The One Being sounds similiar to the Abrahamic God. In my opinion, the original One Being could have been Elohim.

I think In The Next Mk game after X or After 11 Netherealm studios should explain a Little bit more

About the One Being's storyline evoving  the elder Gods On how he tried to Steal Their power 

and How they waged War On Him And used The Kamidogu to shatter his Consciousness into

What we Know As The Six Remaining Realms And Also I think it be a Good Idea for The One Being

to make an appearence In One last final mk Game Maybe Mk 12 or 13 As The Final Boss

The Elder Gods makes Their first Appearence As Playable Characters Along With Other past returning 

Characters Like Raiden,Liu Kang ,Sub Zero and Scorpion

Here's My Fan Fic of How The storyline Would Go.....

several years After The Events of Mkx and 11 The realms had constanly been at War

One Warrior holds The secrets and knoweledge of The realms and discovers the truth

about The True nature of the realms


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