vs. Baraka

Baraka 1: You challenge me for the tribe?

Baraka 2: By the rules of the Katkar Rakatan.

Baraka 1: I shall feast on your flesh!

Baraka 1: What sorcery is this?

Baraka 2: I would ask you the same, 'Baraka'.

Baraka 1: You will die first.

Baraka 1: Can you prove you're one of us?

Baraka 2: You'll know from the taste of my blade! 

Baraka 1: Spoken like a true Tarkatan.

Baraka 1: How do we both exist?

Baraka 2: Time has been broken.

Baraka 1: Are you my past or future?

vs. Cassie Cage

Baraka: Tiny Earthrealmer.

Cassie Cage: Size doesn't matter, Baraka.

Baraka: In Outworld, it does.

vs. Geras

Baraka: I'll cut you down, Geras.

Geras: Be assured I will rise again.

Baraka: Then I'll dice you to smaller pieces.

vs. Johnny Cage

Baraka: Your skin will make fine leather.

Johnny Cage: It better, I paid enough for it.

Baraka: I'll enjoy wearing you.

Baraka: Where are your weapons?

Johnny Cage: My body is my weapon, Fang-Face.

Baraka: Ha! Then you fight unarmed.

vs. Jade

Baraka: I'd think twice about being Kotal's bride.

Jade: And why is that Baraka?

Baraka: If he betrays Tarkata, you will suffer.

Baraka: If Kitana cheats us, Tarkata will rise.

Jade: She’s never shown disloyalty, Baraka.

Baraka: Except to the Kahn who raised her.

Baraka: You’ve earned Tarkata’s loyalty, Jade.

Jade: I only did what was right. 

Baraka: It took strength to defy Kotal.

vs. Kabal

Baraka: You’re no faster than a Tarkatan.

Kabal: Put your money where that big mouth is.

Baraka: I’ll put my blades in yours.

vs. Kano

Baraka: What happened to your eye?

Kano: Special Forces bastard took it.

Baraka: I'll take the other one.

vs. Raiden

Baraka: You are not welcome in Outworld, Raiden!

Raiden: Do you question my authority?

Baraka: We are done fearing you!

Baraka: Kitana demands I make peace with you.

Raiden: Then why fight me, Baraka?

Baraka: I must kill you to achieve it!

Baraka: You are not welcome in Outworld, Raiden.

Raiden: Kitana Kahn says otherwise.

Baraka: She does not speak for Tarkata.

vs. Scorpion

Baraka: We've never met in kombat.

Scorpion: Our clans have no quarrel, Baraka.

Baraka: Keep it that way, Scorpion!

vs. Skarlet

Baraka: Your first fight was impressive.

Skarlet: It's why Shao Kahn taught me the blood magic.

Baraka: It's become your crutch, Skarlet.

Baraka: So Shao Kahn's replaced me.

Skarlet: He can count on my loyalty.

Baraka: But he'll not repay it.

vs. Sonya Blade

Baraka: I will not negotiate.

Sonya: Kitana said you would talk.

Baraka: Not with humans!

Baraka: You lead your tribe?

Sonya: I'm moving up the ladder.

Baraka: Your death will be warning to them.

vs. Sub-Zero

Baraka: I'll pick your bones clean.

Sub-Zero: Savagery is no match for skill.

Baraka: The savage eat the skilled!

Cassie Cage

vs. Baraka

Cassie Cage: Just read your file, Baraka.

Baraka: My file, Earthrealmer?

Cassie Cage: Idiot's guide to kicking your ass.

Cassie Cage: Dude! You're so metal, Baraka.

Baraka: Mettle is proved in kombat!

Cassie Cage: (sighs) Why do I even try with you?

vs. Cassie Cage

Cassie Cage 1: Oh cool, mirror match.

Cassie Cage 2: I love these Cass, don't you?

Cassie Cage 1: I know, so meta.

Cassie Cage 1: One minute you're at Joshua Tree.

Cassie Cage 2: Next you're fighting demons.

Cassie Cage 1: Inner demons looks like.

Cassie Cage 1: My god, pinch me.

Cassie Cage 2: You're wide awake.

Cassie Cage 1: (chuckle) Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Cassie Cage 1: Beverly Hill High?

Cassie Cage 2: Class of 2010, valedictorian.

Cassie Cage 1: Yeah, uh, me too.

Cassie Cage 1: No way!

Cassie Cage 2: I'm totally you, dude!

Cassie Cage 1: Maybe an evil robot me!

Cassie Cage 1: You remind me of someone?

Cassie Cage 2: A bit on the nose, don't you think?

Cassie Cage 1: Given the situation - no.

vs. Geras

Cassie Cage: Jeez, Geras, gotta kill you again?

Geras: This is my billionth life cycle.

Cassie Cage: Ugh, that sounds exhausting.

vs. Johnny Cage

Cassie Cage: Pop Quiz: Worst film you ever made?

Johnny Cage: Huh, my flicks only come in awesome or boom.

Cassie Cage: It's amazing I was ever born.

Cassie Cage: What's this all about, Dad?

Johnny Cage: Your mom bet me you could whip my ass.

Cassie Cage: This is why I'm in therapy.

Cassie Cage: Anything you can do, I can do better.

Johnny Cage: I can do anything better than you.

Cassie Cage: No, you cant.

Cassie Cage: Your agent thinks I should be a big star.

Johnny Cage: Stay away from those Hollywood sleazebags.

Cassie Cage: Present company included?

vs. Kano

Cassie Cage: Three strikes and you're dead, Kano.

Kano: I'll only need two strikes to gut you.

Cassie Cage: Know what? That was strike three.

Cassie Cage: Just the asshole I was looking for.

Kano: Now that's no way to greet Uncle Kano.

Cassie Cage: It's the only way.

Cassie Cage: *bad Australian accent* Throw another shrimp on the barbie!

Kano: You sound like a shit-ass American tourist.

Cassie Cage: Even crooks are critics these days.

vs. Raiden

Cassie Cage: My trusting you cost me Mom.

Raiden: How can I ever make amends?

Cassie Cage: I've got a few bad ideas.

vs. Scorpion

Cassie Cage: Can I say it? Just once?

Scorpion: Only if you wish to suffer.

Cassie Cage: GET OVER HERE!

Cassie Cage: Grandmaster Grumpy Face.

Scorpion: I cannot escape my rage.

Cassie Cage: Knew you'd say some shit like that.

Cassie Cage: Grandmaster Grumpy Face.

Scorpion: Do you challenge my honor?

Cassie Cage: Just your sadcore outlook.

vs. Skarlet

Cassie Cage: Sorry Skarlet, but you're creepy.

Skarlet: 'Creepy' doesn't offend me.

Cassie Cage: Oh, it should, honey.

Cassie Cage: Bride of Dracula.

Skarlet: Who is this 'Dracula'?

Cassie Cage: Let me tell ya, he's a catch.

vs. Sonya Blade

Cassie Cage: You're being too hard on dad.

Sonya Blade: He needs to grow thicker skin.

Cassie Cage: Or maybe you need to soften up.

Cassie Cage: I promise. He gets better with age.

Sonya Blade: Ugh. He's cheap beer, not fine wine.

Cassie Cage: Hey! That cheap beer's my Dad!

Cassie Cage: I’m the new, improved you.

Sonya Blade: Ha! Improved how?

Cassie Cage: Knuckle up and find out.

Cassie Cage: Commander Cage reporting for duty.

Sonya Blade: Slacked on your training last week.

Cassie Cage: It’s called vacation, you should try it.

vs. Sub-Zero

Cassie Cage: Another lesson, Sub-Zero?

Sub-Zero: A lesson in failure.

Cassie Cage: You a subject matter expert?

Cassie Cage: Where's the ninja convention?

Sub-Zero: Lin Kuei are NOT ninjas.

Cassie Cage: So why dress like one?


vs. Jade

Cetrion: A lost heart burdens you, Jade.

Jade: My love for Kotal will not die.

Cetrion: Unfortunately, you will.

vs. Noob Saibot

Cetrion: Our alliance was only temporary.

Noob: Then retreat from the shadows, Cetrion.

Cetrion: Mine is the light that burns shadows.


vs. Jax

D’vorah: Earthrealmers are all the same.

Jax: You seriously can’t tell us apart?

D’vorah: As you will die soon, This One cares not to.

Erron Black


vs. Baraka

Geras: Submit your tribe to Kronika.

Baraka: Tarkatans do not submit, Geras.

Geras: It is their entire history.

Geras: Your tribe is so populous.

Baraka: How many are in yours?

Geras: I am eternally alone.

vs. Cassie Cage

Geras: You remind me of someone.

Cassie Cage: Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Helen of Troy?

Geras: Joan of Arc, the young martyr.

Geras: Keeper of the emerald light.

Cassie Cage: And five-time Snazzie award winner.

Geras: Times have changed.

Geras: Your life is a blink in Kronika’s eye.

Cassie Cage: Ugh. Are we fighting or philosophizing?

Geras: Mind your place, mortal.

vs. Geras

Geras 1: If we have multiple models...

Geras 2: ...And we don't know who's original...

Geras 1: ...Kombat will decide who leads.

vs. Johnny Cage

Geras: Actors leave no mark on history.

Johnny Cage: Ronald. Reagan.

Geras: The exception that proves the rule.

Geras: I have seen things you would not believe.

Johnny Cage: Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion?

Geras: Time to die.

vs. Raiden

Geras: Come thunder, come lightning!

Raiden: Do you fear nothing, Geras?

Geras: Nothing within your power, Raiden.

Geras: Raiden, Deceiver of Mortals.

Raiden: Is that how your mistress portrays me?

Geras: And the truth I have witnessed.

vs. Scorpion

Geras: Kronika would have restored your clan.

Scorpion: Innocents won't suffer to ease my pain.

Geras: Selfless, but pointless.

vs. Skarlet

Geras: Kronika will not abide your attack on me.

Skarlet: Your blood will make me immortal.

Geras: You are not the first to think so.

vs. Sonya Blade

Geras: I will kill Johnny Cage.

Sonya Blade: Do it. He's a pain in the ass.

Geras: You bluff poorly, Sonya Blade.

vs. Sub-Zero

Geras: The coldest death cannot stop me.

Sub-Zero: Six meters of solid ice will.

Geras: Do your worst, Sub-Zero.

Jacqui Briggs

vs. Kotal Kahn

Jacqui Briggs: In the olden days, your skin wasn't blue?

Kotal Kahn: the color is reserved for Osh-Tekk Kahns.

Jacqui Briggs: Then I hope it washes off, Kotal.


vs. Baraka

Jade: You seem confident.

Baraka: Our hordes will overwhelm you!

Jade: Now you seem overconfident.

Jade: In the future, you're dead, I'm a revenant.

Baraka: I prefer my fate to yours.

Jade: I must agree, Baraka.

Jade: Rule of Outworld must be shared.

Baraka: Kitana Kahn would have us surrender it!

Jade: She seeks only compromise.

vs. Jade

Jade 1: Kronika sends you against me.

Jade 2: She’s the future’s only hope.

Jade 1: You’ve been seduced by lies.

Jade 1: Is there another Kotal, too?

Jade 2: We won’t have to share.

Jade 1: Then what is it we’re fighting over?

Jade 1: Are you friend or foe?

Jade 2: We are twins, Jade.

Jade 1: That doesn't answer my question.

Jade 1: You must join me in fixing time.

Jade 2: And commit us to a dark future?

Jade 1: Our sacrifice will save the realms.

Jade 1: This spell must be broken.

Jade 2: You don’t command such magic.

Jade 1: Who says I need any?

Jade 1: Time’s collapsed yet again.

Jade 2: Maybe not for the last time.

Jade 1: How many more of us are there?

vs. Kabal

Jade: Someone paid you to find me.

Kabal: Find, kill, you get the idea.

Jade: They’ve wasted their money.

Jade: You're as vile as your revenant.

Kabal: Tried a face turn, didn't take.

Jade: I'd spare you if it had.

vs. Scorpion

Jade: The bond amongst Shirai Ryu is remarkable.

Scorpion: Without them, I am nothing.

Jade: Do not let loyalty become obsession.

Jade: You fought alongside my revenant?

Scorpion: She lacks your honor and skill.

Jade: Then she must be defeated.

Jade: Your clan is Earthrealmers only?

Scorpion: Only they have proved worthy, Jade.

Jade: Until today, Scorpion.

vs. Skarlet

Jade: This isn’t how you earn my respect.

Skarlet: I want Shao Kahn’s, not yours.

Jade: You will gain neither, Skarlet.

Jade: Shao Kahn’s blood magic is evil.

Skarlet: It invigorates me, Jade.

Jade: It destroys your soul.

Jade: It’s not too late to join Kitana.

Skarlet: I’ll never betray Shao Kahn.

Jade: Then face the consequences, Skarlet.

vs. Sonya Blade

Jade: I had to follow Shao Kahn’s orders.

Sonya Blade: Then why enlist with him?

Jade: Shao Kahn doesn’t enlist, he conscripts.

Jax Briggs

vs. Kabal

Jax: How ‘bout you turn yourself in?

Kabal: No chance, Briggs.

Jax: Then I’ll turn you inside out.

vs. Jade

Jax: Your friends tortured me in Goro's lair.

Jade: I have renounced them and Shao Kahn.

Jax: Doesn't mean you're forgiven.

Jax: This is a funny way to gain my trust.

Jade: In kombat, our true selves are revealed.

Jax: Alright. Put your cards on the table.

vs. Johnny Cage

Jax: Not surprised I have a kid, but you?

Johnny Cage: I know, especially after the snip-snip.

Jax: Never let Cassie hear you say that.

Jax: Got my eye on you, Cage.

Johnny Cage: I'll treat Sonya like a queen.

Jax: You damn well better.

Jax: You win every room you walk into.

Johnny Cage: (groan) It's exhausting being so perfect.

Jax: Damn it, you're vain!

Jax: English please, Cage.

Johnny Cage: Does Jax eat snacks by the tracks?

Jax: Jax whacks hags across their backs.

Johnny Cage

vs. Baraka

Johnny Cage: Wait one sec, Nosferatu.

Baraka: For what, Earthrealmer?

Johnny Cage: Aaaaaaaaand, action!

Johnny Cage: You are box office gold, dude

Baraka: I won't play your lackey, Cage.

Johnny Cage: Really? Cause I'm feeling a BFF vibe here.

Johnny Cage: TARK-a-tan? Tar-KAY-tan? Which is it?

Baraka: It’s Tar-KAH-tan, Earthrealmer!

Johnny Cage: Cotton? You ain’t soft and fuzzy.

vs. Cassie Cage

Johnny Cage: What's cookin', good lookin'?

Cassie Cage: Ewww, no! Seriously?!

Johnny Cage: Wait, what?! Not what I meant!

Johnny Cage: No one can be as strong or as fast as a Cage.

Cassie Cage: You tryin' to tell me I can dodge bullets?

Johnny Cage: When you're ready, you won't have to.

Johnny Cage: Grandma Carlton told you my secret?

Cassie Cage: 'Johnny Pee-Pants'?

Johnny Cage: I had one accident. One!

vs. Geras

Johnny Cage: Earthrealm’s savior has arrived.

Geras: Savior? Where?

Johnny Cage: Bullshit you haven’t heard of me.

Johnny Cage: The look's stylin' but I-I don't get it.

Geras: Your mind is too simple, Johnny Cage.

Johnny Cage: Simply irresistible, baby.

Johnny Cage: You hung with my ancient ancestors?

Geras: Many centuries ago.

Johnny Cage: Were they too sexy for their shirts too?

vs. Jade

Johnny Cage: My green magic, your green outfit.

Jade: By the gods, no.

Johnny Cage: Your loss, sweetheart.

vs. Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage 1: I do my own stunts. You?

Johnny Cage 2: I got people for that.

Johnny Cage 1: Poser.

Johnny Cage 1: We. Are. Sexy.

Johnny Cage 2: We are sexy bitches!

Johnny Cage 1: This is ri-goddamn-diculous.

Johnny Cage 1: Hands down, best ending ever.

Johnny Cage 2: I'm the star, you're the stand in.

Johnny Cage 1: Keep dreamin', Mini-Me.

Johnny Cage 1: We're filming this, right?

Johnny Cage 2: Got to get it in one take.

Johnny Cage 1: Uh, this is us your talking about.

Johnny Cage 1: I got it. Twin cops.

Johnny Cage 2: We'll hunt down a Triad gang leader.

Johnny Cage 1: Yes! And we'll call it Double mmm...something.

Johnny Cage 1: I need answers, tell me.

Johnny Cage 2: What's trouble, double-double?

Johnny Cage 1: Are we Johnny Cages or Johnnies Cage?

Johnny Cage 1: No beard, so not evil, right?

Johnny Cage 2: Fight me and find out.

Johnny Cage 1: Okay, ha-ha, now I'm thinking evil.

Johnny Cage 1: Well, look at the two of us.

Johnny Cage 2: Star power to spare, homie.

Johnny Cage 1: We're gonna kill this summer's box-office.

vs. Kabal

Johnny Cage: I know studio execs tougher than you.

Kabal: No suit is gonna slit your throat.

Johnny Cage: Have you been to Hollywood?

vs. Kano

Johnny Cage: You're one mean son of a bitch.

Kano: The meanest, Hollywood.

Johnny Cage: Nope, that would be my agent.

Johnny Cage: Stop sniffing around Cassie and Sonya.

Kano: Can’t. I’m like a dog with a bone.

Johnny Cage: You’re gonna be a dog with a fist up its ass.

Johnny Cage: Why a Russian fight club? 

Kano: Just going where the fans are.

Johnny Cage: You got a showman's instinct, Kano.

Johnny Cage: Your fight cage was disgusting.

Kano: Wanna lick the blood of the floor?

Johnny Cage: Tempting, but no.

=== vs. Kollector


Johnny Cage: You need a side hustle?

Kollector: Doing what, earthrealmer?

Johnny Cage: Studios holding up my residuals.

Johnny Cage: You get points of the net or the gross?

Kollector: Shao Kahn pays me first.

Johnny Cage: I so need a better agent.

Johnny Cage: You like being Shao Kahn's lummox?

Kollector: I serve to improve my station.

Johnny Cage: Seems more like yours bitch.

vs. Kotal Kahn

Johnny Cage: You just need a cop, a sailor and a cowboy.

Kotal Kahn: For what, Johnny Cage?

Johnny Cage: Only the greatest disco reboot ever!

Johnny Cage: Any chance Jade has a sister?

Kotal Kahn: None, with whom you would have one.

Johnny Cage: If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that.

vs. Raiden

Johnny Cage: Your blue stone amulet stop cracking?

Raiden: It disappeared in the time merger.

Johnny Cage: So much for that MacGuffin.

Johnny Cage: I hear I'm the one who takes down Shinnok.

Raiden: It is his amulet which finishes him.

Johnny Cage: Yeah, but this guy softens him up.

Johnny Cage: Why wasn’t I your chosen one?

Raiden: Do you have all day, Johnny Cage?

Johnny Cage: Yeah. I do.

vs. Scorpion

Johnny Cage: All I'm sayin', is it's brand confusion.

Scorpion: D'Vorah is a mere bug.

Johnny Cage: But she is scorpion adjacent.

Johnny Cage: Since when are you and Sub-Zero besties?

Scorpion: We joined forces to battle Quan Chi.

Johnny Cage: Gotta stop missing story meetings.

Johnny Cage: C'mon, on merch alone you'll be killin' it.

Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu are not for sale.

Johnny Cage: Way to waste a cinematic universe.

vs. Skarlet

Johnny Cage: So I'm guessing you wanna chew me up.

Skarlet: And spit out your bones, Cage.

Johnny Cage: Watch out, she's a maneater.

Johnny Cage: What's that, Skarlet?

Skarlet: The Gods as my witness, I'll never go thirsty again.

Johnny Cage: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

Johnny Cage: I'll keep my blood inside me, thank you.

Skarlet: There's enough to share.

Johnny Cage: Where's that green glow when I need it?

vs. Sonya Blade

Johnny Cage: What's it gonna take for you to respect me?

Sonya Blade: Partial, maybe full vasectomy.

Johnny Cage: I love it when you talk dirty.

Johnny Cage: At some point, you and I get busy.

Sonya Blade: Urgh, I don't even want to think about it.

Johnny Cage: It's all you ever think about.

Johnny Cage: In your heart, you're glad to see me.

Sonya Blade: Urgh, why is my stomach ready to puke?

Johnny Cage: That's nerve-wracking dating an Adonis.

Johnny Cage: Marry me, and become Hollywood royalty.

Sonya Blade: And get hounded 24/7 by paparazzi?

Johnny Cage: (chuckles) Like they'd mess with you.

vs. Sub-Zero

Johnny Cage: Dating must be hard for you.

Sub-Zero: I have no time to socialize.

Johnny Cage: Well that and chicks hate guys with cold hands.

Johnny Cage: You know what your problem with me is?

Sub-Zero: You take nothing seriously.

Johnny Cage: I'm cooler than you.

Johnny Cage: I found you the perfect summer job.

Sub-Zero: What would that be?

Johnny Cage: Human air conditioner.


vs. Baraka

Kabal: Hookswords versus armblades, eh?

Baraka: Leave, or they will taste your flesh.

Kabal: Melodramatic much, Baraka?

vs. Jade

Kabal: Outworlders throw shade at me now?

Jade: At least I have a sense of honor.

Kabal: Honor doesn’t pay the bills.

Kabal: What's your beef with me?

Jade: It's not enough you’re Kano's lackey?

Kabal: Well, as long as it isn't personal.

vs. Kabal

Kabal 1: Mom always said, life’s like an armed robbery.

Kabal 2: You never know who you’re gonna kill.

Kabal 1: Run, Kabal. Run.

Kabal 1: Black Dragon or Red Dragon?

Kabal 2: Red Dragon, all the way.

Kabal 1: Wrong answer, future me.

Kabal 1: Mavado, is that you?

Kabal 2: I'm you from another timeline.

Kabal 1: Yeah right, that’s what Mavado would say.

Kabal 1: Kano’s a real pain in the ass.

Kabal 2: The boss is the boss, right?

Kabal 1: Since when are we so deferential?

vs. Scorpion

Kabal: I see your future, Scorpion.

Scorpion: What future can a hired thug see?

Kabal: You’re gonna burn fast or die hard.

Kabal: Shouldn’t have gone up against us.

Scorpion: We should’ve finished it, Kabal.

Kabal: A mistake you’re gonna pay for.

Kabal: The Shirai Ryu hiring, Scorpion?

Scorpion: We're family, not mercenaries.

Kabal: Too bad. I'm not looking for family.

vs. Skarlet

Kabal: Hear you grew up poor, too.

Skarlet: It’s why I’m always hungry.

Kabal: Take it somewhere else.

vs. Sub-Zero

Kabal: You look familiar.

Sub-Zero: Our paths crossed years ago, Kabal.

Kabal: I'd never forget a fight.


vs. Baraka

Kano: Better get right with Kronika.

Baraka: Not you and Kronika!

Kano: Now that’s a bonzer attitude.

vs. Cassie Cage

Kano: Aw, let’s make nice, sweetie!

Cassie Cage: That would be an epic disaster.

Kano: Eh, don’t be such a Cassandra.

Kano: Your mum’s going to shed a few tears.

Cassie Cage: The General doesn’t cry.

Kano: When she gets your head in a box, she will.

Kano: You don’t have the balls to kill me.

Cassie Cage: Don’t need ‘em, Captain Kangaroo.

Kano: Come on then, Sonya Two.

vs. Geras

Kano: What'd Kronika make you out of?

Geras: Priceless elements from beyond the realms.

Kano: Priceless, eh?

Kano: I’m owed for services rendered.

Geras: Payment will arrive in time.

Kano: Don’t double-cross a double-crosser.

vs. Jax

Kano: Never reckoned you’d be a father.

Jax: Think I’m too married to the job?

Kano: Reckoned I would’ve killed you first.

Kano: You’ll tell Sonya I’m sorry?

Jax: You, sorry? For what?

Kano: For what I’m about to do to ya.

vs. Johnny Cage

Kano: This time I'll make sure you're dead.

Johnny Cage: But there's no bridge to throw me off of.

Kano: Just need a knife to gut you.

Kano: You're in over your head, Cage.

Johnny Cage: And you're about to lose yours.

Kano: Good luck with that, you drongo.

Kano: If it’s tail you want, I can get that.

Johnny Cage: Johnny Cage doesn’t pay for it, Kano.

Kano: A scruple? Note the date and time.

vs. Kano

Kano 1: What ya say we split some Stubbies?

Kano 2: I don't split nothing with nobody.

Kano 1: It's just beer, mate.

Kano 1: What with all the coppers?

Kano 2: You're giving them a gobful, ya drongo.

Kano 1: Ain't that the bloody point.

Kano 1: You oughta shoot through, mate.

Kano 2: Oi! Don't go crook on me.

Kano 1: Then find your own sheep to shear.

Kano 1: You and me could make bank.

Kano 2: Rack off ya budgie replica.

Kano 1: Killing you will be a piece of piss.

vs. Raiden

Kano: Reckoned you'd have visited me sooner.

Raiden: Your petty crimes are usually beneath notice.

Kano: Then I ain't trying hard enough, am I?

vs. Scorpion

Kano: You’ve made quite the face turn.

Scorpion: It is good to be myself once more.

Kano: So much for being mates.

vs. Sonya Blade

Kano: Welly welly. 'ello, Sonya.

Sonya Blade: Can it, Tinhead.

Kano: How long you been practicin' that one?

vs. Sub-Zero

Kano: Where’d you get that scar?

Sub-Zero: You know.

Kano: Oh, that’s right. Me!


vs. D'vorah

Kitana: You killed Jerrod, D’vorah?

D’vorah: This one killed many on Shao Kahn’s behalf.

Kitana: On behalf of them, you die.


vs. Baraka

Kollector: Tarkata must pay tribute.

Baraka: We pay with blood, not gold.

Kollector: Shao Kahn demands both.

Kotal Kahn

Kung Lao

Liu Kang

vs. Johnny Cage

Liu Kang: We come from different worlds, Johnny.

Johnny Cage: Aren’t you from Earthrealm too?

Liu Kang: I mean, I come from the real world.

Noob Saibot

vs. Sub-Zero

Noob Saibot: You disappoint me.

Sub-Zero: The feeling is mutual, brother.

Noob Saibot: Mother would be so proud.

vs. Johnny Cage

Noob Saibot: No one will miss you, Cage.

Johnny Cage: I have millions of fans, Captain Emo.

Noob Saibot: They will forget quickly.

Noob Saibot: Even legends die.

Johnny Cage: Hah! You just called me a legend.

Noob Saibot: Not at all.

Noob Saibot: Where is your fear?

Johnny Cage: I must have left it in my other pants.

Noob Saibot: We will find it.


vs. Baraka

Raiden: Will Tarkata reconcile with Earthrealm?

Baraka: Only if it's in our interests.

Raiden: What is gained by renewing kombat?

vs. Cassie Cage

Raiden: A grim shadow falls on Earthrealm.

Cassie Cage: What else is new, Raiden?

Raiden: That the Special Forces are failing.

vs. Geras

Raiden: I must severe you from Kronika.

Geras: And deprive me of my purpose?

Raiden: And allow you to define yourself.

Raiden: Reveal the location of the Keep.

Geras: Torment me, I will not reveal it.

Raiden: I need no torment to persuade you.

vs. Noob Saibot

Raiden: We have met in past timelines.

Noob: Were we always enemies?

Raiden: Only after you disappointed me.

vs. Raiden

Raiden 1: This has been a long time coming.

Raiden 2: Ready to face your demons?

Raiden 1: I will finish them.

Raiden 1: Your illusion poors me, Shang Tsung.

Raiden 2: That evil sorcerer is long dead.

Raiden 1: Just who are you, imposter?

Raiden 1: So this is my future?

Raiden 2: You have taken a quantum leap forward.

Raiden 1: What vile magic is this?

vs. Scorpion

Raiden: So now you defend Earthrealm.

Scorpion: I have made a solemn vow.

Raiden: You will be held to it, Scorpion.

Raiden: How can I aid the Shirai Ryu?

Scorpion: My novices need disciplined instruction.

Raiden: Then bring them to the Sky Temple, Scorpion.

vs. Skarlet

Raiden: Come to surrender, Skarlet?

Skarlet: I will take your life!

Raiden: Your blood and thunder do not awe me.

vs. Sonya Blade

Raiden: The fate of billions is in your hands.

Sonya Blade: So stand down! And let me pass.

Raiden: I must prepare you through kombat.

Raiden: I am friend to all of Earthrealm.

Sonya: Then why fight me, Raiden?

Raiden: To subdue your calls for war.

vs. Sub-Zero

Raiden: Do you recall being a revenant?

Sub-Zero: I recall being Quan Chi's slave.

Raiden: Let us purge that memory.

Raiden: I dreamt of a strange and unjust world.

Sub-Zero: With a dark knight and a caped wonder.

Raiden: How could you know my dream?


vs. Baraka

Scorpion: Tarkatan warriors are legendary.

Baraka: Then why don't you flee, Earthrealmer?

Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu embrace danger.

Scorpion: Tarkata has a second chance.

Baraka: It will not be wasted.

Scorpion: Nor will the Shirai Ryu’s.

vs. Cassie Cage

Scorpion: Welcome, Commander Cage.

Cassie Cage: Grandmaster Hasashi.

Scorpion: Prove that you can learn.

vs. Geras

Scorpion: Here to die again, Geras?

Geras: With each one your defeat goes closer.

Scorpion: It is further than it appears.

Scorpion: You escaped the Sea of Blood.

Geras: I became food for a passing leviathan.

Scorpion: That was the end of your luck.

vs. Jade

Scorpion: Kotal's wounds remain unhealed?

Jade: It is slow going, Scorpion.

Scorpion: Shao Kahn deserves your vengeance.

Scorpion: Your realm is lost forever?

Jade: Edenia and Outworld cannot be unmerged.

Scorpion: Yet another of Shao Kahn's crimes.

vs. Johnny Cage

Scorpion: How did you defeat Shinnok?

Johnny Cage: Yeah, it's all in the reflexes.

Scorpion: Show me, Cage.

Scorpion: The answer remains "no".

Johnny Cage: But you'd be co-starring with yours truly.

Scorpion: Exactly.

Scorpion: What is different, knowing you have a child?

Johnny Cage: I get the "avenge my family and clan thing" now.

Scorpion: Having is not the same as having lost.

vs. Kabal

Scorpion: Speed will not save you.

Kabal: That, plus hook swords, and you're screwed.

Scorpion: Try me, Kabal.

Scorpion: Now it’s the Black Dragon’s turn.

Kabal: For what, Scorpion?

Scorpion: To be crushed like the Cyber Lin Kuei.

vs. Kano

Scorpion: Why seek out my clan?

Kano: You're a clan of assassins, ain't you?

Scorpion: You refer to the Lin Kuei.

vs. Kung Lao

Scorpion: Human or revenant, one thing is constant.

Kung Lao: My penchant for deadly headwear?

Scorpion: Your overheated ego.

vs. Raiden

Scorpion: Why seek out my clan?

Raiden: A dire threat emerges from Chaosrealm.

Scorpion: Only a fool would think so.

Scorpion: You seek the other revenants?

Raiden: I must save them if I can.

Scorpion: They are beyond your help.

vs. Scorpion

Scorpion 1: Sub-Zero is not to be trusted.

Scorpion 2: His words are proving good.

Scorpion 1: He lays the foundation of treachery.

Scorpion 1: Wish to know your future?

Scorpion 2: Do I avenge my family and clan?.

Scorpion 1: Quan Chi pays with his life.

vs. Skarlet

Scorpion: Who taught you blood magic?

Skarlet: It is Shao Kahn's gift.

Scorpion: He has cursed us all.

vs. Sonya Blade

Scorpion: Let sleeping dogs lie, Lieutenant Blade.

Sonya Blade: Not the advice I was expecting.

Scorpion: Your time for vengeance will come.

Scorpion: Your daughter fights well.

Sonya Blade: Like to think she gets it from me.

Scorpion: She shares your strengths and weaknesses.

vs. Sub-Zero

Scorpion: I still grieve my wife and son.

Sub-Zero: I'm not so cold as to mock your pain.

Scorpion: A wise choice, Sub-Zero.

Shao Kahn

vs. Kitana

Shao Kahn: It's time you die, daughter.

Kitana: The feeling's mutual, father.

Shao Kahn: Then let us begin.

vs. Raiden

Shao Kahn: You burn with guilt, don't you?

Raiden: For the pain I have caused others, yes.

Shao Kahn: Compassion is for fools!


vs. Baraka

Skarlet: I miss your camp, Baraka.

Baraka: What about it?

Skarlet: Blood is everywhere!

Skarlet: Why turn on Shao Kahn?

Baraka: Kotal gave us what he would not!

Skarlet: Then you've doomed the Tarkatans, Baraka.

vs. Cassie Cage

Skarlet: Your blood is holy.

Cassie Cage: I am the daughter of Hollywood royalty.

Skarlet: You're blessed by the Elder Gods.

vs. Geras

Skarlet: Ahh, the perfect blood donor.

Geras: I fail to see how, Skarlet.

Skarlet: No matter what I take, you can't die.

vs. Jade

Skarlet: What brings you here, Jade?

Jade: I owe you a few scars.

Skarlet: Upset that I nicked a vein?

Skarlet: You never could accept me.

Jade: Your lust for power sickens me.

Skarlet: Or perhaps it's that I'm not Edenian.

Skarlet: The sweet blood of Edenians.

Jade: You'll have none today, Skarlet.

Skarlet: I will bathe in it!

vs. Johnny Cage

Skarlet: I'll have your ancient power.

Johnny Cage: Not what I call it but okay.

Skarlet: No one will miss you, Cage.

Skarlet: Know what I want?

Johnny Cage: A peek at my sexy pecs?

Skarlet: Guess again.

Skarlet: The hot-blooded Johnny Cage.

Johnny Cage: Got a fever burning inside of me.

Skarlet: The only cure is killing you.

vs. Kabal

Skarlet: You must have a strong heart.

Kabal: Have to, to run this fast.

Skarlet: How does it taste?

Skarlet: Your clan can acquire rare things?

Kabal: For the right price, anything’s possible.

Skarlet: Let us negotiate.

vs. Raiden

Skarlet: I can taste your blood's electricity.

Raiden: Then you know it overpowers you.

Skarlet: I know I must have it.

vs. Scorpion

Skarlet: Is hellfire stronger than blood magic?

Scorpion: Face me and find out.

Skarlet: Splendid idea.

Scorpion: How will you kill me, Skarlet?

Skarlet: I’ll open your veins.

Scorpion: Come and try.

Skarlet: I’ve not tasted Revenant blood.

Scorpion: Nor will you today, Skarlet.

Skarlet: Hellfire will not protect you.

vs. Skarlet

Skarlet 1: My magic has gone awry.

Skarlet 2: I'm you, perfected.

Skarlet 1: Then finish me if you can.

Skarlet 1: I didn’t think this was possible.

Skarlet 2: Shao Kahn hides many secrets.

Skarlet 1: He will teach us everything.

Skarlet 1: You are blood of my blood?

Skarlet 2: We are one and the same.

Skarlet 1: Together, we will bleed Outworld.

vs. Sonya Blade

Skarlet: Your blood has bite in it, Sonya.

Sonya Blade: So do my feet and fists.

Skarlet: Not enough to save you.

Skarlet: You don't care for me.

Sonya Blade: Life-sucking harpies aren't my thing.

Skarlet: I appreciate your blood's fire.

vs. Sub-Zero

Skarlet: Your kin descended from Outworld.

Sub-Zero: How would you know that?

Skarlet: You have the blood of Cryomancers.

Sonya Blade

vs. Baraka

Sonya Blade: How do I earn your respect?

Baraka: Beat me unmercifully.

Sonya Blade: Drill sergeant Blade reporting.

vs. Cassie Cage

Sonya Blade: Your dad's running his mouth again.

Cassie Cage: Don't blame me for it.

Sonya Blade: He said it was your idea.

Sonya Blade: Sorry, Cass, must be genetic.

Cassie Cage: It's your fault paper cuts freak me out?

Sonya Blade: Get goosebumps just thinking about them.

Sonya Blade: In the future, we carry tiny TVs with us?

Cassie Cage: Welcome to the Digital Age.

Sonya Blade: More like the Distracted Age.

vs. Geras

Sonya Blade: Are you some kind of ancient alien?

Geras: Ancient, yes. Alien, no.

Sonya Blade: Well that's a bummer.

Sonya Blade: Got a problem with my future?

Geras: Your spawn will defy destiny.

Sonya Blade: That's the American dream.

vs. Jade

Sonya Blade: We always seem to end up here, Jade.

Jade: I let you win, in the past.

Sonya Blade: Don't hold back, I can take it.

Sonya Blade: Whose team are you on now?

Jade: I do what I must to protect Kitana.

Sonya Blade: That includes attacking Jax?

vs. Johnny Cage

Sonya Blade: I'm definitely not your Sally.

Johnny Cage: I'm your Harry, and you know it.

Sonya Blade: Urgh, I haven't even seen the movie!

Sonya Blade: Cut the romantic crap, Cage.

Johnny Cage: You've lost that lovin' feeling?

Sonya Blade: Lost it?! Never had it.

Sonya Blade: You are begging to be punched in the face.

Johnny Cage: No. No! Not the face.

Sonya Blade: Reverse psychology at its best.

vs. Raiden

Sonya Blade: What are you doing to protect Earthrealm?

Raiden: Everything in my power, Sonya Blade.

Sonya Blade: How about protecting us from you?

Sonya Blade: You're hiding things from us.

Raiden: Nothing that concerns you.

Sonya Blade: Allies don't keep secrets.

vs. Scorpion

Sonya Blade: No vigilante justice, Scorpion.

Scorpion: My clan isn't bound to your laws.

Sonya Blade: Care to test that statement?

Sonya Blade: I'm keeping an eye on your clan.

Scorpion: Trust, but verify?

Sonya Blade: Just like the Gipper said.

vs. Skarlet

Sonya Blade: You've been looking for me, Skarlet?

Skarlet: A few pints of blood is all I ask.

Sonya Blade: Trust me, I'm not your type.

vs. Sonya Blade

Sonya Blade 1: Your Hollywood fling's making us look bad.

Sonya Blade 2: I don't give a damn about my reputation.

Sonya Blade 1: Then it's game on, Mirror Match.

Sonya Blade 1: You graduate from the academy?

Sonya Blade 2: Nope. Got my degree in marine biology.

Sonya Blade 1: That was my dream.

vs. Sub-Zero

Sonya Blade: There's only one leader here.

Sub-Zero: Then prove yourself worthy.

Sonya Blade: I proved that a long time ago.


vs. Baraka

Sub-Zero: Those blades will snap.

Baraka: Those who try get impaled!

Sub-Zero: They were not me, Baraka.

Sub-Zero: Can Tarkatans be redeemed?

Baraka: My tribe seeks no redemption.

Sub-Zero: Then it has no honor.

Sub-Zero: Nomadic peoples don't achieve greatness.

Baraka: We will never give up the old ways.

Sub-Zero: Then Tarkata is doomed to failure.

vs. Cassie Cage

Sub-Zero: Back for another training mission?

Cassie Cage: Gonna kick your ass in a snowball fight.

Sub-Zero: I doubt that.

Sub-Zero: You do not command the Lin Kuei.

Cassie Cage: Sub-Zero, can you just chill?

Sub-Zero: After you, Cassandra Cage.

Sub-Zero: You are talented, but brash.

Cassie Cage: Remind you of anyone we know?

Sub-Zero: Unfortunately.

vs. Erron Black

Sub-Zero: Guns are dishonorable weapons

Erron Black: Rather be deadly than honorable.

Sub-Zero: Such folly will haunt you.

vs. Geras

Sub-Zero: Do you know Lin Kuei history?

Geras: I have studied it for millennia.

Sub-Zero: Then you know you can't win.

Sub-Zero: Where's your master, servant?

Geras: Kronika will be here soon.

Sub-Zero: I will keep you on ice for her.

vs. Johnny Cage

Sub-Zero: Call me Grandmaster.

Johnny Cage: Grandmaster Blueberry Ice.

Sub-Zero: Even a child has more discipline.

Sub-Zero: You are frivolous, Johnny Cage.

Johnny Cage: And you are player-hating.

Sub-Zero: How easily my point is proved.

vs. Kabal

Sub-Zero: The cold will slow you down.

Kabal: Whatever, I'll run faster.

Sub-Zero: Running on ice is ill-advised.

Sub-Zero: Turn back, Kabal.

Kabal: I only know how to go forward.

Sub-Zero: Then you require a lesson.

vs. Kano

Sub-Zero: Are you prepared to face a Lin Kuei?

Kano: Long as me implants don't glitch.

Sub-Zero: A poor craftsman blames his tools.

vs. Raiden

Sub-Zero: Do you serve humanity?

Raiden: And the Elder Gods, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: One cannot serve two masters.

Sub-Zero: You failed to protect Earthrealm.

Raiden: Do you question my authority?

Sub-Zero: I demand you renounce it.

vs. Skarlet

Sub-Zero: I have no words for you.

Skarlet: Because I'm so stunning.

Sub-Zero: Because you are going to die.

vs. Scorpion

Sub-Zero: Our clans must unite against evil.

Scorpion: Why?

Sub-Zero: I'll ask again, after you cool down.

Sub-Zero: Our kombat is renewed, Scorpion?

Scorpion: It never ended, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: It will end today.

Sub-Zero: One more time, Hanzo?

Scorpion: You never learn.

Sub-Zero: A man is never too old to learn.

vs. Sonya Blade

Sub-Zero: A good general is hard to find.

Sonya: What's that supposed to mean?

Sub-Zero: Your soldiers are going to miss you.

Sub-Zero: Your recruits need stronger discipline.

Sonya: They would disagree with you.

Sub-Zero: Is a demonstration required?

vs. Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero 1: We appear, evenly matched.

Sub-Zero 2: Then we may both die today.

Sub-Zero 1: I am prepared.

Sub-Zero 1: Brother?

Sub-Zero 2: I come from another timeline.

Sub-Zero 1: You are a chilling reflection.

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