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The Orb from Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm.

The Orb, as it is simply and ironically called, was a spherical artifact with unimaginable power. This mythical and magical object is essentially an embodiment of nature, and it is completely different from the mystical Portal Spheres, which are the manifestations of merger's powers to absorb and merge one realm to another.


Shao Kahn holds the Orb and seek to use its powers to weaken Raiden and finally conquer Earthrealm.

Shao Kahn discovered the Orb, which would have given him ultimate power over the Realms and would even reduce Raiden to the status of a mortal. This artifact, known only as the Orb, was part of the plot that involved the resurrection of the sorcerer Shang Tsung who would use the Orb in order to give Shao Kahn victory over his enemies.

The Orb possessed the powers of the elements and was capable of manipulating them, allowing the user to harness wind, water, earth and fire. It was discovered that the more malevolent the user, the more intense were the powers of the Orb. Using the power of the Orb, the user was capable of creating environmental disasters that spanned the entire realm. Because of this, Kahn states that few as evil as Shang Tsung have ever existed and entrusts him with the Orb to take down the Earthrealm warriors and destroy Raiden once and for all.

Essentially, the Orb was not evil, as it was only an embodiment of nature and was driven to evil. After Shang Tsung was defeated, Raiden threw the Orb into a dimensional rift that led into space, where he hoped it would be safe from evil hands.


  • Unbeknownst to Raiden however, the Orb would end up in an alternate timeline in Earth within the Street Fighter USA cartoons where it would once again be used for evil by the Shadoloo leader, General M. Bison.
  • It is notable for being the item that resulted in a number of crossovers with other cartoon adaptations of video games such as Street Fighter and Wing Commander.