The Seidan Resistance or in full, the Seidan Resistance Movement is an organization of rebels fighting for freedom, justice and civility within their homeworld of Seido, the Realm of Order. They are led by their beloved visionary Darrius who is still an ambitious and yet, an unscrupulous man.

The Seidan Rebels like their people, are humanoid in form but, like many other species in all the realms of Mortal Kombat, possess greater affinities with magic and have a much longer life expectancy. But their love for structure, organization and even perfection is quite different to the obsession of their sworn enemy the Seidan Guard which has led to the fact that the Guardsmen seem to care a lot more about such abstract things than they do about life and death, which makes them, curiously, a lot like the Chaosrealmers from the Realm of Chaos. Despite the egalitarian, clear outlook of their society, Seidans are tense people and many have reservations about their ruling caste, as is demonstrated by them. Many inhabitants including the Rebels are also well-adapted to the nature of their realm, as they often appear busy and/or rushing to their destinations. Despite the strict laws, some everyday citizens (excluding the Seidan Resistance) still commit serious crimes such as murder, though they never get away with their crimes. Dairou was part of this organization.

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