Queen Rihiana is one of the five Outworlders who are the founders of the lost city of Sinkiang in Outworld. She is only mentioned but never seen in Mortal Kombat: Special Forces.


Altar of Queen Rihiana

The Altar and Gem of Queen Rihiana, one of the 5 founders of Sinkiang (Outworld), and one of the 3 settlers of Sin Kiang (Earthrealm).

Not much is known about Rihiana, other then she, along her other fellow Outworlders, founded the great city of Sinkiang in Outworld. Her four fellow compatriots and dear friends were named Adrina, Eliza, Kang and Tsung. They said she was the most beautiful of them all. They took it upon themselves as the royal rulers of Sinkiang and ruled the city together. They all lived in a time of harmony when Outworld was currently ruled by its first ruler.

But that time of peace would not last. The vicious Shao Kahn's rise to power had plunged Outworld into a state of oppression and chaos. The founders devised an important plan to escape Kahn's tyrannical reign by retreating to an unknown realm with the aid of a secret portal they created.

When the three arrived, they were in a mountainous region within an unfamiliar realm. That realm is Earthrealm. Rihiana and her two friends Eliza and Adrina then begin their settlement here with the help of human Earthrealmers they stumbled across and asked for help. Together they built a city named Sin Kiang. The trio of Outworld queens, who became the only ruling council of the city, were often worshipped by the Earthrealm natives as goddesses because of their unusual lifespan and their incredible magical prowess. Many years later, the three Outworlders who wanted a better life, simply died of old age, and the city of Sin Kiang began to be deserted. It would remain forgotten for centuries to come.

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