Shakaan People

The Shaakans, the native citizens of the city of Shakaana

The Shaakans are the people of a mysterious city called that is called Shakaana.

Often dressed in purple clothes and cloaked robes, the Shakaans hold a very terrible and deadly secret: they worship a "god" they call Shaaka, who is really Shao Kahn in disguise. Because of his deceptive and egomaniacal form, every aspect of their culture including their children pretending to steal souls, an image of a six-armed Shokan warrior on a carpet, Shao Kahn's henchmen and fair queen on a scarf bought at a Shaakan marketplace and a skull on the head of a Shaakan warrior reflects this blind worship of the Konqueror himself.

The Shaakans don't believe in using money to purchase items, or at least choose not to do so; this is confirmed as such by a Shaakan saleswoman, who states that "the treasures of Shaaka are priceless" to Dion and Taja.

At first, Kung Lao and his friends didn't believe Dion, Taja's old friend, when he presents the evidence. But they later discover that the Shaakans are being lied to by Shao Kahn's so-called "disciples," particularly his Shadow Priests, into believing they'll achieve salvation in a paradise called "Far-land" (which is really Outworld). However, the people were so naive and careless that they refuse to believe and accept the truth. Dion is also revealed to be a traitor, aligning herself with Shao Kahn. The Shaakans restrained Siro and Taja from rescuing Kung Lao until Raiden came to their aid. After Raiden saves Kung Lao from being killed by one of the Shadow Priests, Raiden orders all the Shaakan people to leave their city.

Their fates are unknown, as they were last seen getting punished by Raiden for following a false god.


  • After they obtained a scarf from her, a Shaakan saleswoman shows a carpet with a strange imagery. The 6 of the 9 certain images of Shao Kahn's "angels" are really the images of a six-armed part Shokan/part Centaur warrior, a Saurian in serpent form, the sorcerer Shang Tsung, a Shadow Priest, a Tarkatan, and a corrupted Queen Sindel of Edenia.
  • When Raiden expels the Shaakans from their city, a man can clearly be seen towing a fruit cart containing what appear to be oranges, contradicting one Shaakan individual's claim that there were no farms or livestock in the city.



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