Kollector, a notable member of the Naknada.

Before Shao Kahn raised me up, Outworlders despised the Naknada. Now they fear us!


—Kollector to Jade in Mortal Kombat 11's Story Mode

The Naknada are a race of six-armed goblin-like creatures that were conquered and enslaved by Shao Kahn. They serve the emperor, and built the Koliseum and the Kahn's Palace among other things. They were often infamous for their insatiable greed and amoral perception of wealth, causing many Outworlders to despise them and justify their status as slaves. A good number of them, however, were later granted status during the reign of Shao Kahn as tribute collectors and slavers with his blessing.

The Naknada do not have names in the traditional sense, instead taking the names of their jobs.

Known Members



  • Like the Shokan, the Naknada possess multiple sets of arms, three in total along with three-fingered hands with a single thumb. They possess a standard set of arms similar to a human being, a second set located next to the shoulder blades, and a third, somewhat vestigial set located on their lower backs. Unlike the Shokan, which are famous for having four arms, the Naknada lack the heavy build and muscle mass to make as murderous use of their additional limbs and are typically seen using them to handle weapons and items more than hand-to-hand combat.
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