The Red Dragon Caverns

The Red Dragon Caverns is located at Charred Mountain in Earthrealm.


This cave is not only the Red Dragon clan's headquarters but also home to the living 'Red Dragon' Caro.

Beyond the cave's complicated maze of tunnels lies a sophisticated laboratory where the Red Dragon conducted genetic experiments by merging the DNA of Caro with that of Red Dragon Human test subjects using the Saurian and Reptile's genetic material to aid in the merging process. The result of this experiment created a race of Hybrid Dragons. Kano too was their prisoner and was also being experimented against his will. However, he escaped before the Red Dragon could finish experimenting on him.

At the heart of the cave lies the Chamber of Daegon.

Taven came to these caverns and found answers for the reason why the Red Dragon Clan were hunting him down. He then reached the core of the cave, where he battled Reptile and rescued Caro from his imprisonment. While Taven was gone searching for his brother in the Netherrealm, Caro was left atoning for the abominable crimes that Daegon and his clan commited in his name, by destroying the rest of the clan and their headquarters. His last fate is uncertain.


In the Konquest mode, the player can find the following enemies:



The following musics can be found via Konquest mode in in the Red Dragon Caverns:


  • The Alternate Costumes of Reptile, Quan Chi and Sareena can be found in this caverns.
  • The item for KAF Elder Gods Female Armor: Boots can be found in this area.
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