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The new Shirai Ryu are worthy. It's heart, not blood, that makes them warriors.


—Hanzo's final words to his younger, revenant self in Mortal Kombat 11


  • Mortal Kombat (2011): "Hanzo Hasashi was once a member of the Japanese Shirai Ryu ninja clan. Given the name Scorpion for his blindingly fast and deadly fighting skill, his life was blessed with glorious kombat in the name of his Grand Master. But when he, his family and his clan were brutally exterminated by Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei, Scorpion's existence became eternal torment. Resurrected by the malevolent necromancer Quan Chi, he entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to slay Sub-Zero and avenge the murders of his kin."
  • Mortal Kombat X: "Hanzo Hasashi was a member of the Shirai-Ryu assassin clan until they and his family were killed by Sub-Zero of the rival Lin Kuei clan. Hanzo's soul was claimed by the Netherrealm sorcerer Quan Chi, who resurrected him as the revenant Scorpion and gave him the chance to avenge his family's deaths. Full of rage and hellfire, Scorpion fights alongside Quan Chi in Netherrealm's invasion of Earthrealm."
  • Mortal Kombat 11: "Grandmaster Scorpion of the Shirai Ryu. Driven by rage, Hanzo Hasashi went through Hell and back to avenge his family and clan, never resting until he cut down their murderer, Quan Chi. Now he leads a reborn Shirai Ryu, avenging those who cannot avenge themselves."


Mortal Kombat (2011)

Scorpion, the specter of the Netherrealm, was once a human known as Hanzo Hasashi. He was a member of the Shirai Ryu, a clan of Japanese ninja, known for bringing Ninjitsu and other secret martial arts to Japan from China. One day he, his family and clan were exterminated by the necromancer Quan Chi and his servants, who framed the Lin Kuei assassin, Sub-Zero for the atrocity. Scorpion's soul laid to waste in the Netherrealm, but was mysteriously and unexpectedly resurrected by Quan Chi.

Under Quan Chi's command, Scorpion entered Shang Tsung's tournament to avenge his death and those of his kin and clan at the hands of the Lin Kuei assassin, Sub-Zero. Upon Scorpion's first match in the tournament, he demanded of Shang Tsung to fight Sub-Zero, stating that he will have his head for killing his family and clan. He was unexpectedly challenged by the Shaolin Monk, Kung Lao, however, who was previously disguised as a Masked Guard. After defeating Kung Lao, Scorpion again demanded to fight Sub-Zero, but to no avail as Shang Tsung told Scorpion that he would demand nothing, and called Nightwolf's name as Scorpion's next opponent. Before their kombat, Nightwolf tried to reason with Scorpion by telling him that his aggression was misplaced, and that he could follow a different path, but Scorpion ignored Nightwolf's words, thinking that the path Nightwolf has chosen only dishonored his kind, and defeated him. Scorpion, more sternly this time, demanded Sub-Zero again, but was quickly calmed by Quan Chi. The previous victories of Scorpion impressed Shang Tsung, who told Scorpion that he will have his fight against Sub-Zero soon enough.

Raiden, having seen visions of the future, consisting of Scorpion killing Sub-Zero, and the latter's rebirth as Noob Saibot, urged Scorpion to defeat but not kill Sub-Zero. Scorpion at first refused to do so until Raiden promised him that he would make a request to the Elder Gods to bring the Shirai Ryu back to the realm of mortals, but only if Sub-Zero remained alive. Scorpion contemplated Raiden's offer of bringing his clan back to the world of the living, and eventually looked towards Raiden and silently nodded his consent. Raiden nodded back, and left with Liu Kang and Kung Lao, leaving the specter to think on this new turn of events.

Entering Shang Tsung's Palace, Scorpion was confronted by the Lin Kuei assassins, Sektor and Cyrax, who provoked him, saying that he would join his clan soon enough, but Scorpion kept his calm nature, and stated: "My clan may walk the Earth once more". Upon hearing this, an angered Cyrax shoved Scorpion, and Shang Tsung saw this as a challenge and declared that Scorpion would fight Cyrax and Sektor.

After defeating Cyrax and Sektor, Scorpion was confronted by his nemesis, Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero showed great disrespect to Scorpion and his clan's memory, stating "To hell with your clan!", which enraged the ninja specter, who answered Sub-Zero with "No... To Hell with YOU!", and immediately took both of them to the Netherrealm, where they engaged in Mortal Kombat. Scorpion emerged victorious and decided to spare Sub-Zero's life, only to have Quan Chi appear, ordering Scorpion to kill Sub-Zero. Remembering his bargain with Raiden, Scorpion refused, stating that Sub-Zero had been defeated and no further bloodshed was required. Knowing that the specter would not kill Sub-Zero unless he was provoked, Quan Chi conjured images of the Lin Kuei slaughter of the Shirai Ryu. The entire event was shown to Scorpion: his village was swallowed by flames, many Shirai Ryu clansmen were struck down by a rain of arrows while others were decapitated by Lin Kuei assassins, and more were run through by katanas from horseback riders and by arrows from archer marksmen, among them Sub-Zero.

Another image was magically conjured by the sorcerer. It showed Scorpion's wife and infant son huddled in a corner of their home during the Lin Kuei attack. The house's door slid open to reveal Sub-Zero, with a Katana in hand. Unsheathing it, and unaffected by the cries of Scorpion's wife, Sub-Zero brought the blade down. The vision faded and Sub-Zero, badly wounded as he was, was on his feet holding a hand up in mercy, telling Scorpion that was not him. Enraged and reneging on his deal with Raiden, Scorpion ripped the mask from his head, revealing a skull engulfed in flames of pure hatred.

Back in the throne room of Shang Tsung, Scorpion reappeared and Shang Tsung smiled in anticipation. Wordlessly, Scorpion held up a scorched skull with the spinal cord attached. The ninja specter had killed the Lin Kuei assassin Sub-Zero, rendering his deal with Raiden null. Head hung low, Scorpion dropped the skull onto the floor and with a loud scream, burst into flames and disappeared.

Near the first tournament's end, Scorpion fought alongside Quan Chi to best Liu Kang, the last Earthrealm warrior in the tournament, but even his and Quan Chi's combined power and effort were not enough to stop Liu Kang.

During Shao Kahn's tournament, Scorpion was summoned by Quan Chi to face Sub-Zero's younger brother, Kuai Liang, who had taken over the mantle and was trying to avenge his elder brother, Bi-Han. Scorpion emerged from the Netherrealm and quickly realized that the Sub-Zero before him was not the same that he fought and killed before. when the new Sub-Zero proclaimed he would fight in his fallen brother's honor, Scorpion roared in fury, "HE HAD NO HONOR!" and the two engaged in Mortal Kombat. Eventually Sub-Zero gained the upper hand and knocked Scorpion to the ground. But before Sub-Zero could finish Scorpion, Lin Kuei cyborgs captured him and Scorpion used the opportunity to flee.

During Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm, Scorpion was confronted by Raiden in the Netherrealm. When Raiden expressed disappointment with Scorpion's decision to remain at Quan Chi's side, Scorpion scornfully told him to save his pity. Raiden requested an audience with Quan Chi, but Scorpion refused. Annoyed by this, Raiden accused Scorpion for not saving his family, enraging the Spectre. Scorpion then battled the Thunder God, but lost and swiftly teleported away as Quan Chi appeared.

Mortal Kombat X (Comic Series)

A lifetime ago, Hanzo Hasashi was the leader of the Shirai Ryu clan, husband to his beautiful wife Kana and father to his newborn child Jubei. However, his happiness was cut short when the Lin Kuei attacked his village. Hanzo fought valiantly, but he was killed by the Lin Kuei assassin Sub-Zero, his head and spine ripped from his body. The last image Hanzo saw was the frozen corpses of his wife and child.

In the Netherrealm, Hanzo was tormented and tortured every day, but he did not burn in the Netherrealm's hellfire. This intrigued the necromancer Quan Chi and he imbued Hanzo with the Netherrealm's hellfire. As he burned, Hanzo was promised by Quan Chi that he would receive vengeance and justice for his murder and the slaughter of his clan and family.

This led to the birth of the specter Scorpion, who would take his vengeance on Sub-Zero, even as the cryomancer screamed his innocence. Scorpion was hardly satisfied and chose to continue fighting for Quan Chi. However, during the final hours of the Netherrealm War, Hanzo was restored to life, with Scorpion's hellfire still remaining under his control. Feeling he was undeserving of life, Hanzo contemplated suicide, but a chance meeting with the blind warrior Kenshi convinced him otherwise.

Soon after, he re-built the Shirai Ryu, aiming to help all of those who survived tragic events from the Netherrealm War and protect Earthrealm. Saving Kenshi and his son Takeda from Hsu Hao of the Red Dragon by killing him, he took Takeda under his wing for his protection, indoctrinating him into the Shirai Ryu. During Takeda's training, Hanzo, at the behest of his student, vowed never to speak of his father Kenshi to him.

Teaching Takeda for years as well as other students such as Fox, Hanzo was eventually contacted by Raiden, who warned him of a coming demonic entity that had escaped during the outbreaks from Netherrealm, and that Hanzo had to be on the alert despite his anger with Raiden for the many lives lost in the Battle of Earthrealm. After watching a sparring match between his students and scolding Takeda for not taking his training seriously, he informs the Shirai Ryu of Raiden's warning. However, Fox is possessed that night by the demonic entity through the Kamidogu dagger, which Raiden previously entrusted Hanzo to safeguard years ago.

Fox then poisons Hanzo with one of his own mixtures and bounds him by his own spear and chain, forcing him to relive his worst moments while Fox kills a majority of the Shirai Ryu. Hanzo hallucinates of his past during the Lin Kuei's massacre of the Shirai Ryu. Though he fights through the Lin Kuei with ease, Hanzo falls to his knees in grief when he happens upon the frozen bodies of his wife Kana holding their infant son Jubei. When the elder Sub-Zero arrives and smashes the ice holding their corpses, mockingly asking Hanzo how he feels from losing everything, Hanzo realizes what is before him is not Sub-Zero, due to the fact Bi-Han and Scorpion never talked about each other's feelings.

As he burns the illusion away, Takeda protects his sensei from Fox long enough so that Scorpion awakens from his delirium and escapes his bounds. Scorpion tells the possessed Fox that his clan is his family and snatches him by his neck as he unleashes a breath of hellfire upon Fox before grabbing the Kamidogu dagger from his hand as well to stab him in the heart with. Though badly burned, Fox is hardly fazed and knocks Scorpion back with a beam of red light, proclaiming he grows stronger with every drop of blood that is spilled. The demonic force mocks Scorpion for trusting Raiden and starts to state the daggers have a connection to Quan Chi before Takeda finally kills the possessed Shirai Ryu by cutting his head in half with a Katana.

Hanzo then takes the dagger from Fox's corpse and silently comforts the shocked Takeda. Later, the two burn the dead Shirai Ryu and set off, Scorpion determined to avenge his fallen clan once again, this time seeking Raiden, seeing the thunder god responsible for the deaths for entrusting the cursed dagger to Hanzo and desiring to know of its origins.

During their travels through the Himalayan mountains, Takeda expresses interest in his master's hellfire 'style' of fighting. When Takeda asks why he has never taught it to him, Hanzo makes it clear that hellfire is not a fighting style, but his curse to bear alone. After explaining his origins to Takeda, Hanzo reveals that hellfire is not his rage as Takeda believes, but a representation of the loss of his family that he can never lose.

Hanzo admits to Takeda that to wield hellfire he has to relive that moment, but if his burns for too long he risks destroying himself, every time. Takeda apologizes for bringing up Hanzo's personal past, but asks of the 'wise man' who helped him, asking why he never mentioned him before. Hanzo reveals to Takeda he never mentioned him because Takeda asked him not to, revealing it to be Kenshi.

Sometime later, Scorpion and his apprentice have made it to Raiden's Sky Temple, but Hanzo is wary of going any further and makes camp for the night. As he prepares a meal for himself and his student over their campfire, while explaining to an impatient Takeda his concerns over the fierce storm around the temple, a bolt of lightning strikes the campfire, and a furious Raiden grabs Scorpion by the neck, Kamidogu dagger in hand. Hanzo returns Raiden's rage as his kunai slips out of his gauntlet and into his hand.

Hanzo does not fare well against the possessed Raiden, despite the Shirai Ryu trying to rouse Raiden from his madness. Raiden electrifies Hanzo with a powerful stream of lightning, and while proclaiming that the demon has come to open Earthrealm to the Blood Code's power, Hanzo sees Takeda sneaking up on Raiden, armed with a sword. Hanzo weakly tries to warn Takeda away but his student impales Raiden from behind. Unfazed, the thunder god merely calls down lightning on the youth.

Teleporting in a blaze of hellfire, Hanzo saves Takeda before warping his student safely away, but Hanzo believes that Takeda died from Raiden's attack, enraging Hanzo. Scorpion reappears to face Raiden, trying to grab the dagger from Raiden's hand but teleports away again when Raiden tries to retaliate. When the thunder god mockingly asks how much fire he has left after so many teleports, Scorpion delivers a teleport punch to Raiden's jaw with such strength he partially breaks it, all the while declaring he has enough for a lifetime.

Scorpion gains the upper hand over the possessed Raiden, stabbing him with his kunai and choking the thunder god with his chain, all the while raging at Raiden for giving him the Kamidogu dagger that resulted in second destruction of his clan and for seemingly killing Takeda with his lightning. Bringing the thunder god to his knees, Scorpion prepares to kill Raiden, but stops when he sees that Takeda is still alive and rushes to his student's aid. After Raiden comes to his senses when his blood is purged of the demon's corruption, he calls to Hanzo and apologizes for his actions.

Distrustful, Hanzo tells Raiden to stay back but soon listens when the thunder god state they can save Takeda if they act quickly by taking him to the Jinsei Chamber, where Earthrealm's lifeforce will heal both Raiden and Takeda. After Hanzo does so, he watches as Raiden heals Takeda with the Jinsei and is complimented by Raiden for teaching Takeda well, as his apprentice's soul is fighting against the Netherrealm's reach for him. Once Takeda awakens, Hanzo immediately asks if he's alright with Takeda stating he feels invincible.

Raiden apologizes to Hanzo and Takeda before explaining that the Kamidogu daggers were the weapons used to defeat the One Being and that they are now used as keys to seal away Shinnok's Amulet. The thunder god reveals that he could not keep each dagger in the same location, which is why he entrusted one to Scorpion for safe-guarding. As Raiden seals the dagger he entrusted Hanzo in a vault in his Sky Temple, Hanzo scorns him for not telling him before and the daggers could lead to possession. Raiden apologizes to Hanzo for not telling him the dagger was more than a sacred relic and admits that he did not foresee a demon corrupting their power.

When Hanzo asks if Quan Chi is the culprit, Raiden disagrees but reveals Fujin is investigating the Netherrealm for his involvment. Hanzo asks who else has the daggers, and Raiden tells him each dagger is accounted for, save one. Raiden tells Hanzo of the mission he gave Sub-Zero to retrieve a stolen Kamidogu, but the Cryomancer never returned. Knowing whoever is after the daggers seeks to unseal Shinnok's Amulet, Raiden asks Hanzo to save Sub-Zero from the demon corrupting him. At his student's urging, Hanzo agrees to the thunder god's request, vowing to bring Sub-Zero back dead or alive.

Hanzo travels with Takeda to Kahishari, Japan, on Sub-Zero's trail. As they arrive in the city outskirts, Takeda is shocked to learn Hanzo lost to Sub-Zero in the past, though Hanzo is quick to call it a technical lost, citing that their battle was interrupted. When Takeda asks what Hanzo's plan for a rematch is, Hanzo only cryptically replies that Takeda is before noting how quiet it is. When Takeda notices a nip in the wind, Hanzo realizes Sub-Zero is close and orders Takeda to take his sword.

The two move into the city and Hanzo spots multiple Lin Kuei cyborgs. He orders Takeda to take two of them while he deals with the rest. Hanzo swiftly attacks a lone cyborg, but upon cutting its body in half, Takeda realizes all the cyborgs are frozen solid. Hanzo curses as he realizes it's not just the cyborgs but the entire city. Hanzo notes that Kuai Liang was never this powerful, even under Quan Chi's control, and Takeda suggests that the Kamidogu has already possessed Sub-Zero.

Following the ice, Hanzo orders Takeda to stay close and tells him to stick to the plan no matter what happens. As they arrive at a frozen temple, the possessed Kuai Liang greets Hanzo. Disgusted by Kuai Liang's actions, Hanzo tells him that while killing him won't bring back the people he murdered it will stop him from hurting anyone else. The possessed Kuai asks Hanzo who will stop him then, and reminds him of how much hellfire he's used to fight the Blood Code and that Scorpion is getting stronger inside him.

Infuriated, Hanzo slips into his Scorpion persona, drawing his chained kunai before warning Takeda that whoever possessed Fox and Raiden is now controlling Sub-Zero.

Scorpion asks if he is speaking with Kuai Liang or the demon dwelling in the dagger. The possessed Kuai Liang doesn't give a straight answer, only calling the Kamidogu dagger a key, not a vessel and that the real power is in the blood offered. The demon attempts to goad Takeda, but Scorpion holds his apprentice back and declares that whoever is behind this is going to burn before throwing two of his spears out and impales Kuai Liang, igniting the chains in hellfire as he drags the cryomancer over.

Sub-Zero freezes the chains and shatters them, launching an ice ball at Scorpion who teleports to dodge the attack, reappearing behind Kuai. However, Sub-Zero summons ice pillars around his body to impale Scorpion before throwing the Shirai Ryu aside. As Scorpion tries to orient himself, the demon possessing Sub-Zero mocks Scorpion for deluding himself into believing he is a man instead of a wraith, using his slide to knock Scorpion off his feet and then kick him across the frozen ground.

While Scorpion lies on the ground in a daze, the demon tells Scorpion that Hanzo Hasashi is a lie and when he dies, the real Scorpion will rise again, when the demon realizes Takeda has stolen the Kamidogu from Sub-Zero. In response, the demon uses the last of Sub-Zero's Blood Magik enhanced power to freeze another section of the city in a glacier, trapping Takeda and Scorpion in ice. Scorpion quickly recovers and breaks free from his entrapment, sword drawn, and resumes his battle with Sub-Zero.

Scorpion duels with Sub-Zero using hellfire coated Mugai Ryu, all the while refusing to heed Kuai Liang's pleads of innocence. Scorpion mocks Kuai's excuses of possession by saying Kuai took the Kamidogu for a joy ride, delivering a hellfire covered flip kick to Kuai's jaw before shattering his Kori Blades with his own swords. Sub-Zero momentarily gains the upper-hand and tries to reason with Scorpion by wanting to return to Raiden, but Scorpion only brings up his brother and clan's roles in the destruction of the Shirai Ryu.

When Kuai reveals he is the last of the human Lin Kuei, Scorpion declares they are both the last of their clans and decides to finish their feud. Scorpion summons two demonic minions from the ground to hold Kuai Liang in place before impaling him with both of his swords, commending Kuai's soul to the Netherrealm in the name of his fallen clan. Kuai weakly tries to remind Scorpion of their time as servants under Quan Chi, asking him if he remembers what it's like to be controlled by an evil spirit.

Scorpion disagrees and removes his mask, revealing his burning skull as he recalls the last time he held his son and the last time his wife called his name and the agony of losing them. Unleashing his hatred in a breath of hellfire, Scorpion prepares to burn Kuai alive when Takeda frees himself from the ice and calls to his master. Scorpion pauses to listen to Takeda as his student pleads with him not to give into misguided vengeance once again like the Blood Demon wants and reminds him of their plans to rebuild their clan.

Howling in fury, Scorpion dispels his hellfire and banishes his minions. Removing his swords from Kuai, Hanzo tells Sub-Zero he may not live for long, he will live long enough to reflect on his misdeeds. As he and his student begin their trek back for Raiden's Sky Temple with the Kamidogu in hand, Takeda tells his master he won the rematch but Hanzo dismisses this, saying Kuai was already injured and asks what good winning is when he is losing himself. Hanzo begins to plan for his next battle with Sub-Zero, though Takeda believes he is not coming back from his injuries. Hanzo tells his student that stranger things have happened.

Hanzo returns to Raiden's Sky Temple with Takeda, giving the thunder god the recovered Kamidogu. When Raiden commends him for sparing Sub-Zero's life, Hanzo makes it clears he was not doing him any favors, only cleaning up his latest mistake. Hanzo then asks who is next and Raiden assigns him and Takeda to go to the Kang Shaolin Temple where the Kamidogu of Chaosrealm is located.

Hanzo and Takeda arrive in the Henan Province of China where the Kang Temple is situated. When his student asks Hanzo if he ever fought Liu Kang, Hanzo admits they faced one another in the Shaolin Monk's first Mortal Kombat tournament, but when Takeda asks who won, Hanzo explains that it was not a traditional match, leading Takeda to realize Liu Kang had defeated him.

Hanzo ignores his student's awe at Liu Kang's skill to greet one of the masters of the Kang Temple, Shujinko, with a respectable bow. Shujinko reveals he knows why Hanzo has come at Raiden's request but refuses to hand over the Kamidogu of Chaosrealm. Hanzo asks why before explaining that the Kamidogu have been corrupted and recalls Fox's slaughter of his clan while under one of the dagger's possession. Hanzo asks Shujinko to consider what would happen if that power fell into the wrong hands, but Shujinko states that they already are by being in Raiden's hands and reveals who has convinced him of all this: A humble cleric named Havik.

Hanzo is shocked as the Chaosrealmer greets him and his student, his eyes whiting over as his Scorpion persona begins to take control with the Shirai Ryu grandmaster recognizing Havik.

Scorpion conjures hellfire into his hand in preparation to attack Havik, though Shujinko orders him to stand down, declaring Havik not to be a threat to anyone. Scorpion tells Shujinko he has been deceived and calls Havik an agent of the blood demon corrupting the Kamidogu. When Shujinko demands proof, Hanzo calms down and regains control of himself, admitting to having none, but notes Havik's familiar voice.

Havik asks to speak with Hanzo alone and Shujinko complies, leading a reluctant Takeda away, with Hanzo telling his apprentice to go. Havik is delighted to be alone with Hanzo and tells him he understands why he's angry, saying he's been working for the enemy the entire time. Though Hanzo has his issues with Raiden, he still makes it clear he doesn't believe the thunder god to be a traitor.

Havik attempts to convince Hanzo that Raiden deceived him about the blood demon simply to have Hanzo collect the Kamidogu for him. Hanzo calls Havik's claims slander, noting that the cleric has presented no real proof and declares they are done. Hanzo moves to collect the Chaosrealm dagger but when he tries to grab it, his hand passes through the blade, revealing it to be an illusion.

Realizing it is a decoy just as Havik mocks him for believing Shujinko would leave the real dagger exposed, Hanzo demands to know where the Kamidogu is when Havik suddenly seems panics and offers the real truth about Raiden. Hanzo demands he spit it out, and Havik tears the lower half of his own face off, revealing that he was the one who corrupted Raiden, Sub-Zero, and Forrest Fox, and states Scorpion is the next to be corrupted without Takeda around to save him.

Infuriated that Havik killed his clan simply to provoke him, Hanzo gives into his Scorpion persona and ruthlessly attacks the chaos cleric with hellfire covered kicks and punches, culminating in breaking Havik's neck before punching his head into bits of bone and burning flesh. His vengeance fulfilled, Scorpion begins to walk away when he whirls around in shock to see Havik staggering back up, burning and smoking but regenerating from his wounds before launching a counterattack that sends Scorpion flying through the chamber doors. Havik then reveals Takeda in a possessed Shujinko's grip, the Chaosrealm Kamidogu held at his throat as Havik threatens to make Hanzo's apprentice his slave.

Though Takeda apologizes for allowing himself to get captured, Hanzo reassures his apprentice that the situation is not his fault. Telling Havik he's made his point, Hanzo demands to know what the chaos cleric wants from him. Havik reveals he desires Scorpion's "friendship" so that fire and blood will "liberate" the realms from order under the Elder Gods rule, saying he only wanted Takeda as leverage, not caring what Hanzo does with the boy once he gives into his true nature.

Hanzo hesitates to act, allowing Havik to begin ruthlessly attacking him, unable to fight back without risking Takeda's life. As Havik demands to know how much farther he has to push Hanzo before Scorpion takes over, Hanzo tells him "All...the way", much to Havik's delight. Havik then begins ripping Hanzo's arms from their sockets, and while the Shirai Ryu nearly gives into his hellfire, he refuses, looking to Takeda with a single tear in his eye as he tells his apprentice that he will always have a choice.

With that, Havik punches Hanzo in the chest with enough force to puncture his flesh and collapse both of his lungs. Hanzo collapse in a pool of his own blood, and Takeda rushes to his teacher's side. As Havik eagerly awaits Scorpion's rebirth, Hanzo uses the last of his strength to tell Takeda to run, before succumbing to his wounds, dying in his student's arms. To Havik's disappointment, Takeda reveals that Scorpion was never another personality within Hanzo and as such, the hellspawn will not be reborn. Havik allows Takeda to leave unharmed, with the Shirai Ryu apprentice vowing to avenge his master's death.

Sometime later, in a surreal location appearing to be his burning village, Hanzo Hasashi stands alone as a voice tells him the fire is their home now. Hanzo refutes this, saying the fire is his heart beating. Proclaiming that he has something to live for, Hanzo tells the voice that struggling with him only got him killed. The voice, revealed to be Hanzo's inner demon, Scorpion, tells Hanzo that he can't protect Takeda without him. Confronting Scorpion, Hanzo tells his demon to "Get over yourself", and Scorpion draws his chains, roaring, "Vengeance is mine!"

Hanzo and Scorpion begin their battle, with Hanzo throwing his spear and chain at his inner demon, though Scorpion is easily able to dodge the attack, calling it a predictable opening. Dominating Hanzo with a barrage of blows, Scorpion tells his human half that victory in kombat demands more than one variation, before kneeing him in the stomach and summoning demonic minions to hold Hanzo on the ground. Calling Hanzo a depressed loner with a death wish without hellfire, Scorpion asks his human self why he denies the inferno within.

Hanzo painfully admits that he turned memories of his family into weapons, and Scorpion clarifies that it was to avenge their deaths, though Hanzo finally admits that they were avenged long ago. Enraged, Scorpion raises one of his swords over Hanzo, raging that an eye for an eye is not enough for his family or clan, and that for them, the wraith would burn the world. Hanzo asks his demonic half if he would burn Takeda too, and Scorpion snarls that the boy is already dead before stabbing Hanzo through the chest.

Ripping his sword out, preparing to stab Hanzo again, Scorpion declares that he doesn't need a heart that bleeds with survivor's guilt and that how they feel changes nothing about themselves. Stomping his boot down on Hanzo's neck, Scorpion tells him that what they do changes the world. Hanzo agrees that he has worn guilt like a noose around his neck long enough, and suddenly teleports in a burst of hellfire, escaping Scorpion's blade and demonic minions.

Giving into the inferno within, Hanzo throws a fireball through Scorpion's chest, leaving a gaping wound. As his demonic half collapses to his knees, Hanzo declares it is time for him to let his actions speak for themselves. Picking up the sword used to impale him, Hanzo says he will feel no more guilt and seek no more vengeance before cutting off the face of his inner demon, and will fight for justice.

Returning to Earthrealm, Scorpion arrives on Shang Tsung's Island, ripping Havik's head off in time to save Takeda from the cleric of chaos. A shocked Havik is held by Scorpion, who reminds the Chaosrealmer that he can't count on anyone but him before teleporting away.

Arriving in the Netherrealm, Scorpion carries Havik's head to the gates of hell, where he finds the Oni Moloch and Drahmin. Throwing them Havik's head, Scorpion calls it a fresh kill, and ignores Havik's pleas and cries of vengeance. Turning to leave, Scorpion tells Drahmin to make Havik's torture slow, but is stopped as Drahmin reminds him of his betrayal of Quan Chi. Amused, Scorpion states that he serves himself, and that while he didn't come for a fight, he is more than happy if they insist.

A week later, Hanzo literally crawls out of the Netherrealm through a portal of hellfire, appearing in the Himalayas before a shocked Takeda, with Moloch on his tail. As Moloch snatches his boot, Hanzo is saved from being dragged back as his student throws a hammer at the demon's head, knocking him back into the Netherrealm. Hanzo thanks his student for the assist, and explains with a grin to a shocked Takeda that he knows the way to hell and back by heart. Looking on, Hanzo sees rows of memorial plaques for their fallen Shirai Ryu comrades that Takeda has made, and admits that while the young man is still too impulsive and young to become Chujin, he happily declares his student to be the pride of the Shirai Ryu.

Mortal Kombat X

In the past events of Mortal Kombat X, Scorpion was among those serving Quan Chi in the invasion of Earthrealm. When Sonya Blade and her team, along with Johnny Cage and Kenshi, attempted to fly to Raiden's Sky Temple, Scorpion and Sub-Zero attacked them, killing all the members of Sonya's team. Although he incapacitated Kenshi briefly, Scorpion was soon tackled by Cage out of the helicopter before it crashed and was then defeated by the actor.

Some time later, when Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage traveled to Quan Chi's Fortress, Quan Chi intercepts them and has Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Jackson Briggs attack them. Scorpion faces against Sonya Blade and is defeated by her along with the others. After Raiden arrives to save Cage's life, Scorpion is fully resurrected to his human self along with Jax and Sub-Zero by the Thunder God when Raiden uses his and Quan Chi's magic to do so.

Five years before the game's events, Hanzo trains with Takeda Takahashi and is beaten. Proud of his student's success, Hanzo elevates him to the rank of Chujin, but when Takeda states he looks forward to serving the Shirai Ryu, Hanzo informs him his future is not with the clan. He observes his student's reunion with his father Kenshi and tries to convince Takeda his father is not an enemy, but Takeda refuses and rants at his father. Kenshi counters Takeda's beliefs that he abandoned him, confessing that he left him with Hanzo for training and protection. 

During the same year, Hanzo travels to the Lin Kuei Palace when Kuai Liang invites him there. The Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei speaks to him about how they have both reformed their clans to protect Earthrealm and that they should becomes allies. Skeptical, Hanzo asks if this means Sub-Zero will finally confess that the Lin Kuei was guilty of the first iteration of the Shirai Ryu's demise. Sub-Zero then explains how he killed Sektor for completely turning the Lin Kuei into cyborgs and that he has discovered that his clan had lost its honor far before the Cyber Initiative.

However, they are interrupted by Frost, Sub-Zero's pupil, who attacks Hanzo. Believing that Sub-Zero's invitation was an assassination attempt on himself, Scorpion defeats Frost and attacks Sub-Zero. After fighting with the Lin Kuei Grandmaster, he prepares to kill him, but stops and calms down when Sub-Zero saves him from another attack by Frost. With Sub-Zero explaining that his intentions are true and Frost acted on her own intention, Scorpion forgives his old nemesis. In the Lin Kuei Palace, Sub-Zero shows Sektor's memory banks, revealing that the Lin Kuei had Quan Chi eradicate Hanzo's clan and family in exchange for their service, but Sektor refused to fulfill the agreement because Quan Chi resurrected Hanzo as Scorpion.

Sub-Zero then tells Hanzo if he had known about the Lin Kuei's role in the Shirai Ryu massacre before, their relationship would have been far different. Shocked by the revelation, Hanzo confesses to Sub-Zero he only killed his brother because he believed it was Bi-Han who killed his family. Sub-Zero expresses he holds no ill will toward Hanzo, as he believes that Quan Chi is responsible. Overcoming his shock, Hanzo states that there is a debt to be paid, and it will be with Quan Chi's life. He then bows to Sub-Zero, thanking him for informing him the truth, while Sub-Zero does the same.

In the present, after hearing that Quan Chi has been captured, Hanzo approaches Sonya Blade at the Refugee Kamp, demanding that the necromancer be handed over to him. When she refuses, Hanzo orders his ninja to attack the Special Forces, which he previously ordered to merely subdue his allies and avoid killing, not wanting to harm anyone in the process of taking Quan Chi. During the conflict, Scorpion defeats Sonya, Kenshi, and Johnny Cage when they attempt to stop him before taking Quan Chi. When Quan Chi pleads for his life while calling him "Scorpion," Hanzo slaps the sorcerer, declaring that he is no longer Scorpion, but Hanzo Hasashi. Enraged that Quan Chi killed his family and manipulated him to kill Bi-Han, causing him to lose the only chance to restore his family, he savagely beats Quan Chi.

Hanzo is interrupted by D'Vorah, who arrives to deliver Shinnok's amulet to Quan Chi. Scorpion attacks her when she attempts to save him, but then throws his Kunai through the sorcerer's chest. Pulling Quan Chi to him with his spear, Hanzo decapitates him, finally avenging the death of his family. However, just moments before his death, Quan Chi is able to free Shinnok. In an attempt to stop the fallen Elder God, Hanzo attacks Shinnok with Sonya, Johnny Cage, and Kenshi, but Shinnok incapacitates everyone flawlessly and captures Johnny. Following Shinnok's departure with D'Vorah and the revenants of Earthrealm's former defenders, a beaten Scorpion informs Cassie Cage and her team of the god's destination.  

Mortal Kombat 11

Part 1: Mortal Kombat 11

The past revenant Scorpion is among the time-displaced warriors brought to present through Kronika's machinations, siding with her in light of the possibility of his family and clan's restoration. He first confronts Liu Kang and Kung Lao within the Dragon Grotto under Wu Shi Academy, activating the Grotto's traps. Scorpion is defeated by one of the two, with the latter finding out that stopping the traps is impossible. He disappears to escape poison gas, and returns alongside the Netherrealm version of present-day Jade to fight them. Once defeated, he uses hellfire to escape again.

As the recently revived Cyber Lin Kuei, helped by time-displaced Sektor and Cyrax begin to kidnapped and transformed Sub-Zero’s Lin Kuei clansmen into a brainwashed cybernized army, leaving the latter as the only survivor, the present-day human Scorpion, Grandmaster Hanzo Hasashi was alerted by the cyborg army’s return, rushes to aid Sub-Zero to destroy Cyber Lin Kuei productions once more before they will attack new Shirai-Ryu like Sektor did, who started the fire on the first clan’s massacre, selling his clan to Quan Chi so the sorcerer could both slaughtered and enslaved Hanzo’s soul. He and Sub-Zero manage to infiltrate the recently rebuilt Cyber Lin Kuei, defeating both Sub-Zero’s traitorous cybernized disciple Frost, recently revived Noob Saibot, and freeing Cyrax from the enslavement protocol, then eventually seemingly kills Sektor.

Due to the destruction of many Earthrealm’s bases other than Sub-Zero’s Lin Kuei Temple, namely both Raiden’s Sky Temple and Special Forces’ Base, Hanzo welcomes his surviving allies to the Shirai-Ryu Fire Garden as the only base left. Hanzo and the other Earthrealm heroes learns from the past Raiden that the other Elder Gods died and ceased to exist, and Cetrion and Shinnok are Kronika’s children, realizing the fallen gods’ mother was directly responsible for his family and original Shirai-Ryu’s tragedies through both Shinnok, Quan Chi and Sektor in many timelines. He and Sub-Zero went to Kharon’s place while scouting Kronika’s remaining army led by Cetrion in the Netherrealm. Hanzo then tells Sub-Zero to return to Earthrealm while the former plans to convince Kharon to join forces against Kronika.

Scorpion later arrives to confront his present counterpart, who was restored to his human form, after the latter defeats D'Vorah, who was torturing Kharon for refusing to assist Kronika. Scorpion believes that Kronika can restore the Shirai Ryu to their true potential and original bloodline, viewing the present Hanzo's Shirai Ryu as tainted and imperfect. The two Scorpions clash, resulting in the victory of the present Hanzo, who knows that his past self only sides with Kronika just to restore their wife Harumi, and their son Satoshi, not including other original Shirai-Ryu clansmen. Hanzo tells Scorpion that one of Kronika's goals would be to resurrect Shinnok, the very being responsible for their family and clan's demise.

When Hanzo is ambushed by D'Vorah, who poisons him with her venom, Scorpion, convinced by Hanzo's words, slices off her pincers and forces her to retreat. Scorpion's poisoned counterpart tells him that the Shirai Ryu warriors are defined by their heart, not blood, before dying in Scorpion's arms.

As per Hanzo's wishes, the past Scorpion returns in his place to Raiden's base of operations to see the Fire Gardens rebuilt, realizing that his present self was right. He defeats a suspicious Sub-Zero but is electrocuted by Raiden, who has started to become corrupted like his dark self thanks to Shinnok's amulet. Scorpion is healed by a reformed Raiden after some convincing from Liu Kang, and realizing Kronika's manipulation into pitting both Raiden and Kang against each other in every timeline.

Scorpion joins the fleet battle against Kronika's forces, and rallies to Fire God Liu Kang with the others. He, along with the other Kombatants besides Liu Kang, falls prey to Kronika's temporal reversion.

Part 2: Aftermath

With his present self dead at D'Vorah's hands, the past Scorpion arrives in the Fire Gardens, realizing that his present self was right. As a misunderstanding between both Scorpion and Sub-Zero occurred, their fight from the original timeline did not occur, as both Scorpion and Sub-Zero were interrupted by the presents of Shang Tsung and Fujin. Believing that Fujin is corrupted and under Shang Tsung's control, Sub-Zero freezes the sorcerer, where Scorpion and Sub-Zero team up to fight Fujin, however both are defeated by the God of Wind. After Raiden intervenes and is defeated by his brother, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, and Raiden are told of the future outcome of the timeline that Fujin and Shang Tsung came from. During the debriefing, the group are confronted by Kronika at the Fire Gardens. Kronika freezes everyone in time except Shang Tsung and Fujin who manage to fed off the Keeper of Time with her Crown, weakening her in the process and freeing the others. With a new plan from their knowledge of the future, the group head to the Netherrealm with Kharon's Fleet, the Shaolin, the Tarkata and the Special Forces to invade Kronika's Keep.

Kharon's Fleet carrying Kitana's Outworld forces, along with some of the invading Special Forces, would be overtaken by Shao Kahn and a revived Sindel along with a deceived army of Shokan. Scorpion, nor Sub-Zero are seen on the overtaken fleets, nor are they seen with Raiden and the remaining Special Forces and Shaolin that invade the beachhead of Kronika's Keep and what becomes of both the Spectre and Grandmaster is unknown.


  • Mortal Kombat (2011) (Non-Canonical): "Shao Kahn's death did nothing to relieve Scorpion's pain. The loss of his kin still weighed heavily upon him. For reasons he could neither explain nor understand, he was drawn to the home of the Shirai Ryu. Standing amid the rubble, in solemn contemplation, Scorpion was visited by apparitions of his fallen comrades. They revealed the true mastermind behind their brutal deaths. Enraged, he returned to the Netherrealm. As the spirits of his kin immobilized Quan Chi, Scorpion slew him, finally avenging their deaths."
  • Mortal Kombat X (Non-Canonical): "Remorse for his role in resurrecting Shinnok weighed heavily upon Scorpion's soul. His desire for vengeance had brought Earthrealm to the brink of destruction. Scorpion offered to perform hara-kiri to atone for his offense. But Raiden suggested a more productive alternative. Instead of death, Raiden sentenced Scorpion to life. He imbued Scorpion with a small portion of the Jinsei's power, linking him to Earthrealm's essence. Scorpion and his Shirai Ryu clan would protect the Jinsei--and Earthrealm--forever."
  • Mortal Kombat 11 (Non-Canonical): "I made my Future Self a promise: that I would not stay mired in the past. But once I controlled the Hourglass, I could not keep that promise. I had to restore my family. Over and over I crafted the Sands of Time. Yet in every new timeline my family's tragedy repeated. I was powerless to change it. After eons, I learned the truth. Kronika was not alone. She was one of many Titans, each more powerful and ancient than the Elder Gods. It is they who conspire against us. Myself, my family. We are pawns in their game. Why? I do not know. But I will find out. And then, I will have vengeance."