My head?! Unacceptable! I will never surrender myself to Shao Kahn! Not even to save my people!


—Overlord Zeffeero

Overlord Zeffeero was the ruler of a walled city in Outworld called Lei Chen, who refused to hand over his city to Shao Kahn.

Zeffeero once served as an advisor to the Konqueror many years ago, but he grew sick and tired of the emperor and broke away from his control. He and his band of fellow Outworlders have found a new home within the Lei Chen Mountains and built a city with high walls surrounding the town named after the mountains they take refuge in, to protect it from enemies and outsiders and made himself leader and ruler of the city.

Zeffeero refused to surrender his life to Shao Kahn. Zeffeero sent Shujinko after he warned him about the Tarkatans' plot, to Seido to bring back help when his city was under attack, but without anything valuable to bargain with, Shujinko offered control of Lei Chen to Hotaru, leader of the Seidan Guard without Zeffeero's knowledge.

After returning to Outworld, Hotaru told Shujinko that Zeffeero had no recollection of his agreement to hand over control of his city. As a consequence, he had stripped him of his status as overlord and claimed the city of Lei Chen for Seido.


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