The Story Mode of Mortal Kombat 11 contains 12 chapters total, telling a story that takes place 2 years after the events of its predecessor. As for the past iterations of the kombatants, their storyline took place 27 years ago, after Kung Lao defeated Quan Chi and Shang Tsung at nearly the end of the ninth game’s second tournament. Each chapter focuses on one or two characters from the series and contains a combination of fights and extended cut-scenes. Mortal Kombat 11 also has chapter titles in addition to the name(s) of the playable character(s). 


Main story

  1. Next of Kin (Cassie Cage)
  2. Timequake (Kotal Kahn)
  3. Shaolin Monks (Liu Kang and Kung Lao)
  4. Fire and Ice (Scorpion and Sub-Zero)
  5. Truths Revealed (Jade)
  6. War on the Homefront (Johnny Cage)
  7. Coming of Age (Kitana)
  8. Fight Club (Sonya Blade)
  9. All in the Family (Jacqui Briggs and Jax Briggs)
  10. To Hell and Back (Scorpion)
  11. Cutting the Strings (Raiden)
  12. End of an Era (Fire God Liu Kang)


  1. Time's Arrow (Nightwolf)
  2. Guardian for Life (Sheeva)
  3. Winds of Change (Fujin)
  4. Visions of Empire (Sindel and Shao Kahn)
  5. Checkmate (Shang Tsung)

​NOTE: In regular font are characters from the present in the current timeline, while in italic denotes that the character is from the past in the same timeline. The only exception is in Chapter 10 where the first fights are with the present-day Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi), while after that, the past Scorpion is used. In chapters 3, 4. 9, and 16, the player can choose in each fight which character will be used (NOTE: the only exceptions are in Chapter 9, where the fight with present day Jax has the player forcibly use the past version of Jax, and Chapter 16, where the fight with Sheeva can be fought using Sindel).

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

​Main story



Dark Raiden in the Prologue, standing in front of the Jinsei Chamber.

Some time after Shinnok's defeat at the hands of Cassie CageRaiden is seen torturing the fallen Elder God in the damaged Jinsei Chamber. The God of Thunder, now with a darker persona due to the Jinsei's corruption, announces to Shinnok that he will no longer have mercy and will destroy Earthrealm's enemies before they can attack the realm. Dark Raiden threatens him, saying that he will be the first. Shinnok reminds him that he can't kill an Elder God, but Dark Raiden states that "There are fates worse than death.", and decapitates him. Dark Raiden informs the severed, yet still-living, head of Shinnok that he will deliver him to Liu Kang in the Netherrealm as a warning, and teleports away.

The Keeper of Time, Kronika, appears in the chamber, annoyed at Raiden for upsetting the balance of time after Mortal Kombat X’s events. She approaches and tells Shinnok that the arc of the universe bends at her will, and that it is only a matter of time. 

Tired of Earthrealm’s defiance, Kronika will bring order to the universe through any means necessary.

Chapter 1 - Next of Kin (Cassie Cage)

Two years later, Sonya Blade announces to Cassie Cage, Johnny Cage, Jacqui Briggs, and the Special Forces that Jackson "Jax" Briggs has retired, and therefore, Cassie, Sonya and Johnny's daughter, is promoted to commander, but not before passing her final test against her mother in kombat.

Dark Raiden arrives shortly after to inform the Special Forces that Liu Kang and Kitana are planning to invade Earthrealm. In order to stop them, the Earthrealm needs to assault Netherealm's main cathedral.

While Dark Raiden creates a diversion, drawing out the main Netherrealm army, the Special Forces storm the cathedral forces led by Jade and Kabal. Upon hearing of Earthrealm attacking the cathedral, Liu Kang and Kitana ambush the Special Forces, resulting in Sonya getting trapped under an avalanche of rocks. After ordering Cassie and the Special Forces to flee back to Earthrealm, Sonya activates the charges that detonate and destroy the cathedral, killing her.

As Liu Kang and Kitana contemplate their next move, Kronika appears before the Netherrealm King and Queen to request an alliance, stating her goal to restart history and create a New without Raiden. Liu Kang and Kitana, disgusted by Raiden's actions, agree to Kronika's terms.


Chapter 2 - Timequake (Kotal Kahn)

Meanwhile, Kotal Kahn has the imprisoned Kollector brought into the middle of the Outworld coliseum for execution, for "escaping Kotal's justice and sucking dry the bounty of Outworld's people". Kollector warns Kotal that his death will cause him to lose. Kotal, who denies being like Shao Kahn, refuses to "inflict a bandit upon the poor". But just before he can execute Kollector, Kronika begins changing time, causing timequakes in the present.

Johnny, Cassie, and Jacqui encounter younger versions of Johnny, Sonya, and Jax, while Dark Raiden is erased from existence, leaving behind Shinnok's amulet.

During the Outworld timequake, Kollector breaks free from his bondage and, along with Kotal, encounters younger versions of Skarlet, Erron Black, Baraka, Kano, Shao Kahn, Liu Kang, Kitana, Kung Lao, Jade, and Raiden. Shao Kahn is surprised that Kotal has become Kahn of Outworld, to which Kotal explains he became Kahn by right after Mileena's and Shao Kahn's deaths. Raiden explains to Kotal that Kung Lao had just defeated Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, which Kotal reveals to the Thunder God happened over 27 years ago. Raiden deduces that the past and present are colliding, while Kotal reunites with his lover, Jade. Shao Kahn's forces engage in kombat with Raiden's and Kotal's forces to reclaim the Outworld throne. After Kotal defeats Baraka, Skarlet, Erron, and Shao Kahn, D'Vorah arrives to rescue Shao Kahn's forces and Kollector, bringing them to her hive. Kotal and Raiden agree to work together and solve this crisis, with both Kitana and Jade staying in Outworld to aid Kotal, just as Raiden, Liu Kang, and Kung Lao return to Earthrrealm to learn more about their tragic future.

Back in D'Vorah's hive, Kollector tells Shao Kahn about how Kotal ascended to the throne and the whereabouts of Mileena. But before Shao Kahn can attack D'Vorah for killing his daughter, Kronika appears before his forces, recruiting them for her cause.

Meeting with the Special Forces, Raiden learns the tragic events of the future he would endure, confirming what Kotal told him at Kotal's koliseum. Young Sonya learns that her future self was recently killed in action, and verbally tears into Cassie for abandoning her mother, causing Cassie to fire back that she only did so on her mother's orders. Liu Kang and Kung Lao are shocked to discover that their future selves have become undead revenants of the Netherrealm. Shortly after, the Special Forces are informed that the Netherrealm have invaded the Wu Shi Academy.


Chapter 3 - Shaolin Monks (Past Liu Kang and Past Kung Lao)

On their way to the Wu Shi Academy, the past Liu Kang and Kung Lao begin lamenting their dark futures. Liu Kang decides to continue to put his faith in Raiden, but Kung Lao begins feeling skeptical.

Upon infiltrating the academy, the Shaolin Monks encounter the same Scorpion from their timeline. One of the monks works to disable the traps while the other fights Scorpion, at first to no avail, until the arrival of revenant Jade, who is under Kronika's orders to keep the Shaolin Monks alive. This allows the two an opportunity to make the revenant Edenian and the time-displaced wraith retreat.

The duo then come across Geras, who is stealing vials that contains Earthrealm's life force, the Jinsei. Geras knew they were coming, however, due to the revenant versions of Liu Kang and Kung Lao. After defeating their counterparts, the two then fight and defeat Geras before he freezes them in time. If Kung Lao fights Geras, Kronika's strongman reveals that he met and fought the Great Kung Lao once.

Kronika appears and although Geras states that it would be dangerous to let them live, Kronika keeps them alive, as if they die, their revenant counterparts would cease to exist. Geras and Kronika disappear as time resumes for the duo.

Back at the Special Forces Desert Base, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Sonya, Cassie and Johnny Cage learns that the realms are in crisis. Raiden will find a way how to solve it.


Chapter 4 - Fire and Ice (Present Scorpion and Sub-Zero)

Sub-Zero is in a quarry, monitoring the recently reactivated Cyber Lin Kuei factory. Hanzo Hasashi, Scorpion's living present-self then arrives, and enquires as to the whereabouts of Sektor, as he doesn't want him to threaten his clan again. Sub-Zero informs Hanzo that, while the factory had been previously shut down and buried in the quarry, when the time merger restored Sektor, he reactivated the facility, and kidnapped Lin Kuei warriors to be turned into cyber slaves. He tells Hanzo of his plan to infiltrate the factory – an assault on the main entrance will be bloody, so he proposes to enter via a less-populated entrance, and obtain help from the inside.

Both enter the factory, only to find dismembered bodies lying on the ground. Hanzo swears to Liang that they will avenge the dead Lin Kuei. Both hide as Cyrax and an unknown cloaked figure arrive to create more cyber warriors. Sub-Zero tells Hanzo that if they disable Cyrax's behavior inhibitors, he'll have his humanity restored and turn on Sektor, and will be able to shut the Cyber Lin Kuei down, as all cyber warriors are linked to a common network. They split up, with Hanzo focusing on Cyrax, while Sub-Zero is dealing with the cloaked figure, who is revealed to be Frost. He accuses her of betrayal after all he did for her, whilst Frost counters by accusing him of corrupting the Lin Kuei in making peace with Hanzo, and that with Kronika's help she will restore the clan's "honor". Depending on the character choice, the dialogue will change accordingly:

  • Sub-Zero fights Frost – Sub-Zero informs his former student that there is no future in which she could be the head of the clan, with Frost replying that he has always doubted her and that Kronika saw her real potential from the start.
  • Hanzo fights Frost – Frost angrily states that she should have killed him the day Sub-Zero invited him to the temple, with Hanzo telling her that she already tried and failed.

After defeating Frost, Cyrax reappears with some activated Cyber Lin Kuei warriors, saying that they are defending Kronika's cause, and that the new Cyber Lin Kuei will help usher in the New Era. The chosen character will fight Cyrax while the other will deal with the remaining cybernetic warriors.

  • Sub-Zero fights Cyrax – Sub-Zero berates Cyrax for being enslaved by Sektor and Kronika, and vows to end this.
  • Hanzo fights Cyrax – Cyrax tells Hanzo that he will be forced to serve, with Hanzo replying that he has been down that road, and will not let it happen again.

After Cyrax's defeat, Sub-Zero begins to disable the behavior inhibitors. Hanzo is attacked by a newly-arrived Noob Saibot, who claims that in the New Era, Kronika will make sure that he would lead the realm's deadliest clan of wandering shadows, before he is defeated by Sub-Zero/Hanzo.

  • Sub-Zero fights Noob Saibot - Noob would taunt Sub-Zero that while he always mimicked him, he is a poor grandmaster, with Sub-Zero replying that he is withholding the Lin Kuei principle he thought his brother shared.
  • Hanzo fights Noob Saibot - Noob taunts Hanzo, claiming that without Quan Chi's influence Hanzo is weaker.

After Noob is defeated, Cyrax comes to, and realizes with horror what has become of him. He learns what he needs to do to destroy the Cyber Lin Kuei, before Sektor fires rockets at the trio, which Cyrax stops by using his net. Sektor had been warned by Frost that Sub-Zero and Hanzo had become allies, and was astonished at Sub-Zero engaging in an "act of dishonor". The character chosen by the player fights Sektor, while the other aids Cyrax with the following dialogue:

  • Hanzo fights Sektor – Sektor was revealed to be the one who started the massacre on the first Shirai Ryu by setting it on fire, vowing that he will finish what Quan Chi failed to accomplish in their deal.
  • Sub-Zero fights Sektor – Sub-Zero tells Sektor that he has taken his head once, and will do it again. But Sektor turned his clan into the Cyber Lin Kuei, knowing that the past is no longer set - ushering in the New Era.

After Sektor is defeated, Cyrax manages to get into the Cyber Lin Kuei servers, and informs Sub-Zero that he can disable the factory, but he states that if he is brought back, he doesn't want to live as a cyborg. Sub-Zero reassures Cyrax that, whether he is machine or man, he has a warrior's spirit, and will be welcomed into the Lin Kuei as long as Sub-Zero is grandmaster.

Cyrax then destroys the main power source of the factory, which disables Cyrax and the rest of the Cyber Lin Kuei, including Sektor, who is transported back to Kronika's lair by Frost and Noob. Sub-Zero and Hanzo discuss what they should do next, both agreeing that they should inform Raiden of their accomplishment.

Back at Kronika's lair, Geras questions a younger Kano and Erron Black about if they can restore Sektor, and whether he can be copied thousands of times. Suddenly, the older Kano appears, and tells them that they should agree to serve Kronika.

In the Briggs house, present-day Jax tried to contact her daughter, Jacqui, but her phone was lost connection due to the time quake, which made him frustrated about it. Moments later, Kronika recruits the present-day Jax to her side.

Raiden had a conversation with Kotal, Jade and Kitana in Outworld, about stopping Shao Kahn from reclaims the throne.


Chapter 5 - Truths Revealed (Past Jade)

The past Jade and Kotal scout the Lost Hive of the Kytinn, believing it is where Shao Kahn is located. They are ambushed by revenant Jade and D'Vorah, who are eventually defeated.

After locating Shao Kahn at the Tarkatan Kamp, Jade fights Kollector, and then incapacitates the Tarkatans. As Kotal and his Osh-Tekk warriors prepare to execute the Tarkatans, Jade steps in, knowing how far he may go. She defeats Kotal, before they are both captured by Shao Kahn.

Meanwhile Raiden attempts to consult with the Elder Gods once again, only to discover that their domain is in ruins. All of the Elder Gods are gone with the exception of one – the goddess of virtue, Cetrion. She reveals that Kronika is her mother, and Shinnok her brother. Kronika's plan is then revealed: she intends to restart time so as to restore balance between darkness (Shinnok) and light (Cetrion), which can only be maintained if the realms fight each other. However, as Dark Raiden decapitated Shinnok, the balance was damaged, which has prompted Kronika's desire to remove Raiden from the picture. Raiden then tells Cetrion that he will make sure Kronika does not succeed, but the goddess informs him that Shao Kahn has captured Kotal. Raiden then says that the Earthrealm warriors will keep fighting.


Chapter 6 - War on the Homefront (Johnny Cage)

Back in the Special Forces base, past Jax tests his new cybernetic arms, and Jacqui talks with him about what happened to the present Jax: since his traumatic experiences as a revenant, and worst of all, the death of his wife Vera a year prior, Jax has become a shut-in, only feeling safe at the Briggs' farm.

Johnny starts to find common ground with his past self as they jointly admire Sonya, before the younger Cage ruins it by being crass and boastful. Johnny hauls him out to teach his younger self a lesson. Suddenly, the base is attacked by the Black Dragon and the Cyber Lin Kuei. The two Johnnys put differences aside, and fight back against the Black Dragon, before the younger Johnny is grazed on the cheek by a bullet, causing a faded scar to appear on the same spot for the present Cage. Driven into a rage, the younger Cage charges headlong into the melee, firing wildly and pushing back the Black Dragon henchmen, leaving his older counterpart to deal with the past Erron Black, who is still affiliated with the criminal group. Johnny questions the gunslinger's allegiance, since his present counterpart remains in a tenuous alliance with Earthrealm by virtue of staying in Kotal Kahn's service. Black responds that he always picks winners, to which Johnny counters that he chose poorly after defeating him. The elder Cage finds Cassie, alive but injured, who informs him that past Sonya has been captured. Johnny heads out to rescue her, commandeering a tank on his way to deal with the Cyber Lin Kuei.

Johnny's tank is taken out of commission when Sektor calls in a missile strike from an aircraft, but Johnny in turn lures the plane in and destroys it, evening the odds. Confronting the leader of the Cyber Lin Kuei, Johnny beats the cyborg, before he's challenged by the past Kano, who eats a punch to the groin for his troubles. Angered by the thug's threat to his wife and daughter, the Cage patriarch beats him down, before pressing a boot to his neck. Unfortunately, he is interrupted by a bullet to his knee, fired by the present Kano, who has also taken the younger Johnny hostage. The Special Forces have no choice but to watch as the Black Dragon leave with the past Sonya and Johnny in their clutches. Fortunately, Cassie places a tracker on their aircraft as it flies away.

However, their troubles are not over, as Kano had fitted Sektor with a nuclear bomb, which he activates during his exit. They are saved by the timely arrival of Raiden, who teleports them to the Shirai Ryu's fire garden seconds before the explosion. The present Johnny Cage is out of commission for the rest of the battle to stop Kronika, recuperating from his injuries. As Raiden’s Sky Temple, Sub-Zero’s Lin Kuei army and Special Force HQ had been compromised, Hanzo welcomes the surviving Earthrealm allies to the Shirai Ryu's Fire Garden as the only safe haven left. The surviving Earthrealm’s heroes learns from the past Raiden that the other Elder Gods have ceased to exist, and Cetrion and Shinnok are Kronika’s children, realizing the fallen god's mother was directly responsible for one of the heroes’ past tragedies in many timelines. Raiden told his warriors that the traitor Cetrion informed him of Shao Kahn captured both Kotal Kahn and younger Jade. The younger Liu Kang ask Raiden to send him and younger Kung Lao back to Outworld and reunite with younger Kitana. Raiden is pleased and pray his Shaolin disciples to return victorious, almost slipped his mind to forget his fellow gods no longer exist anymore, but himself.


Chapter 7 - Coming of Age (Past Kitana)

Through the power of Kronika's sands of time, the past Kitana is transported to the present timeline along with the other kombatants. After a fierce fight in Kotal Kahn's arena, she congregates with the other "good" kombatants after D'Vorah transports the "bad" kombatants to her hive. She is instructed to seek out and recruit Sheeva, as her armies would prove useful to assist Kotal against Shao Kahn. However, Kitana, Liu Kang and Kung Lao must first confront Baraka, whose Tarkatan warriors are claimed by Sheeva as a necessary requirement for her to join their cause.

After saving Jade from Skarlet and convincing Baraka to join her, Kitana, along will her allies, invade the coliseum. After defeating Kollector, Kitana then fights Shao Kahn. She manages to defeat him, and slashes his face with her fan, seemingly killing him. Due to sustaining serious injuries at the hands of Shao Kahn, Kotal Kahn relinquishes his title to Kitana, who becomes Kahn of Outworld.

At the Fire Garden, Cassie prepare to rescue her parents’ younger-selves. As her time is limited to save her younger parents, if one of her parents or both dies, Cassie will cease to exist, much to Raiden’s fear.


Chapter 8 - Fight Club (Past Sonya Blade)

Sonya wakes up locked up in a cage, where both Kanos organize illegal fights. They send the past Kabal to fight her, with the present day Kano telling him that it was Sonya who disfigured his face. When the past Kano asks if that's true, his older self tells him that he only made it up to motivate Kabal in his fight. After Sonya defeats Kabal, she demands to fight both Kanos, but instead they bring up her next opponent – the younger Johnny Cage, who is in bad shape. While Sonya refuses to fight him, Johnny insists, telling her that fighting will buy them time.

Cassie infiltrates the fight club and they engage in battle with the Black Dragon members. Both Kanos then send the younger Erron Black to deal with Sonya and Johnny, shooting Cage in the arm. But before he can finish him off, Sonya interferes and eventually defeats him. Cassie then arrives in the cage, freeing both. As they are escaping, the older Kano attacks them armed with a minigun. Whilst the trio hide behind a truck, Kano uses his cybernetic eye to find their hiding spot, injuring Cassie as she tried to surprise him. Kano then closes in to finish the job, but is blindsided by Sonya. With his munitions deplete, Sonya who uses her gauntlets to disarm him.

After being disarmed and knocked down, Kano tosses his knife at Sonya and begins to run. Going after him, Sonya is ambushed by the younger Kano. Both Kanos begin to taunt her, with the older Kano lamenting that it should have been him who killed her. After defeating the younger Kano, Sonya is confronted again by the older Kano, who holds Johnny as his hostage. He reminds her that it is a two-for-one deal – should he kill Johnny, Cassie will be gone as well. Sonya thanks him for reminding her of the rules, and shoots the younger Kano in the eye, killing him instantly. With his younger counterpart's death, the older Kano vanishes moments later.

A medical crew then tends to Johnny and Cassie, with Johnny inviting Sonya to dinner as gratitude for saving his life. But before the trio can escape, Geras arrives to confront Sonya, telling her that Kronika has sent him to avenge Shinnok's defeat at the hands of Cassie Cage. After he's defeated, Cassie rams him with a forklift, pinning him to a garage door, before throwing a grenade in for good measure. Sonya apologises to Cassie, stating that she was wrong to blame Cassie for the death of the older Sonya. As the two embrace, Geras begins to regenerate, confirming Liu Kang and Kung Lao’s warning about him, and forcing the trio to evacuate immediately.

Back at Kronika's isle, Kronika and the revenants are displeased with how the tide has turned against them with the loss of the Outworld army and the Black Dragon. But Kronika tells them that Raiden's allies fighting Shao Kahn and Kano has bought her precious time to finish off her work at Shang Tsung's Island.


Chapter 9 - All in the Family (Jacqui Briggs and Past Jax)

Jacqui and the past Jax arrive at Shang Tsung's Courtyard in an attempt to find Kronika's crown. The Briggs' approach the old Courtyard, only to find corpses of the decayed shaolin monks, realizing that the island has been abandoned since after the first tournament. The revenants of Jade and Kabal ambush them, but are easily defeated.

After Jax and Jacqui defeat the duo, they continue on further into Goro's Lair in search for the crown. While walking along the cavernous corridors of the lair, Jax remembers how he was imprisoned prior to the first Mortal Kombat tournament. They approach the Well of Souls, only to be distracted by Noob Saibot and his clones. Jacqui demands to know who Noob is, and he reveals his identity as Bi-Han, who Jax confirms as the first Sub-Zero that had been murdered by Scorpion. The two manage to defeat Noob and his shadowy clones, and take the crown. They are then shocked by the sudden arrival of the present Jax, who reveals that he has sided with Kronika in an attempt to alter time, so that his daughter will never become a soldier. The younger Jax berates his older self, stating that his suffering is no excuse for betraying his unit and family. This leads to a showdown between past and present Jax, before the younger Jax defeats his present self.

The Briggs' start to leave Goro's Lair. Cetrion arrives, and convinces them that the crown belongs to her mother. Both Jacqui and Jax refuse to surrender the crown, so Cetrion opens a fissure that swallows Jacqui, leaving her hanging over a cavernous pit. Cetrion tells Jax to surrender the crown, in return for sparing Jacqui's life. The older Jax begs his younger self to relinquish the crown for Jacqui's sake, and, reluctantly, past Jax agrees, tossing the crown to his older self. Cetrion keeps her word, reversing her spell to save Jacqui. Jacqui angrily demands how her father can do this to her, which prompts him to respond that he's doing it for her. Cetrion and the present-day Jax then teleport back to Kronika's keep.

Pleased with her daughter's actions, Kronika wore the crown to reform the timeline. Jax, however, is not satisfied for what he has done unlike the younger version of himself after he has saved his daughter from her fate.

Back to the Fire Garden, Cassie tells Raiden that Kronika has her crown. Raiden tells her that he cannot beared the dark power of Shinnok's amulet.


Chapter 10 - To Hell and Back (Past and Present Scorpion)

Hanzo and Kuai Liang are at Kharon's home, the Sea of Blood. They see Cetrion, along with Demons and Cyborgs, teleport away. He tells Kuai that Kharon is their best and only hope to get to Kronika's Hourglass, and instructs the Grandmaster to return to Earthrealm and tell the others that they have found him. Hanzo rescues Kharon from D'Vorah's clutches, who was torturing Kharon for refusing to assist Kronika, defeating her in combat. Scorpion later arrives to confront his present, living counterpart. He tells Hanzo that he believes Kronika can restore the Shirai Ryu to their true potential and original bloodline, viewing Hanzo's rebuilt Shirai Ryu as tainted and imperfect. The two Scorpions clash, resulting in the victory of the present Hanzo, who knows that his past self only sides with Kronika just to restore their wife Harumi, and their son Satoshi, not including other original Shirai-Ryu clansmen. Hanzo tells Scorpion that one of Kronika's goals would be to resurrect Shinnok, the very being responsible for their family and clan's demise.

Hanzo is ambushed by D'Vorah, who stabs him with her pincers, fatally injecting him with her venom. Scorpion, convinced by Hanzo's words, slices off her pincers and forces her to retreat. Scorpion's dying counterpart implores him to seek out Raiden and the others at the Shirai Ryu Fire Gardens, and tells him that the Shirai Ryu are defined by their heart, not blood, before dying in Scorpion's arms.

As per Hanzo's wishes, the past Scorpion returns in his place to Raiden's base of operations to see the Fire Gardens rebuilt, realizing that his present self was right. He is attacked by a suspicious Sub-Zero, managing to defeat the Lin Kuei Grandmaster, but is electrocuted by Raiden. Scorpion then defeats Raiden and tries to tell him that Kharon is on his way with his fleet.


Chapter 11 - Cutting the Strings (Past Raiden)

Liu Kang tries to reason with Raiden, saying that Scorpion may be telling the truth. Raiden doesn't listen and attacks Scorpion using Shinnok's amulet. After Liu Kang tries to stop him, Raiden attacks him with the amulet as well, saying that their time has run out and he has got to save Earthrealm. After the battle, Liu Kang decides that the Revenants were actually right, and that Raiden cannot be trusted. Raiden replies that he does not need trust, but demands obedience, his eyes and lightning now glowing red. As Liu Kang prepares to use his fire power against him, Raiden comes to a realization: "This has happened before". He begins seeing visions of both himself and Liu Kang fighting each other in various places and alternate timelines. The most notable locations are the Rooftop from Mortal Kombat 9 (2011), the Pyramid of Argus from Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, and supposedly, Apokolips from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Recoiling in horror, Raiden drops Shinnok's amulet.

He realizes that the only reason why he and Liu Kang were fighting was because Kronika wants it. After that, he proceeds to heal Scorpion and apologizes to him, saying that he was also a slave to anger. While Liu Kang and the others initially fail to understand what is happening, Raiden explains that Kronika has restarted time on multiple occasions, with each timeline pitting him and Liu Kang against each other, and Liu Kang dying in each battle. Just when Raiden assures the others that Kronika will no longer control them, time is frozen and everyone else along with it, with the exception of Raiden. Kronika arrives, and tells the Thunder God that the combined powers of both Raiden and Liu Kang pose a threat to her vision of the timeline, which is why she has always set them against each other. Raiden then threatens her that this timeline will end differently, but Kronika rejects his claims, stating that they have had the same conversation multiple times, but it has never changed the outcome. She then challenges him to confront her one final time, but without Liu Kang by his side. As time resumes, Kronika takes Liu Kang to her isle, where his revenant counterpart steals his soul to increase his own strength.

Shortly after, Raiden and his allies are on board Kharon's fleet for the final battle. But against them, Frost and Geras are leading a large ship with Cyber Lin Kuei warriors. Kharon says that his fleet is not prepared for battle, but Raiden assures him that the ships will be protected by the combined forces. As the ships collide, the Cyber Lin Kuei attack. Present day Jax is then sent to fight Raiden in a losing effort. Raiden successfully convinces him that Kronika has manipulated him all along, which causes Jax to turn on Kronika's forces. Then Geras fights and loses to the Thunder God, who binds him to a chain and anchor. While Geras says that drowning cannot kill him, Raiden replies that the Sea of Blood is bottomless and he will sink forever. After this, he is dragged into the Sea of Blood. Frost then appears to Raiden, telling him that the Cyber Lin Kuei are under her command and challenges him. After her defeat, Raiden short circuits Frost's mind, which causes the connection to sever, and the Cyber Lin Kuei army to shut down.

In the meantime, the revenant Liu Kang has absorbed the soul of his mortal counterpart and goes after Kharon's fleet to challenge Raiden. When the two confront each other, Liu Kang attacks Raiden knocking him back. Raiden is shocked that Liu Kang has taken his own soul, to which Liu Kang replies that this was a lesson Raiden taught him: to fight his enemies by any means necessary. After defeating the revenant, Raiden tells Liu Kang that he has overcome the darkness within himself and that Liu Kang must do the same. While Liu Kang demands him that he has to kill him, Raiden says that he'd rather save him and not repeat the same event all over again. He grabs and encircles Liu Kang in a lightning force field. During this, the mortal Liu Kang gets teleported out of Kronika's Keep to the lightning force field. Shortly after, the force field dissipates. The result is a merged form between Raiden and Liu Kang – Fire God Liu Kang.


Chapter 12 - End of an Era (Fire God Liu Kang)

Thanks to Raiden's and Liu Kang's combined powers, they realize that, this time, they might have a chance to beat Kronika. The armies of Earthrealm and Outworld begin their assault on Kronika's Keep, with Liu Kang's new abilities wiping out several Netherrealm legions to get through. Once inside, however, a shocked Kronika wastes no time, and reverses the universe to its primordial state using the Hourglass, Fire God Liu Kang being the only one spared due to his godly status. Angered, Liu Kang faces Kronika as they prepare themselves for the final battle that will determine the fate of the New Era, but Liu Kang is first forced to battle the revenant counterparts of his friends. Liu Kang eventually defeats the revenant Kitana, Kung Lao, and Jade. Then Liu Kang battles Cetrion and defeats her. Lost to Liu Kang, Kronika has one final bargain for Cetrion, her essence will be transferred to Kronika to become all-powerful. She then reverses time for the final time to the Prehistoric Age.



Depending on the outcome of the fight between Kronika and Fire God Liu Kang, three different scenarios will play:

  • Kronika wins – Kronika decapitates Fire God Liu Kang the same way Dark Raiden did to Shinnok. She then declares the beginning of the New Era.
  • Fire God Liu Kang wins during the dawn of time – Liu Kang attacks an incapacitated Kronika with a blast of fire, turning her into a glass statue, which he proceeds to shatter. Liu Kang then meets Raiden, now a mere mortal, who tells him that he is worthy of being Earthrealm's new protector and that the Sands of Time are now his to shape. Liu Kang objects that he cannot do the duty alone, so Raiden decides to accompany Liu Kang for as long as his mortality allows him.
    • This ending sets the stage for the beginning of the Aftermath DLC story.
  • Fire God Liu Kang wins during the prehistoric age – Liu Kang attacks an incapacitated Kronika with a blast of fire, turning her into a glass statue, which he proceeds to shatter. Liu Kang then meets Raiden, now a mere mortal, who tells him that he is worthy of being Earthrealm's new protector and that the Sands of Time are now his to shape. Liu Kang objects that he cannot do the duty alone, so Raiden tells him to choose someone who can share this adventure with him in a lifetime. Knowing this, Liu Kang chooses Kitana. Raiden quickly recognizes the choice, saying that it is their destiny to be together through love. As Liu Kang is being brought to the dawn of time, Raiden parts ways with him, promising that they will meet in the new timeline. Back at the dawn of time, Liu Kang meets Kitana, and they begin their quest of shaping the timeline. Kitana tells him that no matter how they shape history, they cannot plan for every possibility, as villains like Kronika may always turn up. Liu Kang assures her that they will face what's coming together.

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

The Beginning of Aftermath

After Kronika's defeat, Fire God Liu Kang is about to restart and reshape history, with mortal Raiden's guidance. However, he is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of Shang Tsung, Fujin and Nightwolf. Before the events of the time-merger, they had been imprisoned by Kronika in the Void, unable to do anything but watch the events unfold. With Kronika's death, they were released from the Void, and have traveled through the Hourglass to stop Fire God Liu Kang from using it. Shang Tsung explains that without Kronika's crown, (which was unknowingly destroyed by Fire God Liu Kang), using the Hourglass would destroy all realms. Fire God Liu Kang suggests going back in time and defeat Kronika a different way, thereby gaining the Crown, but Shang Tsung points out that plan would be too risky and would not be guaranteed. He instead suggests that he be sent back into the past to regain the Crown at his island. Mortal Raiden does not trust Shang Tsung, and although Fire God Liu Kang shares his sentiment, it is agreed to go with Shang Tsung's plan. Fujin and Nightwolf are sent along with Shang Tsung to watch over him for any signs of betrayal.

Chapter 13: Time's Arrow (Past Nightwolf)

Shang Tsung, Fujin, and Nightwolf are brought back to the past, only to find themselves in Kitana's battle against Shao Kahn. With the battle going on, they hurried to the Beast Pen, only to draw suspicion by the Kollector. He follows them into the Beast Pen and lets loose two of the beasts. Fujin and Shang Tsung deal with the beasts while Nightwolf defeats Kollector. During the time, Kitana has defeated Shao Kahn and was named the new Kahn. With the crowd distracted, they safely escaped the Koliseum. However, since they were seen by others during their arrival, they cannot just go to Shang Tsung's island. It is very likely that Kronika would be alerted of their presence. Seeing that they cannot enlist their past allies' help without altering the current timeline. Shang Tsung suggests on reviving Sindel, since she plays no part in the events to come. To do so, they must first acquire energy from Earth's Jinsei Chamber to heal her body and use Outworld's Soul Chamber to free her from Quan Chi's influence.

While in the Jinsei Chamber, they encounter Frost and Geras and eventually defeat them. Geras is sent to the Chaos Realm. On their trip to Outworld, they are captured by Revenant Liu Kang and his minions and taken to Shinnok's Bone Temple. As the decapitated and still living head of Shinnok watches on, Revenant Sindel and Revenant Nightwolf prepares to torture Nightwolf, Fujin and Shang Tsung. Nightwolf manages to free himself and the others, and defeats Sindel and his Revanant self. However, Shang Tsung is mortally wounded and Nightwolf is forced to let him drain the soul energy out of his Revanant to recover. Taking the unconscious body of Revenant Sindel with them, Nightwolf and the others head back to Outworld for Sheeva's aid.


Chapter 14: Guardian for Life (Sheeva)

On the way to Outworld's Soul Chamber, Nightwolf, Shang Tsung, Fujin, and Sheeva carry the coffin holding Sindel's Revenant self in it, with Shang Tsung disguising as a Shokan troop. They have to make their way through the Kahn's acid pits: the Dead Pool in order to reach the Soul Chamber. The squad almost makes it past the Dead Pool but then they are caught by Baraka, and Erron Black, who are accompanied by several more Tarkatan warriors. Sheeva tries to talk Baraka out of the situation when Baraka senses that the Shokan holding the coffin was Shang Tsung. He walks behind Shang Tsung and stabs him from the back, forcing Shang Tsung to reveal his true human form. Baraka and Erron Black who are shocked of Shang Tsung being alive, attack them. But Erron Black proposes that Fujin, Sheeva, Shang Tsung, and Nightwolf will come with him and Baraka quietly so that nobody will get hurt, but they decline this deal and the Tarkatans attack Shang Tsung, who kicks one of them into the acid and they all watch as the Tarkatan troop dissolves. Jade comes along after Baraka and Erron are knocked out and also gets beaten down.

They reach the Soul Chamber where they see Kotal Kahn is healing himself due to the injuries he got from fighting Shao Kahn. Kotal leaves the soul well and gets held back by Sheeva. Kitana comes along.


Chapter 15: Winds of Change (Fujin)

Shang Tsung, Fujin, Nightwolf, and Sindel has arrived to his island, now in ruins, to find Kronika's crown. But they were being ambushed by the revenants Kabal and Jade, but they were defeated. Nightwolf and Sindel remains on the topside to deal with Cetrion, while Shang Tsung and Fujin search for the crown in Goro's Lair.

While walking along the cavernous corridors of the lair, Fujin questions the sorcerer on how long he will betray them. They approach the Well of Souls, only to be confronted by Jax and Noob Saibot.


Chapter 16: Visions of Empire (Sindel and Shao Kahn)

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Chapter 17: Checkmate (Shang Tsung)

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  • Unless already unlocked via microtransaction, Frost is unlocked by completing Chapter 4 of the Story Mode.
  • Prehistoric Age and Chaotian Age are unlocked by completing Chapter 12 of the Story Mode.
  • The titles of Chapter 3 & 4 ("Shaolin Monks") and ("Fire & Ice") are references to the spin-off games of the same name, although only the former was ever developed. Both games also starred (or planned to star) the same playable characters: Liu Kang and Kung Lao, and Sub-Zero and Scorpion, respectively.
  • Jacqui Briggs is the only playable character who is not fought as an opponent throughout the Story Mode.
    • However, they can be summoned by Kronika in the fight against her.
      • This also applies to guest characters.
    • This also applied to Cassie Cage until Aftermath came out, in which she is fought in Chapter 16.
  • Cyrax and Sektor are the only Story Mode opponents who are unplayable in the game.
  • Scorpion and Liu Kang are the only playable characters in the Story Mode who appear as playable in two separate chapters.
  • Cassie, Jacqui, and Kotal Kahn are the only new timeline characters playable in the Story Mode.
  • Raiden is the only playable character in the Story Mode chapter where he faced one of his opponents twice, Liu Kang (both past and revenant).
  • Johnny Cage and Scorpion are the only two characters who fought their past-selves.
    • Although Jax is the opposite, as he instead fought his present-self.
  • Jade, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, and Nightwolf are the only four characters who fought their Revenant counterparts.
  • The characters who has team-up scenes between past and present-selves are Kano, Johnny Cage, Jax and Scorpion. However, Scorpion was only temporary due to his present-self’s death at a same time.
  • Sonya, followed by a DLC character Nightwolf, are the only playable fighters whose present-selves died before the time merger begins.
    • Although Raiden’s present-self only ceased to exist when the time merger is complete.
  • Liu Kang and Kung Lao are the only characters to encounter their revenant counterpart twice.
    • Although Jax is the opposite, as his present self has been reformed by Raiden during their second encounter with each other.
  • Erron Black and Kitana are the only fighters who only met between their past and present counterparts for a few seconds in cutscene only.
  • Unlike Nightwolf, whose revenant-self is confirmed to have died earlier, Kabal has both his present revenant and still alive past-selves presents after time merger’s completion. Yet, both versions of Kabal never met each other for once.
  • Kuai Liang and Bi-Han are the only klassic trilogy characters who never have their past-selves present.
  • Erron Black is the only non-klassic character to have both past and present-selves; while Skarlet is the only non-klassic character who only appear as her time-displaced past-self.


  • In Chapter 2 when Kotal Kahn was fighting Shao Kahn. Past Liu Kang can be seen wearing his shirt either he didn't wear until the start of chapter 3.
  • In Chapter 11 when Raiden was taking to Present Jax. You can see present Scorpion fighting the cyborgs instead of Past Scorpion.
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