This guide will mention how you can get each and every secret Red Koin in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks.

Goro's Lair

1. In the first room you are in, throw an enemy into the skeleton hanging on the wall to make a red koin appear where the skeleton was.

2. In the second room, put an enemy in the air, then air throw to propel yourself backwards in midair to the red koin above the gate you entered from. You could also come back once you got double jump.

3. When you get to the top of the first bridge, shooting a projectile at the moon will reveal the red koin.

4. At the end of the first bridge, you will see a crack on a wall. Walk over it and you will fall to a platform with a red koin on top.

5. In the Chandelier room, hit an enemy into the chandelier to bring it down and reveal a red koin.

6. In the Oni Campfire area, go the left side of the area near the tunnel. Launch an enemy and air throw to propel yourself backwards to the red koin. You can also double jump to get it.

7. At the center of the Oni Campfire area, get both you and your friend to step on the Ko-Op switches. Then throw an enemy at each of the two bells. Cross the bridge to reach the red koin in the Chandelier room.

8. After long jumping the second bridge, move to the left to find a platform below with a red koin.

Wu Shi Academy

1. Launch an enemy onto the third catapult in the area. A cut-scene will play to reveal the red koin near the steps into the Academy.

2. With two players, launch an enemy onto the fourth catapult. The wooden structure at the top breaks to reveal a red koin.



Evil Monastery


Living Forest

Living Forest Koins

Where the Red Koins are located in the Living Forest.


Soul Tombs


Dead Pool







1. Wall run, then double jump to get a red koin on the platform.

2. Wall jump up the main shaft to find a red koin.

3. Hidden inside the furnace, a red koin lays behind a small wall of fire, waiting for those brave enough to retrieve it.

4. Two massive hammers clang together in the background. Make sure a foe is smashed between them when they collide, and this red koin is yours.

Foundry Koins

Where the Red Koins are located in the Foundry.

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