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I claim this timeline for the Viltrum Empire!


—Omni-Man in Mortal Kombat 1

Nowl-Ahn, also known as Nolan Grayson but more commonly referred to as Omni-Man, is a Viltrumite anti-hero known for his appearances in the Image Comics lines Supreme, Invincible, Noble Causes, and Dynamo 5. An extraterrestrial humanoid from the imperialistic planet Viltrum, he was sent to Earth to subjugate it into the Viltrum Empire.

Omni-Man made his debut as a playable guest character in Mortal Kombat 1 as the first character available through DLC as part of the Kombat Pack.

About Omni-Man

Nolan Grayson was born Nowl-Ahn on the planet Viltrum, a planet housing an imperialistic race of super-beings known as the Viltrumites, being indoctrinated with the Viltrumite creed of conquering as much of the galaxy to assimilate other worlds, species, and civilizations into the Viltrum Empire. Nolan joined the Viltrumite military forces as a young man and rapidly rose through their ranks through thousands of years of successful war and conquest. Eventually, the size of their ever-growing empire spread their forces thin, prompting the Viltrumites to look for more efficient methods of galactic conquest and domination. To counter the raw man-power needed for a full-scale invasion into target planets, it was instead decided that the most trusted officers of the Viltrumite military would be assigned planets to weaken sufficiently in order to allow for subjugation with no effort.

Nolan was assigned to Earth and created a new life during his time there, adopting the moniker of Omni-Man and aligning himself with the original Guardians of the Globe and Global Defense Agency. Nolan would later marry a human woman named Debbie, with her eventually giving birth to their Viltrumite-Human hybrid son, Mark Grayson, who would gain his Viltrumite powers in adolescence and become the superhero known as Invincible. Once Mark attained his powers, Nolan betrayed and massacred the Guardians of the Globe before eventually coming into conflict with his son over the fate of the planet.


Nolan's appearance is taken directly from his appearance from his various comic book appearances, but specifically from the animated television series, with J. K. Simmons reprising his role from the animated television series.


  • Mortal Kombat 1: "Viltrumite warrior Nolan Grayson, better known as the superhero Omni-Man, long fought to protect his adopted home as one of Earth's most powerful champions. He even raised a son, the hero known as Invincible, to follow in his footsteps and carry on his legacy. But Omni-Man's true mission was never benevolence - it was conquest. And the Viltrum Empire, hungry for expansion, has no intention of stopping at Earthrealm."

Combat Characteristics

Powers and Abilities

Nolan, like all Viltrumites, possess a variety of attributes that have been boosted to superhuman levels. Such abilities include superhuman strength, speed, stamina and endurance. He also is virtually invulnerable to virtually all forms of physical attacks, as well as possessing an advanced healing factor and an enhanced lung capacity, as well as a complex balance system in his inner ear, allowing him to fly. Viltrumites are also able to live for thousands of years and age at a far slower rate, as well as possessing dominant genetics, allowing their offspring to inherit their powers, regardless of their reproductive partner's species.

Despite these powers however, Nolan, like all Viltrumites, possess sensitive ears, which if exposed to high frequencies, knocks off their equilibrium and keeps them on the ground. Rognarrs, as species of nigh-invulnerable aliens, are able to kill and rip apart Viltrumites. They are also vulnerable to internal attacks, such as if they ingest a bomb and it detonates. They are also vulnerable to the intense heat of a sun in close proximity, regardless of their power level.

Signature Moves

  • Mega Clap: Omni-Man claps his hands together, causing a shockwave that sends the opponent flying across the screen, full-screen distance. The attack can also be performed in the air, called (Air) Mega Clap, respectively. (MK1)
    • Enhancing the attack deals increased damage and allows the attack to reach nearly full-screen distance. Additionally, it will destroy any incoming projectile, should it come in contact with one. As with the original, the attack can be performed in the air.
  • Giblet Maker: Omni-Man quickly propels himself forward, striking the opponent with his chest, knocking them away nearly full-screen distance. The attack can also be performed in the air, called (Air) Giblet Maker, respectively. (MK1)
    • Enhancing the attack has armor and deals increased damage. As with the original, the attack can be performed in the air.
  • Viltrumite Stance: Omni-Man begins hovering, during this time, he parries any and all projectiles, with the exception of projectile-based Fatal Blows, in which he taunts the opponent afterwards, leaving them open for follow-up attack in the stance. Omni-Man can perform this and its follow-up attacks while airborne, called (Air) Viltrumite Stance, respectively. (MK1)
    • Viltrumite Stance Cancel: Omni-Man exits the stance, returning to the ground.
    • Viltrumite Stance Teleport Forward: Omni-Man quickly flies behind the opponent.
    • Thragged Through Mud: Omni-Man grabs the opponent by the face, flies them off screen then drags them across the ground before tossing them into the air in the opposite direction for a juggle. When connecting this attack consecutively in a combo, Omni-Man tosses the opponent away rather then into the air.
    • Honorable Death: Omni-Man quickly flies to the opponent, punching them in the back, sending them flying with a knee strike before catching them and breaking their back with his hand before tossing them away.
    • Tiebreaker: Omni-Man jets into the air offscreen before landing on top of the opponent, knocking them away. When used in the corner of an arena, Omni-Man can continue combos; otherwise, the opponent is knocked away.
    • Up And Away: Omni-Man uppercuts the opponent into the air for a juggle.
      • Enhancing the attack allows Omni-Man to parry any attack with the exception of Low attacks and Fatal Blows. Additionally, Omni-Man can perform this attack's follow-up attacks significantly faster. Parrying attacks this way while close to the opponent opens them up for a brief moment, allowing for the attack's follow-up attacks to be performed.
  • Invincible Rush: Omni-Man charges and flies straight at the opponent, knocking them away full-screen distance. The attack can also be performed in the air, called (Air) Invincible Rush, respectively. Omni-Man tracks the opponent, flying at them depending on their current position. Connecting the airborne version of the attack on a grounded opponent bounces them off the ground for a juggle. Alternatively, should Omni-Man use the regular version of the attack in a combo with specific juggle effects, the attack will bounce the opponent off the ground for further combo extensions. (MK1)
  • (Air) Fly Toward/Away: Omni-Man quickly floats forward or backwards while in the air. Should he make contact with the opponent, they take damage and he can perform follow-up airborne attacks. Performing the attack consecutively after striking the opponent this way costs and spends a bar of Super Meter. Unlike most Special Attacks, Omni-Man does not gain Super Meter from performing this attack. (MK1)

Fatal Blow

  • The Thinker: Omni-Man jets behind the opponent from anywhere in the arena, striking them twice. He then charges into them, knocking them into the ground where he mercilessly pummels their face, performing a double-axe handle slam to their face, destroying the front of their skull. (MK1)

Other Moves

  • Armageddon (Backward Throw): Omni-Man throws the opponent to the ground, flies off screen to retrieve a meteorite from space and hurls it at the downed opponent. (MK1)
  • Around The World: Omni-Man quickly moves behind the opponent and knocks them to the ground with a powerful punch, swapping sides with the opponent in the process. In some instances, Omni-Man will remain in his original position. (MK1)
  • Spilled Kontents: Omni-Man charges forward with a knee strike, follows up with an uppercut and then grabs the opponent by the leg, slamming them into the ground twice and tossing them away in the opposite direction. (MK1)
  • Bootstain: Omni-Man hits the opponent in the air with a punch, follows up with a back fist and flies upwards, dropping down on them and stomping on their chest. This is an airborne combo and can only be performed in the air on a juggled opponent. (MK1)


  • Trained Killer: Omni-Man grabs the opponent by the neck and flies far away with them, crashing through an underground subway. He holds the opponent in front of an oncoming train, killing all the passengers as the opponent is ripped to shreds. After the final train car is destroyed, Omni-Man holds up what remains of the opponent's upper body before their torso falls off, leaving only their head. (MK1)
  • Like Putty: Omni-Man grabs the opponent's head and begins crushing it. As the opponent's left eye pops out of their head, he crushes their head completely before ripping it off and using it to cut the opponent in half from the neck to groin before destroying their decapitated head with a powerful stomp. (MK1)


  • The Klassic: Omni-Man performs his uppercut, decapitating the opponent with a rising uppercut. (MK1)
  • Behind You!: Omni-Man performs his Backward Throw, grabbing the opponent's head and spinning it 180 degrees. (MK1)
  • Coming Through: Omni-Man performs a Giblet Maker, destroying the opponent on impact. (MK1)
  • You Got Boned: Omni-Man performs his Spilled Kontents combo, destroying the opponent's head with the first slam before tossing their body away. (MK1)
  • You Hear That?: Omni-Man performs a Mega-Clap that skins the opponent alive. (MK1)
  • Alternate You Got Boned Brutality: Omni-Man performs his You Got Boned Brutality, only this time, he doesn't destroy the opponent's head on the first slam, rather ripping out the opponent's entire skeleton from their leg instead. (MK1 - Secret)


Mortal Kombat 1 Gameplay

  • "The realms are mine! Heh heh heh..." (Outro Quote)
  • "Think! THINK!" (after winning a round)
  • "What a disgrace to your species." (Brutality quote)
  • "Your parents must be disappointed." (Brutality quote)
  • "Too slow, too weak, too easy." (Brutality quote)
  • "Have I proven my point?" (Brutality quote)


  • Mortal Kombat 1: "Desperate to avoid defeat, Titan Shang Tsung had stolen me from my timeline to set me against Liu Kang. He assumed a Viltrumite would shift kombat in his favor. Shang Tsung was right, of course. But he was blinded by ambition and failed to consider that my only true loyalty is to the Viltrum Empire. In my home timeline, my mission to pacify Earth for Viltrum had been left... incomplete. I thought I could redeem myself by delivering this new timeline. New realms, new species, all ours for the taking. For a few years, annexing realms satisfied the Empire's hunger for conquest. But my people have excellent memory... I knew sooner or later we would return to our own timeline. To Earth. To finish my original mission. *sigh* I only hope my son has had time enough to prepare."



  • Mortal Kombat 1 was the first of two games to feature Omni-Man as a playable character as promotional material for the release of the second season of the Invincible animated television series, the second game being Fortnite Battle Royale, which features skins for Omni-Man, Invincible and Atom Eve, with the Immortal's head as an accessory.
    • Omni-Man, along with fellow guest Homelander, would join The Terminator as the only guest characters featured in the series being used as promotional material for related media they are associated with, the Terminator being used to promote Terminator: Dark Fate, while Homelander was used to promote Season 4 of the Amazon Prime series The Boys.
  • Omni-Man is the second guest character that originated from Image Comics, the first being Spawn.
  • Omni-Man is the second guest character that was an announcer for the game he is playable in, the first being RoboCop.
  • Omni-Man's appearance in the game takes inspiration from his appearance in the animated TV show, with J. K. Simmons reprising his role.
  • Omni-Man and Homelander had previously crossed over in the DEATH BATTLE! web series, with Omni-Man emerging as the victor.[1]

Mortal Kombat 1

  • Omni-Man features a unique Sweep attack, knocking the opponent off their feet before slamming onto them from above. This is also the most damaging sweep in the series, dealing nearly double a sweep attack's normal damage.
  • Some of Omni-Man's alternate palettes reference various Invincible characters: Invincible (End of All Things), Atom Eve (Still Standing), and Kid Omni-Man (Viltrumite Warrior). His Death of Everyone palette resembles his Viltrumite suit.
  • In Invasions, Omni-Man is characterized as a Dad, Author, and Viltrumite, referencing his role as Invincible's father with a civilian persona as Nolan Grayson, a travel writer.
  • Omni-Man's ending is set after the events of the first season of the Invincible animated series.
  • Like other guest characters, Omni-Man's moveset contains many references to the first season of the Invincible animated series:
    • His The Thinker fatal blow is based on his fight with Invincible in the episode "Where I Really Come From", where Omni-Man viciously pummels his son in retaliation for not siding with Viltrum to subjugate Earth.
    • His Trained Killer fatality is not only also based on his fight with Invincible in "Where I Really Come From", where Omni-Man plows Invincible into a train packed with passengers, it also references a scene in "Here Goes Nothing" where Omni-Man slams the Flaxans' leader through numerous buildings until all that remains of him are his upper body, and eventually his head.
    • His Like Putty fatality references Red Rush's death in the episode "It's About Time".
    • His Behind You! brutality references War Woman's death in "It's About Time".
    • His Spilled Kontents move and his You Got Boned brutality reference Darkwing's death in "It's About Time".
    • His Coming Through brutality closely resembles a scene from "We Need to Talk", where Omni-Man pulverizes a GDA agent by flying into him.
    • His Honorable Death move references Donald Ferguson's death in "We Need to Talk".
  • Omni-Man's victory animation is based on a scene in the episode "Here Goes Nothing", where he lifts a large piece of a landmass over a group of Flaxans before letting gravity take control to crush them.
  • During gameplay, Omni-Man will point to his head and shout "Think, THINK!". This is a reference to a line during his fight with his son during the first season finale. The line is also referenced in his Fatal Blow, as the attack itself is a reference to the episode, as well as Playercard Backgrounds and an interaction with Raiden.
    • The line itself has become one of Invincible's most prolific memes, with people using it with other franchises for comedic effect.
  • Due to being voiced by J.K. Simmons, Omni-Man has a few references to media outside of Invincible that also starred Simmons:
    • An interaction with Raiden has him say "You should know, with great power comes great-" before being interrupted by Omni-Man, referencing the phrase "With great power comes great responsibility." The phrase was widely popularized in the 2002 Spider-Man film, in which J.K. Simmons played Peter Parker's boss J. Jonah Jameson.
    • An interaction with Liu Kang also references Spider-Man, where Omni-Man says "I'm something of a god myself." This references the line "I'm something of a scientist myself." from the film, said by Norman Osborne (played by Willem Dafoe).
    • An interaction with Johnny Cage has Omni-Man say "Get out of my sight before I demolish you.", referencing the same line from the movie Whiplash, in which J.K. Simmons played the film's antagonist Terence Fletcher.
    • An interaction with Ashrah has Omni-Man saying "Enough of your sanctimonious crap.", referencing the HBO prison drama, Oz, in which J.K. Simmons played Neo-Nazi inmate, Vernon Schillinger.
  • An interaction with Kenshi Takahashi has him asking Omni-Man if he ever tired fights with "One punch". This is a reference to the One Punch Man anime series.
  • An interaction with Rain has him say "Stop. Please. Don't hit me with... water." while rolling his eyes, referencing Aquarus.
  • An interaction with Geras has him say "I've battled an Immortal before.", to which Geras refutes by saying "Then you know I will return to haunt you." This references the Immortal, who was revived after being betrayed and killed by Omni-Man. A vengeful Immortal ambushes Omni-Man in front of Invincible, who turns on his father after seeing him kill the Immortal yet again.
  • An interaction with Sindel has him say "Perhaps I'll keep you and your daughters as pets." In Invincible, Omni-Man sees his wife Debbie Grayson as more of a pet rather than a true spouse, which he revealed to his son before their fight in "Where I Really Come From".
  • An interaction with Sindel has her say "You have more heart than you let on.", referencing the fact that Omni-Man's time on Earth with his new family had irreversibly humanized him, leading him to turn away from his Viltrumite code after nearly beating his son to death. In season two of Invincible, it is further revealed that Omni-Man contemplated suicide after fleeing Earth.
  • When interacting with himself, Omni-Man will bring up the name "Angstrom Levy" for one of his lines. Angstrom Levy is one of Invincible's arch-enemies, who has the power to travel between dimensions, and would later start the Invincible War by unleashing alternate variants of Invincible from other dimensions to kill him.
  • When interacting with himself, Omni-Man will say "Martian Man, is that you?". Martian Man was an alien with the ability to shapeshift.


  • When Omni-Man uses Honorable Death in his Viltrumite Stance, there is a chance the attack will miss after he lands the knee strike when used at full-screen distance.



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