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Oni Warlord

The Oni Warlords are Oni type creatures in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks that you must fight in the first level. One of them is encountered once reaching the bottom of the Pit stage. Unlike the rest of its fellow Oni demons that are around, the Oni Warlord has a large size advantage to everyone around him.

His combat style is much slower in comparison to his fellow Oni and when battling he only uses a large mace; the mace club is so large that when dropped, it creates a shock wave that causes damage. To defeat it, brute force is in order with no special fatalities, and once you defeat it, you get a special ability: the Long Jump, which is used in order to escape the island during its self-destruction.

Liu Kang is seen fighting the Oni Warlord

The Oni Warlord returns in the Wastelands level. They are shown when you must defeat the Elemental Knights by throwing them into the puddle of blood, which after about 7 seconds, they get shocked due to Raiden shocking the center via his lightning powers and his staff. After you complete Test Your Might, leave the place then come back and you'll have to fight it again. After you defeat it again, you get a Yin-Yang sign, which you can collect to unlock Concept Art.

They also make an appearance in the Mortal Kombat X comic series, backing Kintaro's Shokan army in the siege of Z'Unkahrah against the new Emperor of Outworld, Kotal Kahn. With some even carrying the same large club-like maces from Shaolin Monks.

Behind the Scenes

  • Oni are a type of demon or ogre in Japanese folklore.
  • Oni is both singular and plural in form, similar to "moose" or "sheep".