny Cage can be seen in the background cheering while standing.
    • If Johnny is in the match, he will not be present in the background.
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