Nania with Baraka



Nania is a two-month-old infant Tarkata from Outworld who appeared in the Malibu Comics mini-series Baraka: Babality.

As the mutants that once served as the majority of Shao Kahn's armies revolted they were replaced by Scorpion and his undead army. Nania and her caregiver tried to escape the undead soldiers and were saved by 'the mutants' greatest fighter' Baraka. Moments before dying the caregiver tells his savior of the infant's importance; that she should not be allowed to be killed by the emperor and that she might one day save them all. Baraka reluctantly takes care of Nania until she is later abducted by Scorpion who hesitates in killing the child due to his memories of his family. Noob Saibot approaches Baraka who tells him the infant holds the fate of outworld in her future and needs to be rescued leading them both into another conflict with Scorpion and his undead soldiers. They save her leading to both the destruction of the Deathstone and Scorpion's retreat. Noob Saibot reveals she must be kept safe and that he knows of a place she could be kept in secrecy and safety then quickly vanishing with Nania much to Baraka's dismay.

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