Snow Ninja

The Snow Ninja or Snow Ninjas is a small clan that is located in Arctika (and inside of the obelisk of that area) and they are also a clan rival to the Lin Kuei and the Tengu. They wear similar outfits, but colored black and dark gray in comparison with their rivals' colors (blue for the Lin Kuei and orange for the Tengu).

The Snow Ninjas are also said to be a long lost and mysterious clan of ninja warriors who prey upon the weakened souls of travelers. It is rumoured that some of them fell from the ranks of the powerful Tengu clan.

During Taven's training, they poison him, and only by killing them all does he get the cure.

They are said to have the power to tame deadly Ice Beasts and turn them into powerful allies. These were often used against Taven while on his quest.

They were all wiped out by Taven.


Members of the Snow Ninja were divided into groups:

  • Ninja Stalkers
  • Snow Trainer Grunts
  • Ninja Hunters
  • Ninja Medics
  • Ninja Scouts


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