Kung Lao in the Shaolin Fighting Stance

Shaolin Fighting Style (Shaolin) or Shaolin Kung Fu may refer to many different styles of fighting taught by the Shaolin Monks. The monks used Shaolin to protect their temple from Japanese conquerors.


Shaolin Kung Fu was invented firstly to gain strength, power, and health. The fighting style taught to the Great Kung Lao is the oldest incarnation of this martial art known. At the time this fighting style was taught to all the Shaolin Monks but Kung Lao was chosen to receive a higher teaching of it.


A Shaolin fighter does not have a weapon of choice since Shaolin Kung Fu uses all kinds of weapons such as staff, nunchaku, broad sword, hook sword, whip, short knives, long knives, battleaxes, double handed axe, one handed axe, tiger swords, three-bodied. staff, etc. Most of these weapons are based on old farming tools.

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