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Shinnok's Bone Temple, also known as the Cathedral of Shinnok, is an Arena that debuted in Mortal Kombat 11.


Situated deep under the Netherrealm Castle, Shinnok's Bone Temple is the focal point of power used by the Dark Emperor and Empress, Liu Kang and Kitana, to create and control their army of undead demons. The Bone Temple is a cathedral worshiping death as much as it reveres Shinnok himself, filled to the brim with hundreds of human bones strung about in gruesome displays, effigies of a skull faced woman, lit candles, and the severed head of the fallen Elder God himself situated on an altar of spikes in the center of the cathedral, occasional arcs of red energy issuing into him. Shinnok's revenants will occasionally come and pray before Shinnok's severed head.


The Bone Temple features four arena interactions. They are listed as follows:

  • Two blood filled urns on opposite sides of Shinnok's head set in the center of the stage, when used, will have the player grab their opponent and slam their head into a long spike jutting out of the urn, impaling them through their ear.
  • To the far left side is a scythe of bone used to strike then impale the opponent with.
  • To the far right side is a relic situated on an altar, when grabbed, has the player fire an energy beam at their opponent before tossing the relic aside.

Stage Brutality

  • When the opponent's health is at 10% or less, when using the relic in the far right corner, press back three times during the beam animation, which will cause the blast to create a large hole in the opponent's abdomen, killing them.


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