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Sonya Blade is a character in the 2021 Mortal Kombat film. She is portrayed by Jessica McNamee.


Recruited to the Special Forces by Jackson "Jax" Briggs, Sonya Blade lacks the dragon mark that indicates an invitation to Mortal Kombat, but nevertheless has spent years researching its mythology and tracking down the champions of Earthrealm. A deadly warrior, she is bothered by the way in which Kano has murdered his way into the "chosen few," but nevertheless is forced to work together with him to escort the fledgling Cole Young to the temple of Lord Raiden.


Sonya Blade encounters Cole Young, a former mixed martial artist who has been sent to her by Jackson "Jax" Briggs, her superior. At first wary of him as she would be any unknown threat, she relaxes after he reveals who sent him and she verifies that he possesses the dragon mark that serves as an invitation to Mortal Kombat. She brings him to her home where she reveals that she and Jax have been researching the ancient tournament Mortal Kombat for years. She also introduces him to Kano, a foul-mouthed rogue and mercenary who earned his own dragon mark by killing someone else for it. Cole is initially incredulous of the whole idea of Mortal Kombat at first, but is forced to accept the reality of the situation he is in when Syzoth attacks the group.

After Syzoth is killed by Kano, Sonya reluctantly enlists him to bring the group to Raiden's Temple. Kano, at first, wants nothing to do with it, but eventually agrees to do it for the price of $3 million, though, as Sonya admits to Cole, she is bluffing and does not have $3 million. She and Kano are at each other's throats throughout the journey, Kano eventually challenging her to throw down with him and kill him to take his dragon mark if she so desires. Although she easily brings him to the ground, she stops short of killing him. They are eventually escorted the rest of the way to the temple by Liu Kang.

Sonya Blade with Jax Briggs

Sonya Blade standing vigil over Jax

Upon arrival, Sonya is shocked to discover the state of Jax, who was attacked by Sub-Zero and is in a comatose state, having had both of his arms frozen off. Liu Kang explains that he and the monks of the temple are sourcing every realm to try to heal him, but there are limits to what they can do, and at this point she should just be patient. Sonya then tries to join the other champions in their training for the tournament, but is told that without a dragon mark, she is a liability and therefore cannot fight alongside them. Annoyed but stymied for the time being, she returns to Jax, who has now been fitted with a pair of crude bionic arms. He wakes up and expresses despair upon seeing and feeling his condition, calling himself "useless," but she talks him up with an old story of her time joining the Special Forces and how he told her she had to prove herself or she would regret it for the rest of her life. He asks if she is trying to tell her something. She replies for him to "get off [his] fucking ass."

Following this, the group is betrayed by Kano, who aids Shang Tsung of Outworld and his warriors by disabling Lord Raiden's energy shield so that they can mount an assault of the temple. Sonya tries to fight alongside the others, but is attacked and badly injured by Mileena, who then tastes her blood and realizes that it is not the blood of "Chosen One". She decides not to kill her, saying that her death would have no worth. Kano, however, then attacks her, saying that while girls can be mean, she is still good enough for him. He eventually buries her under a pile of rubble, leaving her for dead. Following the battle, Jax discovers her. Despairing, he calls out for help, but realizes that none is coming. The anguish of the experience unlocks his arcana, bringing new strength to his bionic arms and allowing him to easily lift away the rubble, saving Sonya.

Following this, Raiden transports the remaining warriors, minus Kung Lao, who was lost in the fight, into the Void, a secret realm that Shang Tsung and the forces of Outworld cannot reach. There, Cole, who has unlocked his arcana, declares that they must all still fight. He devises a plan in which, using Raiden's power, they shall divide Shang's forces, fighting them one-by-one. Sonya expresses to him that she would like to fight Mileena again, but he assigns her instead to fight Kano, telling her that he has seen her best him before, but to watch out for his new power, his laser eye. He says that they will all fight Sub-Zero together afterwards, as he is too powerful to be taken on alone.

Sonya Energy Bolt

Sonya using her new power against Mileena

Sonya faces off against Kano, who proves to be a challenging opponent. He taunts her, telling her that she owes him $3 million and gets her on the ground, seemingly very nearly taking her out. Sonya, however, proves to have the upper-hand when it comes to tricks, stabbing him in the eye, causing it to short out on him and ultimately taking him out with another stab to the eye. She then savors the moment, as the dragon mark appears on her arm and she unlocks her arcana. She then returns to Cole, who is having a tough time in his own fight against Mileena. He asks for her help and she kills Mileena with a blast through the gut, using her new power to fire energy bolts.

Immediately following this, Sub-Zero appears and taunts Cole with his capture of his wife and daughter, disappearing in a puff of black smoke. Cole follows the portal created, leaving Sonya behind. Following his ultimate showdown with Sub-Zero alongside his ancestor, Scorpion, Raiden returns with her and the other champions. Cole introduces them to his wife and daughter as his friends. Shang Tsung then appears, warning that death is only another portal and that next time he will bring armies. Sonya then watches alongside Jax as Raiden gives Cole an assignment to assemble a new group of fighters.


  • "Throughout history, different cultures all over the world reference a great tournament of champions. That dragon marking, I think it's an invitation to fight for something known as Mortal Kombat."
  • "That's Kano."
  • "He's a mercenary with The Black Dragon clan. Arms dealer, drug runner, murder-for-hire, scum of the Earth."
  • "I was tracking another champion. I was lucky enough to find Kano here instead. Right after he slit the guy's throat."
  • "You were never chosen. Fate has better standards than you."

Behind the scenes

Sonya Blade's actress, Jessica McNamee, had no gaming background prior to being cast for the Mortal Kombat film. Her dive into the mythology of Mortal Kombat helped to realize the true depth of her character's vendetta against Kano, something she felt she could not have picked up from the film's script alone. Her collection of knives was designed with distinctive Damascus pattern, reminiscent of flowing water.[1]



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