Rojack (once misspelled Rojak)

Rojack (once misspelled Rojak) is a high ranking officer and dangerous member of the internationally known crime syndicate, the Black Dragon clan. Rojack is also known to be the most clever member. His true name is Jack Morris, and he used to be one of the most wanted men in America and Hong Kong.


In the Special Forces comics, Rojack is the main villain, who wished to obtain an object called the Kitai, which is said to be an ancient artifact that was created by the gods and most of all, has the power to create portals to other dimensions. For Rojack and his fellow Black Dragon thugs, it would mean a golden opportunity for that relic to open doorways to untold riches beyond their wildest dreams. To gain this artifact, Rojack holds Jax and Mikka hostage until the Special Forces arrive and defeat Rojack and his squad, at which point he is cast into a portal leading to Outworld. Rojack ends up trapped inside it.

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