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Mortal Kombat II Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack back cover

Mortal Kombat II: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack is an album that features music from Midway's arcade hits Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Kombat. It could only be purchased by ordering it through a limited offer posted on the arcade version of the Mortal Kombat II demo screen. All of the music was composed and performed by Midway sound programmer Dan Forden.

Track List

  1. "Prologue: The Battlefield" (MKII)
    • A medley of the Title/Kontinue BGM, Opening Montage BGM, and the Wasteland/Pit II BGM
  2. "The Dead Pool" (MKII)
  3. "The Screaming Forest" (MKII)
    • The Living Forest BGM
  4. "The Armory" (MKII)
  5. "The Portal" (MKII)
    • The Portal and Kahn's Arena BGM
  6. "Air Kombat" (MKII)
    • The Tower BGM
  7. "WDYLMA" (MKII)
    • The Kombat Tomb BGM

Scorpion "Toasty" Fatality - Mortal Kombat II (Audio Tour Version)

The "Toasty" Fatality as heard in the track "MK II Audio Tour".

  1. "Epilogue: Shao Kahn's Last Stand" (MKII)
    • A medley of MKII's Goro's Lair BGM, Victory Fanfare, and the Opening Story/Ending Credits BGM
  2. "Death Jam" (MKII)
  3. "Audio Tour" (MKII)
  4. "In the Beginning ..." (MK)
  5. "The Courtyard" (MK)
    • The game over BGM can be heard in the first 33 seconds of this song.
  6. "The Temple Gate" (MK)
  7. "The Cavern" (MK)
  8. "The Bridge" (MK)
  9. "Goro and the Emperor" (MK)
    • A medley of the Kontinue BGM, Goro Lives/Final Endurance Match/Goro Battle BGM, the Battle Plan BGM, and the Throne Room/Shang Tsung and Reptile Battle BGM
  10. "Victory" (MK)
  11. "SCRLAHTS" (MK)
    • Used during the Reptile battle when a round is won

Mortal Kombat II: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack