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You hoped that I would burn in the fires of Hell... but instead I learned to control them.


—Scorpion to Sub-Zero, Mortal Kombat

Hanzo Hasashi, also known as Scorpion, is a character in the 2021 Mortal Kombat film. He is portrayed by Hiroyuki Sanada.


Scorpion, renowned as the greatest warrior ever to live, was a ninja born of the Shirai Ryu clan. His death at the hands of rival assassin Bi-Han banished him to the Netherrealm, his soul trapped in eternal fire.


During 1600s in Japan, Hanzo Hasashi lived with his wife Harumi, his son Satoshi, and the couple's infant daughter, along with the Shirai Ryu clan. He is shown to have a dragon mark on his forearm, revealing him to be a chosen fighter to participate in a multidimensional tournament known as Mortal Kombat.

One day, while Hanzo was away retrieving water, his village was attacked by Bi-Han and members of the Lin Kuei clan. The assassins eliminated the Shirai Ryu while Bi-Han killed Harumi and Satoshi with an icicle that froze their bodies. When Hanzo returned to the village after hearing Harumi's scream, he made a makeshift rope spear with a garden blade and eliminates the Lin Kuei assassins. When he faces Bi-Han, he was overpowered by Bi-Han's cryomancy. Bi-Han then mortally wounded Hanzo with his own spear. Before he died, Hanzo heard his infant daughter crying and he used his last strength, in hoping to see his daughter. However, upon reaching his house, Hanzo succumbed to his wounds and disappeared into flames. Unbeknownst to both Hanzo and Bi-Han, Harumi and Satoshi had hidden his infant daughter under the floor of their house. Hanzo's daughter and blade were later retrieved by Lord Raiden and taken to Raiden's Temple for safety.

In present day, a prophecy was foretold that the blood of Hanzo Hasashi will unite the fighters of Earthrealm to victory against Outworld in their tenth tournament of Mortal Kombat after having lost the previous nine. Washed up MMA fighter Cole Young sometimes had flashes of Hanzo as a fiery spectre. When Cole learned of the purpose of his own dragon mark and begins to prepare for the tournament and head to Raiden's Temple for training along with Sonya Blade and Kano. After becoming discouraged as he could not wake his Arcana, Lord Raiden revealed that he was a descendant of Hanzo from his infant daughter. Later when retreating to Void, Raiden gave Cole Hanzo's blood-stained blade, telling him to use it and the spirit of Hanzo would fight with him.

After defeating Kabal and Mileena, Bi-Han, now calling himself Sub-Zero, who showed up with Emily's frozen bracelet and crushed it, luring Cole into the frozen arena. Cole followed and fought Sub-Zero, but he was overpowered by Sub-Zero. Cole used Hanzo's blade to fight back, cutting himself in the process. Hanzo's spirit showed up and saved Cole in time. Now as Scorpion, Hanzo teamed up with Cole to fight against Sub-Zero. During the battle, Scorpion use his ability to save Cole's family. Eventually, the two critically wounded Sub-Zero and Scorpion used his hellfire to kill Sub-Zero.

Afterward, Scorpion thanked Cole for freeing him and asked him to watch over the Hasashi bloodline before parting the Youngs.

Behind the scenes

Scorpion's actor, Hiroyuki Sanada, had no knowledge of the Mortal Kombat franchise prior to being cast for the film. He researched the property online, but also tried a "hands-on approach" by finding the classic game at a game center, in which he was "beaten every time, just losing and losing." Despite his worries about the role, he discovered that fans had Photoshopped his face on the body of Scorpion even before he was offered the part. The character's look was based on traditional Samurai armor, with certain twists, such as a sharp chain from his kunai on the shoulder plates.[1]


Promotional Materials

Screen Captures


  • "Go. See to your sister." (To Satoshi)
  • "I am grateful... and blessed to be with you." (To Harumi)
  • "I'm sorry..." (After discovering Harumi and Satoshi's frozen corpses)
  • "BI-HAN!"
  • "I may not understand your words, but I promise you this... I will kill you."
  • "Do not forget... this face..." (His dying words to Bi-Han)
  • "Cole! I am your blood." (To Cole Young in one of his visions)
  • "Unleash me!"
  • "I have risen from Hell to kill you!"
  • "Remember this face? I am Scorpion now!"
  • "For the Shirai Ryu."
  • "Leave him to me." (To Cole Young)
  • "You hoped that I would burn in the fires of Hell... but instead, I learned to control them." (Before finishing Sub-Zero)
  • "You have freed me. Take care of the bloodline." (His parting words to Cole)
  • "Hasashi, Hanzo. Scorpion."


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