Are they immortal?

Oni Types?

So I have Mortal Kombat X on my iPhone 4 and there is a Kombatant called an Oni. The description on this page doesn't match that of the Oni in the game. There is a picture in this page's gallery that is of the Oni from the game. It is labeled as an Oni from Netherrealm. Are there different types of Oni? And do those types depend on where that Oni came from (such as the Netherrealm)? 

Also, are the Netherrealm Oni blind? They don't appear to have eyes. 

And finally, what powers do the Netherrealm Oni have? In the mobile app game, they spit fire. Connorkenway22 03:51, August 13, 2015 (UTC)

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