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The Story Mode of Mortal Kombat 11 and the Aftermath expansion contains 12 chapters and 5 extra chapters, adding up to 17 chapters in total, telling a story that takes place two years after the events of its predecessor. The story also features past versions of the kombatants from twenty-seven years ago, after Kung Lao defeated The Deadly Alliance at nearly the end of the ninth game’s second tournament.

Each chapter focuses on one or two characters from the series and contains a combination of battles and extended cutscenes. Mortal Kombat 11 and the Aftermath expansion also have chapter titles in addition to the names of the aforementioned playable characters.


Chapters in normal text are from the main story, while chapters in italics are from Aftermath.

Main Story Mode[]

  1. Next of Kin (Cassie Cage)
  2. Timequake (Kotal Kahn)
  3. Shaolin Monks (Liu Kang and Kung Lao)
  4. Fire and Ice (Scorpion and Sub-Zero)
  5. Truths Revealed (Jade)
  6. War on the Homefront (Johnny Cage)
  7. Coming of Age (Kitana)
  8. Fight Club (Sonya Blade)
  9. All in the Family (Jacqui Briggs and Jax Briggs)
  10. To Hell and Back (Scorpion)
  11. Cutting the Strings (Raiden)
  12. End of an Era (Fire God Liu Kang)


  1. Time's Arrow (Nightwolf)
  2. Guardian for Life (Sheeva)
  3. Winds of Change (Fujin)
  4. Visions of Empire (Sindel and Shao Kahn)
  5. Checkmate (Shang Tsung)

NOTE: In regular font are characters from the present in the current timeline, while in italic denotes that the character is from the past in the same timeline. The only exception is in Chapter 10 where the first and second fights are with the present Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi), while the past Scorpion is used for the third and final fights. In chapters 3, 4, 9, and 16, the player can choose in each fight which character will be used, unless there is a note detailing a restriction.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Part 1: Mortal Kombat 11[]


Some time after Cassie Cage defeated Shinnok and saved Earthrealm at the end of Mortal Kombat X, Dark Raiden is torturing the fallen Elder God with lightning at the top of the Sky Temple. In spite of his pain, Shinnok taunts that Raiden should thank him, as his corruption changed him for the better - now that the Thunder God wears his amulet, he has embraced the truth that the other Elder Gods cast him out for speaking. Raiden replies that the truth he has embraced is that anyone who endangers Earthrealm does not deserve mercy, and that starting with him, he will destroy any potential threats before they can destroy him.

Shinnok mocks Raiden, stating that Elder Gods cannot be killed, but Raiden responds that there are fates worse than death before beheading Shinnok with an energy blade. He declares to the fallen Elder God that he will deliver him to Liu Kang and Kitana in the Netherrealm as a warning of his wrath before departing. However, as he leaves, time freezes, and a mysterious woman arrives in the Sky Temple and hovers over to Shinnok's head. She takes pity on him, stating that he was not supposed to meet his fate and that Raiden has upset the balance of history, but assures Shinnok that the universe bends to her will, and that it is only a matter of time.

Chapter 1: Next of Kin (Cassie Cage)[]

Two years later, inside the Special Forces Desert Command base, the Special Forces, with Johnny Cage, Cassie Cage, and Jacqui Briggs among them, take positions as Sonya Blade arrives to salute them. She explains that while in the past they have successfully protected Earthrealm from both Shao Kahn and Shinnok, none of these victories came without cost - in the case of the latter, Jax Briggs has been honorably discharged from the Special Forces, due to both physical and mental trauma from his time as a revenant rendering him unfit for duty. Sonya continues that they must honor his sacrifices by continuing their duty, and tells Cassie that while she has earned the promotion to Commander, she must first defeat the commanding officer in combat by Special Forces tradition. Cassie manages to defeat her mother and earn the rank of Commander, with Johnny congratulating her.

Later, Cassie and Sonya say their goodbyes to Johnny, who is leaving for Hollywood to star in the next Ninja Mime film, but are suddenly visited by Dark Raiden, who informs them that the Netherrealm is planning to invade. While Cassie suggests they attempt to negotiate with Liu Kang and Kitana, Raiden declares them irreparably corrupted by Shinnok's evil, and deems striking first the only answer - his plan is to assault the Cathedral of Shinnok, which is located underground beneath Liu Kang and Kitana's castle and is the source of their undead army's power, and destroy it to prevent them from being a threat. He offers to provide a distraction outside while the Special Forces sneak inside, as while he will be weakened outside of Earthrealm, he has Shinnok's amulet to make up for his weakness. While Cassie and Johnny are unsure, as they have become tired of Raiden's corrupted personality and are worried they will be discovered and trapped inside, Raiden counters that he understands what it means to lose someone.

Raiden transports himself, Sonya, Cassie, Jacqui, and several Special Forces platoons into the Netherrealm, where he assaults the Netherrealm's army outside the castle as the others sneak inside and descend into the Cathedral. However, they find it guarded by Kabal, Jade, and a large group of undead. Sonya tells Cassie and Jacqui to distract them while she and a platoon sneak past and plant C4 on the support, and they open fire. As Jacqui engages Jade, Cassie fights and defeats Kabal, with the rest of the Special Forces defeating the army. However, Sonya finds the support columns are too far apart and needs extra time, while Jade manages to escape and warns Liu Kang and Kitana of the surprise attack. The Special Forces manage to set an ambush with extra C4 for the next wave of undead, and Cassie manages to defeat Kitana.

However, Liu Kang ambushes Sonya's platoon as they are heading out and uses a torrent of fire to collapse the ceiling, burying everyone alive, before turning to confront Cassie. She manages to defeat the fallen Shaolin monk and attempts to dig out the rubble, but Sonya contacts her from inside - the rest of her platoon is dead, and she knows she won't survive. Despite Cassie's best efforts, Sonya begs Cassie to save herself and the other Special Forces as her final wish before cutting the channel and activating the C4. Jacqui manages to bring a grieving Cassie to her senses, and the survivors of the assault retreat outside to Raiden to be transported back. Johnny arrives to greet them, only to find out what happened. The Cage family mourn Sonya's death, only for Raiden to state that she was lucky to die a warrior's death, causing everyone to lose his respect.

Back in the Netherrealm, Liu Kang and Kitana stand amidst the ruins of their castle, vulnerable without its power, when they are suddenly surrounded by a blizzard of sand, the mysterious woman from the prologue forming from it. She reverses time to restore the Cathedral to its former glory, and introduces herself as Kronika, the Keeper of Time. Transporting the two to her Hourglass, she explains that her role is to guide the Sands of Destiny inside to ensure the destiny of every soul and realm remains in balance, but Raiden has irreversibly tainted them through his actions in the previous two games. Kronika plans to erase the timeline and start again from the beginning, and convinces Liu Kang and Kitana to promise the Netherrealm's allegiance after assuring Raiden will not exist in her "New Era", thus preventing their unjust deaths.


Playable: Cassie Cage
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Sonya Blade (Present) Tank Garage Bunker
2 Kabal (Present) Shinnok's Bone Temple
3 Kitana (Present)
4 Liu Kang (Present)

Chapter 2: Timequake (Kotal Kahn)[]

Meanwhile in Outworld, Kotal Kahn has captured and sentenced the Kollector, one of Shao Kahn's loyalists, to death in the Kahn's Arena. While Kollector argues that he obeys Shao Kahn's word, Kotal reponds that Shao Kahn is already dead, and that Shao's corrupt law allowed Kollector to get away with stealing from those weaker than him. As Kollector struggles to free himself from the apparatus meant to snap his neck, Kotal sees that his soldiers are struggling to turn it and prepares to behead him with his Macuahuitl when suddenly the ground starts to rumble, and a blizzard of sand surrounds the Arena. At the same time, Cassie, Johnny, and Dark Raiden awaken to see a similar sandstorm throughout the Special Forces base. These actions are caused by Kronika using the Hourglass to merge the Sands of Destiny, merging the past and present together.

The sandstorm rages on, but to the everyone's shock, the sand appears to take form, creating younger versions of Johnny, Sonya, and Jax, who can only stare in confusion and bewilderment - shortly afterwards, Dark Raiden can only gasp in shock as his own body disintegrates into the sands, leaving behind Shinnok's amulet once the sandstorm dissipates. Back in Outworld, Kollector uses the distraction of the sandstorm to break free from his apparatus, and the sand takes several forms - before everyone, younger versions of Skarlet, Erron Black, and Kano appear, alongside Shao Kahn and Baraka, alive once more. However, the sand also creates younger versions of Liu Kang, Kitana, Kung Lao, and Jade, alive unlike their present counterparts, alongside a younger Raiden who has yet to become corrupted.

Kotal is bewildered to see a barrage of past faces, but Shao Kahn takes immediate offence - not only has Kotal taken his throne, but both he and Mileena will die. Raiden explains that they were at the second Mortal Kombat tournament, where Kung Lao had just defeated both Shang Tsung and Quan Chi in kombat. Kotal is also overcome with joy to see Jade, his long-gone lover, brought back alive, but the moment is interrupted by a furious Shao Kahn, who believes Raiden has trapped everyone in an illusion and demands Kotal relinquish his throne. A fight then breaks out between Shao and Kotal - the latter is losing the fight, but Raiden and Liu Kang save him, and a fight breaks out between the two sides. In the chaos, Kotal confronts Baraka, who is distraught to learn he and his other Tarkata die, and defeats him.

However, Kotal is suddenly caught by a rush of blood that erupts from a dead beast, and is washed down into the beast pens below the Arena where he confronts Skarlet and defeats her. Jade manages to meet with him, where Kotal explains that he was captured and taken to Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits for experimentation, but was freed following the sorcerer's death. As she returns to the surface to help the others, Kotal confronts Erron Black - while he tries to reason with the cowboy, telling him that he becomes a future ally, Erron responds that he doesn't care about the future and only wants to be on the winning side. Kotal defeats Erron as well, and returns to the outside to confront Shao Kahn. While Shao Kahn is outraged, believing Kotal is unworthy of Outworld's throne, Kotal responds that Shao Kahn was a corrupt and unjust dictator who only cared about himself, not the people he ruled over.

Shao Kahn is defeated, but before Kotal can finish him, D'Vorah comes to the aid of the villains and leads them through a portal of sand, taking them to safety. With the conflict over, Raiden introduces himself, but Kotal rebukes that he already knows who Raiden is and explains to the Thunder God how he becomes corrupted and apathetic following Shinnok's defeat, which horrifies him. Regardless, Raiden assures Kotal that he is not the person he is yet to be, and the two form an alliance to find out what has happened - Raiden prepares to return to Earthrealm with Liu Kang and Kung Lao to find out what else has happened, with the former bidding goodbye to Kitana as they wish each other luck.

Meanwhile, in the Lost Hive of The Kytinn, Shao Kahn is suspicious of D'Vorah aiding him despite his previous genocide of the Kytinn, and finds from Kollector how he and Mileena die - realizing D'Vorah killed his daughter, a furious Shao Kahn prepares to kill her when Kronika intervenes alongside a construct and a mysterious cloaked woman - she explains that all the villains are under her protection, and tells Shao Kahn of both her plan to create a New Era and that Raiden will not exist in it. With this knowledge, Shao Kahn and his followers swear allegiance to Kronika.

At the Special Forces base, the present and past heroes attempt to find out what has happened - Present Johnny questions how there is only one of Raiden while the others have dopplegangers from the past, and the Thunder God explains that immortals are not affected by the normal laws of time - since there could only be one of Raiden, the present version was erased from existence during the merging. The past Jax and Sonya also find it strange seeing their future children, older than them and having higher ranks in the Special Forces, and Sonya finds out from Cassie that she dies. Suddenly, Jacqui detects a Netherrealm insurgence at the Wu Shi Academy via satellites - Liu Kang realizes that they are attempting to reach the Wu Shi Dragon Grotto below it and harness the Jinsei from its springs. While Kung Lao is confident the Academy is heavily protected by Shaolin monks, magic, and deadly traps, Cassie decides to sit the monks down and tell them of their fates.


Playable: Kotal Kahn
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Baraka Kotal's Koliseum
2 Skarlet Koliseum Beast Pen
3 Erron Black (Past)
4 Shao Kahn Kotal's Koliseum

Chapter 3: Shaolin Monks (Liu Kang and Kung Lao)[]

On their way to the Academy, Liu Kang and Kung Lao talk to each other about their futures. Kung Lao is worried about the villain he will become, but the Chosen One assures him that they must first understand the future before they can change it - Raiden can help them with the task. At the Academy, they find the corpses of Shaolin monks trying to defend the Grotto, and swear revenge on the Netherrealm. After avoiding a corridor filled with swinging axes, they are sealed in a room and attacked by the past Scorpion, who has joined Kronika after being promised that the Shirai Ryu will be restored in the New Era. Depending on the player's choice, one of the monks fights Scorpion while the other tries to disarm the traps. The monk emerges victorious, but the other is unsuccessful in disarming the traps.

Poisonous gas then begins leaking into the room, as Scorpion teleports to safety. Liu Kang and Kung Lao are sealed in a metal cage and are about to die when suddenly the traps are disarmed - the present Jade joins Scorpion, informing him that their plan requires the two live, and explains that their deaths are caused by Raiden. Liu Kang ignores her, believing he and Kung Lao died due to their own mistakes. The monk chosen defeats Jade, while the other defeats Scorpion again. Scorpion retreats as the two Shaolin monks descend to the Dragon Grotto, although Kung Lao is worried they may be forced to face their future selves.

Meanwhile, Raiden goes to consult with the Elder Gods, asking for their help, but they reply that even they are in danger - the time merger has weakened their powers, and they too will be erased when Kronika creates her New Era. One of them, Cetrion, tells Raiden that to restore the momentum of time, he must find Kronika's Keep, and defeat her to take control of the Hourglass from her. The Thunder God also admits he is worried about the ruthless persons he adopts in the future, but the Elder Gods assure him that restoring the timeline will not set his destiny in stone, giving hope that he can avoid becoming Dark Raiden.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao enter the Dragon Grotto to find Kronika's construct extracting vials of Jinsei, but they are soon confronted by their Revenants. Both are horrified to discover that they do indeed die at Raiden's hand, but Liu Kang refuses to believe this. The four fight, with the past Liu Kang and Kung Lao emerging victorious. The construct then turns to fight, stating they should have listened to their present selves, only to be decapitated after Kung Lao throws his hat. Regardless, the construct reforms intact, and introduce himself as Geras - Kronika created him as a fixed point in time, and therefore he cannot die. Regardless, the chosen monk defeats Geras in kombat, while the other manages to secure the Jinsei vials.

Despite their victory, Kronika arrives at the Grotto and freezes both Liu Kang and Kung Lao in time - while Geras delivers the vials he obtained, he admits it is dangerous to keep them alive. Kronika responds that if they die, their present selves will cease to exist, and they are needed to defend the Keep. She returns to the Hourglass, explaining she now has the energy to begin reshaping the Sands of Destiny - she decides to have the Netherrealm's forces guard the Keep, while Shao Kahn plans to kill Kotal and retake his position as ruler of Outworld to secure its allegiance. Sektor, who also survived the time merger alongside Cyrax, has restarted the Cyber Lin Kuei and is converting warriors kidnapped from the Lin Kuei Palace at the old Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly.

Back at the Special Forces base, Raiden reunites with Liu Kang and Kung Lao, informing them that the Elder Gods cannot intervene. He also explains that he was indeed responsible for their future deaths, but promises that there are multiple timelines and that he will seek to preserve one where they live. The Thunder God then meets with Johnny, Cassie, and the past Sonya, who explain that they've managed to connect Netherrealm attacks with time anomalies, but also explains that the past Sektor was also brought to the present in the time merger, and is kidnapping Lin Kuei warriors to be converted into Cyber Lin Kuei at the restored factory. Fortunately, Sub-Zero is already on his way to shut the Assembly down, joined by Grandmaster Hanzo Hasashi, although Raiden is in disbelief that Scorpion is on their side in the present.


Playable: Liu Kang (Past) and Kung Lao (Past)
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Scorpion (Past) Shaolin Trap Dungeon
2 Jade (Present)
3 Kung Lao (Present)/Liu Kang (Present)* Wu Shi Dragon Grotto
4 Geras

*Whichever character is chosen will fight their present self - regardless of the player's choice, a mirror match will occur.

Chapter 4: Fire & Ice (Sub-Zero and Scorpion)[]

Kuai Liang has arrived outside the Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly and is surveying the facility with a telescope at the nearby quarry - Hanzo sneaks up on him as a test, and jokes that Kuai Liang's hearing is failing when he does not turn at first, but is eager to kill Sektor so that he may not threaten the Shirai Ryu as well. Sub-Zero explains the situation to Hanzo and points out a side entrance, where they can sneak into the factory safely. Inside, they find rooms littered with the gory remains of Lin Kuei warriors, which drives Kuai Liang to tears - Hanzo, having been through the same pain, assures him they will avenge the Lin Kuei that have been converted.

The two quickly hide, as they see both Cyrax and a cloaked figure (as from Chapter 2) walking through the room. Sub-Zero explains that Cyrax was converted against his will, so if they can disable his programming, he will regain his free will and shut down the Cyber Lin Kuei network from within. The two launch an attack, Sub-Zero freezing the cloak as Hanzo fights Sektor, but the cloak, revealed to be a cyberized Frost, quickly breaks free. Kuai Liang is in disbelief to see his old student turn on him, but Frost responds that she is sick of being doubted and held back, also believing Sub-Zero should never have made peace with Scorpion - therefore, she has sided with Kronika so that she will become Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei in the New Era. The chosen character defeats Frost as the other holds Cyrax off.

Cyrax manages to regain his footing and calls in a wave of Cyber Lin Kuei to assist him, responding that the Lin Kuei are simply acting to secure positions in the New Era and that anyone who opposes Kronika is a fool. The chosen character then defeats Cyrax as the other stops the wave of Cyber Lin Kuei, and Sub-Zero successfully disables the behavioral inhibitors on Cyrax, explaining to Hanzo that they must defend him until he reboots. However, Kuai Liang's late brother, Bi-Han a.k.a. Noob Saibot, arrives to stop them - he wishes to prevent his death at Scorpion's hand in the New Era, so he can lead the Lin Kuei as a force for evil. Noob is defeated by the chosen character, and Cyrax reboots shortly afterwards - he is horrified to discover what he has become, and is shocked to see that Sub-Zero and Scorpion are now close allies.

Before they can continue, however, Sektor arrives, disowning Sub-Zero for his allegiance with the Shirai Ryu. Sub-Zero and Hanzo manage to defeat him as Cyrax accesses the Lin Kuei network and prepares to shut it down - he begs not to be brought back in his current form, but Sub-Zero assures him that his soul is still intact, and that even if he will remain a machine, Cyrax will always be welcome in the clan so long as Sub-Zero is Grandmaster. With this, Kuai and Cyrax share their final goodbyes as the whole Cyber Lin Kuei shut down. As the factory collapses, Frost and Noob escape with Sektor's body while Sub-Zero and Hanzo escape to inform Raiden of the news.

Inside the Hourglass, Geras takes Erron Black and Kano to show them Sektor's damaged body - he explains that if he can be repaired, they can make a new army of Cyber Lin Kuei by cloning his body. While Erron comments that that would be difficult, Kano responds that if they have the tools, it can be done. He is then met with his present self, and is impressed that he remains a ripper even in middle age. The present Kano explains that in the New Era, the Black Dragon will be dominant in both the normal and black markets, convincing his younger self to aid him.


Playable: Scorpion (Present) and Sub-Zero
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Frost Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly
2 Cyrax
3 Noob Saibot
4 Sektor

Chapter 5: Truths Revealed (Jade)[]

The past Jade and Kotal scout the Lost Hive of the Kytinn, believing it is where Shao Kahn is located. They are ambushed by Revenant Jade and D'Vorah, who are eventually defeated.

After locating Shao Kahn at the Tarkatan Kamp, Jade fights Kollector, and then incapacitates the Tarkatans. As Kotal and his Osh-Tekk warriors prepare to execute the Tarkatans, Jade steps in, knowing how far he may go. She defeats Kotal in a fight before Shao Kahn arrives to capture them both.

Meanwhile Raiden attempts to consult with the Elder Gods once again, only to discover that their domain is in ruins. All of the Elder Gods are gone with the exception of one – the goddess of virtue, Cetrion. She reveals that Kronika is her mother, and Shinnok her brother. Kronika's plan is then revealed: she intends to restart time so as to restore balance between darkness (Shinnok) and light (Cetrion), which can only be maintained if the realms fight each other. However, as Dark Raiden decapitated Shinnok, the balance was damaged, which has prompted Kronika's desire to remove Raiden from the picture. Raiden then tells Cetrion that he will make sure Kronika does not succeed, but the goddess informs him that Shao Kahn has captured Kotal. Raiden then says that the Earthrealm warriors will keep fighting.


Playable: Jade (Past)
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Jade (Present) Lost Hive of The Kytinn
2 D'Vorah
3 Kollector Tarkatan War Kamp
4 Kotal Kahn

Chapter 6: War on the Homefront (Johnny Cage)[]

Back in the Special Forces base, past Jax tests his new cybernetic arms, and Jacqui talks with him about what happened to the present Jax: since his traumatic experiences as a revenant, and worst of all, the death of his wife Vera a year prior, Jax has become a shut-in, only feeling safe at the Briggs' farm.

Johnny starts to find common ground with his past self as they jointly admire Sonya, only for the younger Cage to ruin it by being crass and boastful. Johnny hauls him out to teach his younger self a lesson. Suddenly, the base is attacked by the Black Dragon and the Cyber Lin Kuei. The two Johnnys put differences aside, and fight back against the Black Dragon, before the younger Johnny is grazed on the cheek by a bullet, causing a faded scar to appear on the same spot for the present Cage. Driven into a rage, the younger Cage charges headlong into the melee, firing wildly and pushing back the Black Dragon henchmen, leaving his older counterpart to deal with the past Erron Black, who is still affiliated with the criminal group. Johnny questions the gunslinger's allegiance, since his present counterpart remains in a tenuous alliance with Earthrealm by virtue of staying in Kotal Kahn's service. Black responds that he always picks winners, to which Johnny counters that he chose poorly after defeating him. The elder Cage finds Cassie, alive but injured, who informs him that past Sonya has been captured. Johnny heads out to rescue her, commandeering a tank on his way to deal with the Cyber Lin Kuei.

Johnny's tank is taken out of commission when Sektor calls in a missile strike from an aircraft, but Johnny in turn lures the plane in and destroys it, evening the odds. Confronting the leader of the Cyber Lin Kuei, Johnny beats the cyborg, before he's challenged by the past Kano, who eats a punch to the groin for his troubles. Angered by the thug's threat to his wife and daughter, the Cage patriarch beats him down, before pressing a boot to his neck. Unfortunately, he is interrupted by a bullet to his knee, fired by the present Kano, who has also taken the younger Johnny hostage. The Special Forces have no choice but to watch as the Black Dragon leave with the past Sonya and Johnny in their clutches. Fortunately, Cassie places a tracker on their aircraft as it flies away.

However, their troubles are not over, as Kano had fitted Sektor with a nuclear bomb, which he activates during his exit. They are saved by the timely arrival of Raiden, who teleports them to the Shirai Ryu Fire Garden seconds before the explosion. The present Johnny Cage is out of commission for the rest of the battle to stop Kronika, recuperating from his injuries. As Raiden’s Sky Temple, Sub-Zero’s Lin Kuei army and Special Force HQ had been compromised, Hanzo welcomes the surviving Earthrealm allies to the Shirai Ryu's Fire Garden as the only safe haven left. The surviving Earthrealm’s heroes learns from the past Raiden that the other Elder Gods have ceased to exist, and Cetrion and Shinnok are Kronika’s children, realizing the fallen god's mother was directly responsible for one of the heroes’ past tragedies in many timelines. Raiden told his warriors that the traitor Cetrion informed him of Shao Kahn captured both Kotal Kahn and younger Jade. The younger Liu Kang ask Raiden to send him and younger Kung Lao back to Outworld and reunite with younger Kitana. Raiden is pleased and prays his Shaolin disciples to return victorious, almost slipped his mind to forget his fellow gods no longer exist, but himself.


Playable: Johhny Cage (Present)
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Johnny Cage (Past) Tank Garage Bunker
2 Erron Black (Past)
3 Sektor Special Forces Desert Command
4 Kano (Past)

Chapter 7: Coming of Age (Kitana)[]

Through the power of Kronika's sands of time, the past Kitana is transported to the present timeline along with the other kombatants. After a fierce fight in Kotal Kahn's arena, she congregates with the other "good" kombatants after D'Vorah transports the "bad" kombatants to her hive. She is instructed to seek out and recruit Sheeva, as her armies would prove useful to assist Kotal against Shao Kahn. However, Kitana, Liu Kang and Kung Lao must first confront Baraka, whose Tarkatan warriors are claimed by Sheeva as a necessary requirement for her to join their cause.

After saving Jade from Skarlet and convincing Baraka to join her, Kitana, along with her allies, invade the Koliseum. After defeating Kollector, Kitana then fights Shao Kahn. She manages to defeat him, and slashes his face with her fan, blinding him. Due to his serious injuries from his fight against Shao Kahn, Kotal Kahn relinquishes his title to Kitana as the new Kahn of Outworld.

At the Fire Garden, Cassie prepares to rescue her parents’ younger-selves. As her time is limited to save her younger parents, if either of her parents dies, Cassie will cease to exist, much to Raiden’s fear.


Playable: Kitana (Past)
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Skarlet Tarkatan War Kamp
2 Baraka
3 Kollector Kotal's Koliseum
4 Shao Kahn

Chapter 8: Fight Club (Sonya Blade)[]

Sonya wakes up locked up in a cage, where both Kanos organize illegal fights. They send the past Kabal to fight her, with the present day Kano telling him that it was Sonya who disfigured his face. When the past Kano asks if that's true, his older self tells him that he only made it up to motivate Kabal in his fight. After Sonya defeats Kabal, she demands to fight both Kanos, but instead they bring up her next opponent – the younger Johnny Cage, who is in bad shape. While Sonya refuses to fight him, Johnny insists, telling her that fighting will buy them time.

Cassie infiltrates the fight club and they engage in battle with the Black Dragon members. Both Kanos then send the younger Erron Black to deal with Sonya and Johnny, shooting Cage in the arm. But before he can finish him off, Sonya interferes and eventually defeats him. Cassie then arrives in the cage, freeing both. As they are escaping, the older Kano attacks them armed with a minigun. Whilst the trio hide behind a truck, Kano uses his cybernetic eye to find their hiding spot, injuring Cassie as she tried to surprise him. Kano then closes in to finish the job, but is blindsided by Sonya. With his munitions deplete, Sonya uses her gauntlets to disarm him.

After being disarmed and knocked down, Kano tosses his knife at Sonya and begins to run. Going after him, Sonya is ambushed by the younger Kano. Both Kanos begin to taunt her, with the older Kano lamenting that it should have been him who killed her. After defeating the younger Kano, Sonya is confronted again by the older Kano, who holds Johnny hostage. He reminds her that should he kill Johnny, Cassie will be gone as well. Sonya thanks him for reminding her of the rules. She pulls out a pistol and promptly shoots the younger Kano in the other eye, killing him instantly. With his younger counterpart's death, the older Kano also gets the same wound on his eye that his past self had before he vanishes into sand moments later.

A medical crew then tends to Johnny and Cassie, with Johnny inviting Sonya to dinner as gratitude for saving his life. But before the trio can escape, Geras arrives to confront Sonya, telling her that Kronika has sent him to avenge Shinnok's defeat at the hands of Cassie Cage. After he's defeated, Cassie rams him with a forklift, pinning him to a garage door, before throwing a grenade in for good measure. Sonya apologizes to Cassie, stating that she was wrong to blame Cassie for the death of the older Sonya. As the two embrace, Geras begins to regenerate, confirming Liu Kang and Kung Lao’s warning about him, and forcing the trio to evacuate immediately.

Back at Kronika's isle, Kronika and the revenants are displeased with how the tide has turned against them with the loss of the Outworld army and the Black Dragon. But Kronika tells them that Raiden's allies fighting Shao Kahn and Kano has bought her precious time to finish off her work at Shang Tsung's Island.


Playable: Sonya Blade (Past)
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Kabal (Past) Black Dragon Fight Club
2 Erron Black (Past)
3 Kano (Past) Black Market Alley
4 Geras

Chapter 9: All in the Family (Jax and Jacqui Briggs)[]

Jacqui and the past Jax arrive at Shang Tsung's Courtyard in an attempt to find Kronika's crown. The Briggs' approach the old Courtyard, only to find corpses of the decayed shaolin monks, realizing that the island has been abandoned since after the first tournament. The revenants of Jade and Kabal ambush them, but are easily defeated.

After Jax and Jacqui defeat the duo, they continue on further into Goro's Lair in search for the crown. While walking along the cavernous corridors of the lair, Jax remembers how he was imprisoned prior to the first Mortal Kombat tournament. They approach the Well of Souls, only to be ambushed by Noob Saibot and his clones. Jacqui demands to know who Noob is, and he reveals his identity as Bi-Han, whom Jax confirms as the previous Sub-Zero, who had been killed by Scorpion. The two manage to defeat Noob and his shadowy clones, and take the crown. They are then shocked by the sudden arrival of the present Jax, who reveals that he has sided with Kronika in an attempt to alter time, so that his daughter will never become a soldier. The younger Jax berates his older self, stating that his suffering is no excuse for betraying his unit and family. This leads to a showdown between past and present Jax, before the younger Jax defeats his present self.

The Briggs' start to leave Goro's Lair. Cetrion arrives, and convinces them that the crown belongs to her mother. Both Jacqui and Jax refuse to surrender the crown, so Cetrion opens a fissure that swallows Jacqui, leaving her hanging over a cavernous pit. Cetrion tells Jax to surrender the crown, in return for sparing Jacqui's life. The older Jax begs his younger self to relinquish the crown for Jacqui's sake, and, reluctantly, past Jax agrees, tossing the crown to his older self. Cetrion keeps her word, reversing her spell to save Jacqui. Jacqui angrily demands how her father can do this to her, which prompts him to respond that he's doing it for her. Cetrion and the present-day Jax then teleport back to Kronika's keep.

Pleased with her daughter's actions, Kronika puts on the crown to reform the timeline. Jax, however, is not satisfied for what he has done, unlike his younger counterpart after he saved his daughter from her fate.

Back to the Fire Garden, Cassie tells Raiden that Kronika has her crown. Raiden tells her that he cannot bear the dark power of Shinnok's amulet.


Playable: Jax Briggs (Past) and Jacqui Briggs
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Kabal (Present) Shang Tsung's Island Ruins
2 Jade (Present)
3 Noob Saibot Goro’s Lair
4 Jax (Present)*
5 Cetrion Shang Tsung's Island Ruins

*As Jax (Past)

Chapter 10: To Hell and Back (Scorpion)[]

Hanzo and Kuai Liang are at Kharon's home, the Sea of Blood. They see Cetrion, along with Demons and Cyborgs, teleport away. He tells Kuai that Kharon is their best and only hope to get to Kronika's Hourglass, and instructs the Grandmaster to return to Earthrealm and tell the others that they have found him. Hanzo rescues Kharon from D'Vorah's clutches, who was torturing Kharon for refusing to assist Kronika, defeating her in combat. Scorpion later arrives to confront his present, living counterpart. He tells Hanzo that he believes Kronika can restore the Shirai Ryu to their true potential and original bloodline, viewing Hanzo's rebuilt Shirai Ryu as tainted and imperfect. The two Scorpions clash, resulting in the victory of the present Hanzo, who knows that his past self only sides with Kronika just to restore their wife Harumi, and their son Satoshi, not including other original Shirai-Ryu clansmen. Hanzo tells Scorpion that one of Kronika's goals would be to resurrect Shinnok, the very being responsible for their family and clan's demise.

Hanzo is ambushed by D'Vorah, who stabs him with her pincers, fatally injecting him with her venom. Scorpion, convinced by Hanzo's words, slices off her pincers and forces her to retreat. Scorpion's dying counterpart implores him to seek out Raiden and the others at the Shirai Ryu Fire Gardens, and tells him that the Shirai Ryu are defined by their heart, not blood, before dying in Scorpion's arms.

As per Hanzo's wishes, the past Scorpion returns in his place to Raiden's base of operations to see the Fire Gardens rebuilt, realizing that his present self was right. He is attacked by a suspicious Sub-Zero, managing to defeat the Lin Kuei Grandmaster, but is electrocuted by Raiden. Scorpion then defeats Raiden and tries to tell him that Kharon is on his way with his fleet.


Playable: Scorpion (Present/Past)
Fight Opponent Stage
1 D'Vorah Sea of Blood
2 Scorpion (Past)
3 Sub-Zero Shirai Ryu Fire Garden
4 Raiden (Past)

Chapter 11: Cutting the Strings (Raiden)[]

Liu Kang tries to reason with Raiden, saying that Scorpion may be telling the truth. Raiden refuses to listen and attacks Scorpion using Shinnok's amulet. After Liu Kang tries to stop him, Raiden attacks him with the amulet as well, saying that their time has run out and he has got to save Earthrealm. After the battle, Liu Kang decides that the Revenants were actually right, and that Raiden cannot be trusted. Raiden replies that he does not need trust, but demands obedience, his eyes and lightning now glowing red. As Liu Kang prepares to use his fire power against him, Raiden comes to a realization: "This has happened before". He begins seeing visions of himself and Liu Kang fighting each other in various places and alternate timelines. The locations shown are the Rooftop in Mortal Kombat (2011), the Pyramid of Argus in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, and supposedly, Apokolips in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Recoiling in horror, Raiden drops Shinnok's amulet.

He realizes that the only reason why he and Liu Kang were fighting is because Kronika has always wanted it to happen. After that, he proceeds to heal Scorpion and apologizes to him, saying that he was very easily driven to anger. While Liu Kang and the others initially fail to understand what is happening, Raiden explains that Kronika has restarted time on multiple occasions, with each timeline pitting him and Liu Kang against each other, and Liu Kang dying in each battle. Just when Raiden assures the others that Kronika will no longer control them, time is frozen and everyone else along with it, with the exception of Raiden. Kronika arrives, and tells the Thunder God that the combined powers of both Raiden and Liu Kang pose a threat to her vision of the timeline, which is why she has always set them against each other. Raiden then threatens her that this timeline will end differently, but Kronika rejects his claims, stating that they have had the same conversation multiple times, but it has never changed the outcome. She then challenges him to confront her one final time, but without Liu Kang by his side. As time resumes, Kronika takes Liu Kang to her isle, where his revenant counterpart steals his soul to increase his own strength.

Shortly after, Raiden and his allies are on board Kharon's fleet for the final battle. But against them, Frost and Geras are leading a large ship with Cyber Lin Kuei warriors. Kharon says that his fleet is not prepared for battle, but Raiden assures him that the ships will be protected by the combined forces. As the ships collide, the Cyber Lin Kuei attack. Present day Jax is then sent to fight Raiden in a losing effort. Raiden successfully convinces him that Kronika has manipulated him all along, which causes Jax to turn on Kronika's forces. Then Geras fights and loses to the Thunder God, who binds him to a chain and anchor. Geras says that drowning cannot kill him, but Raiden tells him that the Sea of Blood is bottomless and he will sink forever. After this, Geras is dragged into the Sea of Blood. Frost then appears to Raiden, telling him that the Cyber Lin Kuei are under her command, and challenges him. After defeating her, Raiden short circuits Frost's head, causing the connection to sever and shutting down the entire Cyber Lin Kuei army.

In the meantime, the revenant Liu Kang has absorbed the soul of his mortal counterpart and goes after Kharon's fleet to challenge Raiden. When the two confront each other, Liu Kang attacks Raiden knocking him back. Raiden is shocked that Liu Kang has taken his own soul, to which Liu Kang replies that this was a lesson Raiden taught him: to fight his enemies by any means necessary. After defeating the revenant, Raiden tells Liu Kang that he has overcome the darkness within himself and that Liu Kang must do the same. While Liu Kang demands him that he has to kill him, Raiden says that he'd rather save him and not repeat the same event all over again. He grabs and encircles Liu Kang in a lightning force field. During this, the mortal Liu Kang gets teleported out of Kronika's Keep to the lightning force field. Shortly after, the force field dissipates. The result is a merged form of Raiden and Liu Kang – Fire God Liu Kang.


Playable: Raiden (Past)
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Liu Kang (Past) Shirai Ryu Fire Garden
2 Jax (Present) Kharon's Ship
3 Geras
4 Frost
5 Liu Kang (Present)

Chapter 12: End of an Era (Fire God Liu Kang)[]

Thanks to Raiden's and Liu Kang's combined powers, Earthrealmers and Outworlders realize that, this time, they might have a chance to beat Kronika. The armies of Earthrealm and Outworld begin their assault on Kronika's Keep, with Liu Kang's new abilities wiping out several Netherrealm legions to get through. Once inside, however, a shocked Kronika wastes no time, and has her revenant minions attack Liu Kang. In the process, Liu Kang manages to defeat all the revenant counterparts of his friends. Frustrated, Kronika summons Cetrion to fight Liu Kang, who exploits her servitude to her mother to defeat her. After witnessing her daughter's defeat, Kronika then gives Cetrion one final order. Cetrion has her own essence absorbed into Kronika, making her all-powerful. Kronika then reverses time to the primordial state of the universe, erasing everyone from existence. Fire God Liu Kang is left unaffected due to his godly status. The two eventually get into a final battle to determine the upcoming fate of the New Era.


Playable: Fire God Liu Kang
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Kitana (Present) Kronika's Hourglass
2 Kung Lao (Present)
3 Cetrion
4 Kronika Prehistoric Age/Chaotian Age*

*The fight starts in the Prehistoric Age stage. If Kronika wins a round, the stage changes to the Chaotian Age as she successfully erases the timeline.


Depending on the outcome of the fight between Fire God Liu Kang and Kronika, one of these three endings will play:

  • Kronika Ending: Kronika wins the fight, regardless of whether or not Liu Kang won a round
    • Kronika decapitates Liu Kang in the same manner that Dark Raiden did to Shinnok in the prologue. She then declares the beginning of the New Era, ushering in the new timeline of her own creation.
  • Canonical Ending: Fire God Liu Kang wins the fight during the Chaotian Age, i.e. he lost a round
    • Liu Kang heats Kronika into glass with his fire and proceeds to shatter her, killing her. Liu Kang encounters Raiden, now a mortal, who thanks the Shaolin monk for his service in defending Earthrealm and declares him worthy of becoming his successor. As Liu Kang has now defeated Kronika, he has taken her place as the Keeper of Time, allowing him to shape the Sands of Destiny, so he must now rebuild time. Liu Kang objects, stating that he cannot perform this duty alone. In response, Raiden offers to accompany him and serve as his advisor for as long as his mortal lifespan allows. This is the canon ending leading up to the second part of the Story Mode, Aftermath.
  • Alternate Ending: Fire God Liu Kang wins the fight during the Prehistoric Age, i.e. he wins two rounds straight
    • Liu Kang kills Kronika in the same manner as in the Canonical Ending. The events of the Canon Ending play out, but since Kronika has not fully erased the timeline, instead of offering to serve, Raiden suggests Liu Kang choose someone to share his duty with. Knowing that Liu Kang will choose Kitana, Raiden bids goodbye to Liu Kang, who promises to meet him again in the new timeline. Later, Liu Kang and Kitana find themselves at the dawn of time, preparing to make a New Era. Kitana worries that they cannot plan for every possibility and mortal choice, but Liu Kang assures her they will face any future threats together.

Part 2: Aftermath[]


Following the Aftermath Ending of the main story, Liu Kang prepares to create his New Era, but suddenly a portal of fire opens beside him and Raiden, with a familiar voice ordering the Fire God to stop before he dooms everyone. To both their shock, the past versions of Shang Tsung and Nightwolf emerge from the portal, accompanied by Fujin. While Raiden furiously chides the sorcerer for spreading deceit even at the dawn of time, Shang Tsung elaborates - when Liu Kang killed Kronika, he also destroyed her Crown - if Liu Kang tries to use the Hourglass without the Crown, it will shatter and the realms will cease to exist. Fujin confirms this, explaining that all of Kronika's actions were done to ensure her Crown would be prepared, and that she wouldn't dare restart history without it.

As Liu Kang stops, Nightwolf tells them that Kronika attempted to convince all three of them to aid her, promising each places in her New Era - when they refused, she banished them to a Void beyond time, where they would remain, helpless to intervene in events, until Kronika's death freed them. Shang Tsung suggests that while the Hourglass cannot change events, it still send someone back to the past, where they can obtain the Crown. While Liu Kang volunteers to go, Shang Tsung replies that this would be too risky - Kronika must never obtain her Crown in the first place to guarantee the plan's success, and volunteers to be sent back to his island to retrieve the Crown before Kronika sends Cetrion to take it, then he delivers it to Raiden and they defeat Kronika once again.

Raiden refuses to believe him, but Shang Tsung reminds him that he knows Kronika's secrets and is telling the truth about the Crown. As the group discuss what is to be done, it is revealed that Kronika created Shang Tsung specifically so his souls would provide a power source for her Crown, and she betrayed him once his purpose had been served. Eventually, Liu Kang agrees to Shang Tsung's plan - he and Raiden will remain behind to operate the Hourglass, while Shang Tsung, accompanied by Nightwolf and Fujin to supervise, will return to the past. With this, the temporary alliance is sent back to the time merger...

Chapter 13: Time's Arrow (Nightwolf)[]

Shang Tsung, Fujin, and Nightwolf are brought back to the past, only to find themselves in Kitana's battle against Shao Kahn. With the battle going on, they hurried to the Beast Pen, only to draw suspicion by the Kollector. He follows them into the Beast Pen and lets loose two of the beasts. Shang Tsung and Fujin deal with the beasts while Nightwolf defeats the Kollector. During the time, Kitana has defeated Shao Kahn and was named the new Kahn. With the crowd distracted, they safely escaped the Koliseum. However, since they were seen by others during their arrival, they cannot just go to Shang Tsung's island. It is very likely that Kronika would be alerted of their presence. Seeing that they cannot enlist their past allies' help without altering the current timeline. Shang Tsung suggests on reviving Sindel, since she plays no part in the events to come. To do so, they must first acquire energy from Earth's Jinsei Chamber to heal her body and use Outworld's Soul Chamber to free her from Quan Chi's influence.

While in the Jinsei Chamber, they encounter Frost and Geras and eventually defeat them. Geras is sent to the Chaosrealm. On their trip to the Netherrealm, they are captured by revenant Liu Kang and his minions and taken to Shinnok's Bone Temple. As the decapitated and still living head of Shinnok watches on, the revenants of Nightwolf and Sindel prepares to torture Shang Tsung, Nightwolf and Fujin. Nightwolf manages to free himself and the others, and defeats Sindel and his revenant self. However, Shang Tsung is mortally wounded and Nightwolf is forced to let him drain the soul energy out of his revenant to recover. Taking the unconscious body of revenant Sindel with them, Nightwolf and the others head back to Outworld for Sheeva's aid.


Playable: Nightwolf (Past)
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Kollector Koliseum Beast Pen
2 Frost Shaolin Trap Dungeon
3 Geras
4 Sindel (Revenant) Shinnok's Bone Temple
5 Nightwolf (Present)

Chapter 14: Guardian for Life (Sheeva)[]

On the way to Outworld's Soul Chamber, Nightwolf, Shang Tsung, Fujin, and Sheeva carry the coffin holding Sindel's Revenant self in it, with Shang Tsung disguising as a Shokan troop. They have to make their way through the Kahn's acid pits, the Dead Pool, in order to reach the Soul Chamber. The squad almost makes it past the Dead Pool but then they are caught by Baraka, and Erron Black, who are accompanied by several more Tarkatan warriors. Sheeva tries to talk Baraka out of the situation when Baraka senses that the Shokan holding the coffin was Shang Tsung. He walks behind Shang Tsung, smell his scent and stabs him from the back, forcing the sorcerer to reveal his true human form. Baraka and Erron, who are surprised by Shang Tsung being alive, attack them. But Erron proposes that Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Sheeva and Fujin will come with him and Baraka quietly so that nobody will get hurt. But they decline this deal and the Tarkatans attack Shang Tsung, who accidentally made one of them fell into the acid and they all watch as the Tarkatan trooper dissolves. Jade comes along after Baraka and Erron are knocked out and also gets beaten down.

They reach the Soul Chamber, where they see Kotal Kahn healing himself due to the injuries he got from fighting Shao Kahn. Kotal leaves the soul well and gets held back by Sheeva. Kitana attempts to stop the sorcerer, before Sheeva intervenes. With the essence of the Jinsei, Sindel was brought back to life. She then have a reunion with her daughter, Kitana, and tells her about her first death at the hands of Quan Chi.

Kronika meanwhile sent her daughter Cetrion to Shang Tsung's former island, in order to take the crown immediately.


Playable: Sheeva
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Baraka Dead Pool
2 Erron Black (Present)
3 Jade (Past)
4 Kotal Kahn Soul Chamber
5 Kitana (Past)

Chapter 15: Winds of Change (Fujin)[]

Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Sindel and Fujin have arrived to his island, now in ruins, to find Kronika's Crown. They are ambushed by the revenants of Kabal and Jade, but manage to defeat them. Nightwolf and Sindel remains on the topside to deal with Cetrion, while Shang Tsung and Fujin search for the crown in Goro's Lair. While walking along the cavernous corridors of the lair, Fujin questions the sorcerer on how long he will betray them. They approach the Well of Souls, only to be confronted by Jax and Noob Saibot. Fujin defeats Noob and stops Shang Tsung from draining Jax's soul. After defeating Jax, Fujin manages to talk him into joining forces against Kronika.

Outside, Sindel and Nightwolf are fighting Cetrion. After Cetrion subdues Nightwolf, he tries to sacrifice himself to defeat Cetrion, but Sindel intervenes and fights the Elder God. With Cetrion incapacitated, Shang Tsung, Fujin and Jax emerge from Goro's Lair and Shang Tsung teleports Cetrion away. With the Crown in hands, a Special Forces team led by Jacqui and past Jax ambushes the group, but present Jax manages to talk them down and explain the situation. Sindel has Shang Tsung send her back to Outworld and Nightwolf decides to accompany the Briggs', while Fujin and Shang Tsung go to the Fire Gardens to deliver the Crown to Raiden. At Kronika's Hourglass, Cetrion informs her mother of her failure to retrieve the Crown. Knowing this, Kronika decides that Shang Tsung is now a threat to her master plan, vowing to stop him.

In the Fire Gardens, the past Scorpion surprises both Sub-Zero and the past Liu Kang, who leaves to warn Raiden. Sub-Zero is distrustful of Scorpion, but before a kombat ensues, Shang Tsung and Fujin emerge from a portal, requesting to talk to Raiden. Believing this to be Shang Tsung's trick, Sub-Zero freezes the sorcerer and asks for Scorpion's assistance in fighting Fujin, but both ninja are defeated. After their defeat, Fujin frees Shang Tsung from being frozen with the help of his plasma crossbow. Raiden arrives with Liu Kang and questions Fujin on his allegiance with Shang Tsung. They present the Crown and voice their plan of using it to defeat Kronika, but Raiden, under Shinnok's amulet's influence, refuses to believe the sorcerer and attacks him. He tries to attack Liu Kang as well, but Fujin intervenes and defeats him. Regretful, Raiden puts down the amulet and realizes that he have let himself to become a slave to anger, within Shinnok's amulet. So he decides he will not use it anymore and to listen.

The warriors regroup and Fujin explains how Raiden turns Liu Kang into a Fire God, but before he could explain more, Kronika teleports to the Fire Gardens and freezes the warriors in time, sparing only Raiden, Shang Tsung and Fujin. Kronika confronts Shang Tsung and Fujin about her defeat and reveals that the Crown was Shang Tsung's design, before warning that he will eventually betray them. Raiden states that she will be finished and if Shang Tsung betrays them, they will have to finish him too. They attack Kronika, but she freezes Raiden and Shang Tsung in time. She then create a sandstorm, which will end their existence. However, Fujin puts the Crown on before he is frozen as well and unfreezes Raiden and Shang Tsung, who both help him in sending Kronika away. The other warriors are unfrozen and prepare for the upcoming battle at Kronika's Isle.


Playable: Fujin
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Kabal (Present) Shang Tsung's Island Ruins
2 Noob Saibot Goro's Lair
3 Jax (Present)
4 Cetrion* Shang Tsung's Island Ruins
5 Scorpion (Past) and Sub-Zero Shirai Ryu Fire Garden
6 Raiden (Past)

*As Sindel

Chapter 16: Visions of Empire (Sindel and Shao Kahn)[]

In the Outworld castle, Sindel secretly spoke with Shang Tsung on how Kitana was a fool for working alongside with Raiden. After her conversation ended, Kitana entered her room and Sindel falsely greeted her. When Shao Kahn was being tortured by two Shokans, Sindel killed them to rescue Shao Kahn. The two planned on dethroning Kitana. As Sheeva overheard the conversation, the two clashed, leading to Sheeva's defeat. More Shokans arrived and discovered Sheeva's unconscious body. Sindel pins the blame on Kitana, leading the Shokans to join her against Kitana to avenge Sheeva.

Geras, wearing new armor, confronts Sindel and the rejuvenated Shao Kahn in the Soul Chamber, and demands their services to Kronika. Feeling betrayed by Kronika due to Kitana gaining the Outworld throne, Shao Kahn refuses his services and instead decides to attack the construct with Sindel. Being defeated, Sindel knocks a weakened Geras away where Shao Kahn approaches and mercilessly beats a downed Geras over the head repeatedly with his wrath hammer, completely destroying his head with one final slam.

Shao Kahn and Sindel went on a mission to intervene in the battle between Raiden and Kronika's forces to seize the Hourglass for themselves. They defeated Sonya, Cassie and past Johnny, seizing their ships that they were planning to take across the Sea of Blood. Dumping cargo to increase their speed, they caught up to Kitana Kahn's ship. While Kitana lost contact with the Shokan, Commander Cage, and the Special Forces, Kung Lao suspected Sindel's betrayal, but Kitana denies it. Kitana uses her scope to check the incoming fleet, only to discover Sindel's betrayal. In the keep, Kronika manipulates all Outworlders to fight against each other with the Hourglass.

Boarding the vessel, they fight Kung Lao and throw him overboard into the Sea of Blood. Kotal and Jade confront Shao Kahn and Sindel, only to be brutally struck down. Kitana pleads with her mother to stop the chaos, questioning what spell Shao Kahn had used on her. In reality, Sindel was never bewitched. She willingly married Shao Kahn. She explained why she betrayed Jerrod and to strengthen her bond with Shao Kahn, she helped him kill her husband. Much to Kitana's disgust, she clashes with her mother and is defeated. Shao Kahn then fights Liu Kang and defeats him. He and Sindel then lie to all of Kitana's soldiers (Osh-Tekks and Tarkatans) by saying that Kitana is the traitor and a bad leader. With all of her soldiers betraying her, the injured Kitana reaches for the injured Liu Kang's hand, only to be crushed by Shao Kahn. Sindel wants Kitana to be put in chains to suffer the 'anguish of defeat' and Shao Kahn summons his hammer with an evil grin.


Playable: Sindel and Shao Kahn
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Sheeva* Koliseum Beast Pen
2 Geras Soul Chamber
3 Cassie Cage Sea of Blood
4 Johnny Cage (Past)
5 Kung Lao (Past) Kharon's Ship
6 Liu Kang (Past)/Kitana (Past)**

*As Sindel
**The character fought depends on the player's choice: Sindel faces Kitana, Shao Kahn faces Liu Kang.

Chapter 17: Checkmate (Shang Tsung)[]

Meanwhile, as the rest of the Forces of Light march on Kronika's Keep, Raiden sees the present Liu Kang and Kitana watching them from afar, and declares that they must quickly capture the former. Fujin puts on the Crown and uses it to blast the gate open with a blast of wind, though the Crown's power proves too much and incapacitates him. Raiden leads the charge into the Keep, and the final battle begins once again - he encounters Liu Kang, but before the battle that would lead to him giving up his power to create Fire God Liu Kang can begin, Liu Kang's legs suddenly shatter, incapacitating him - this is caused by Shao Kahn having broken the past Liu Kang's legs back on the ship. Raiden is horrified to see the ship arrive at the Keep, with Kotal's severed head rolling off of the ramp as Shao Kahn and Sindel make their entrance. Fujin and the present Jax see this, and quickly fly back to warn Raiden.

Raiden tells Fujin to give him the Crown, saying that he must use it to defeat them - while Fujin tells him to save his strength for Liu Kang, the Thunder God responds that the Crown is their burden to share. Fujin gives Raiden the Crown, but as he does so, the real Raiden arrives to stop them, revealing Fujin gave the Crown to a disguised Shang Tsung instead. The sorcerer mocks Fujin's lack of vigilance before donning the Crown, creating a burst of green light that restores his youth and grants him immense power. Realizing this has been Shang Tsung's plan all along, Raiden and Fujin attack, but are incapacitated, so Nightwolf arrives to aid them. Despite his aid, Shang Tsung easily overpowers and defeats all three. Shang Tsung then uses his magic to steal parts of both Raiden and Fujin's souls, gaining their power, but leaves them just barely alive instead of finishing the process. Shao Kahn questions this, but Shang Tsung explains that they can siphon their power for all eternity this way.

With the Forces of Darkness having prevailed in the final battle, the present Kitana, Kung Lao, and Jade arrive to warn Kronika - knowing that they can still win if they defeat Shang Tsung, Kronika siphons Cetrion's essence to empower them. As she does so, however, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, and Sindel manage to battle their way inside the Hourglass, and they easily defeat and kill the revenants in kombat. With Kronika vulnerable, Shao Kahn and Sindel prepare to finish her, but are suddenly betrayed by Shang Tsung, who declares that it is his destiny to defeat Kronika and rule over all the realms. Furious, Shao Kahn and Sindel attack, but the Crown's power proves too much for them to take - Shang Tsung easily defeats both tyrants, taking their souls. Kronika is astonished at the depth of Shang Tsung's treachery, but refuses to concede nonetheless and battles him.

Shang Tsung prevails victorious, taking Kronika's soul. Having gained the combined power of all his defeated opponents, he declares that time and destiny are now his to command, and that he will create the New Era for himself. Before he can begin sculpting the Sands of Destiny in the Hourglass, however, a portal of fire suddenly opens behind him, and Fire God Liu Kang shows up from the portal. He reveals that he never needed to stay at the Hourglass to operate it, causing Shang Tsung to realize - the Hourglass showed that only he could successfully use the Crown against Kronika, so Liu Kang allowed him to enact his master plan to secure it. Shang Tsung praises his plan, calling it "deliciously cold-blooded", but Liu Kang tells the sorcerer that while his friends may have perished because of it, they are not gone - he will take the Crown, and create his own New Era where they shall live again.

With this, the two prepare to engage in one final battle that will decide the fate of the entire Mortal Kombat universe, where their history would at last come full-circle...


Playable: Shang Tsung
Fight Opponent Stage
1 Nightwolf (Past) Kronika's Keep
2 Fujin and Raiden (Past)
3 Shao Kahn and Sindel Kronika's Hourglass
4 Kronika
5 Shang Tsung/Fire God Liu Kang*

*Before the final battle, the player is prompted to "Choose Your Final Destiny" by selecting a character to side with. The chosen character will be whom the player controls during the fight, thus determining the victor and the ending of the Story Mode.


Depending on the outcome of the fight between Fire God Liu Kang and Shang Tsung, one of these two endings will play:

  • Liu Kang Ending: Fire God Liu Kang wins the fight
    • Liu Kang uses the Hourglass to strike Shang Tsung with the Sands of Destiny, erasing him from history so that no timeline may ever suffer under his influence again. He then takes the Crown off of Shang Tsung as the sorcerer's body crumbles into sand. Once he puts the crown on, Liu Kang gains the power he needs to create the New Era. Here, Liu Kang visits the Wu Shi Academy in the Current Timeline, where he meets the Great Kung Lao, Kung Lao's ancestor and a humble blacksmith in this timeline. Liu Kang greets him and informs him that he has been selected to be his Chosen One, and takes him off to be trained for his duty.
  • Shang Tsung Ending: Shang Tsung wins the fight
    • Shang Tsung absorbs Liu Kang's soul, killing the Fire God. With all threats disposed of, Shang Tsung uses his newfound power over the Hourglass to create his own New Era. In this timeline, Dark Raiden and Fujin, now his enslaved minions, arrive at his throne between realms to inform him that Earthrealm, Outworld, and the Netherrealm have all been conquered under his influence, and that Orderrealm and Chaosrealm are next. Shang Tsung chuckles diabolically as his master plan has worked according to his will, declaring that "It has begun".
  • Mortal Kombat 1 reveals that both endings are canonical, as the final battle ripped apart the fabric of time, creating two co-existing timelines, the one where Shang Tsung wins, and the one where Liu Kang wins. Elements from the game's Arcade ending, such as characters becoming Keepers of Time, is also used with various characters such as Kitana, Kung Lao, and Raiden. This concept is also used in the non-canon animated film Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind, in which elements of Kano's Arcade ending, particularly him seizing Kronika's Hourglass, is used as a major plot point in the film.


  • Unless already unlocked via microtransaction, Frost is unlocked by completing Chapter 4 of the Story Mode.
  • The Prehistoric Age and Chaotian Age stages are unlocked by completing Chapter 1: Mortal Kombat 11.
  • The titles of Chapter 3 & 4 ("Shaolin Monks") and ("Fire & Ice") are references to the spin-off games of the same name, although only the former was ever developed. Both games also starred (or planned to star) the same playable characters: Liu Kang and Kung Lao, and Sub-Zero and Scorpion, respectively.
  • Jacqui Briggs is the only playable character who is not fought as an opponent throughout the Story Mode.
    • However, she can be summoned by Kronika in the fight against her.
    • This also applied to Cassie Cage until Aftermath came out, in which she is fought in Chapter 16 by Sindel and Shao Kahn.
    • Counting their present and past versions as separate characters, then present Johnny Cage, present Scorpion, present Raiden, present Kano, past Sonya and past Jax are never fought as opponents during the story. Their past/present counterparts are fought at least once during the story though.
      • In fact, present Sonya, past Johnny Cage and past Raiden are fought once in the main story: Sonya is fought by her daughter Cassie, Johnny by his present self, and past Raiden by past Scorpion.
        • The same goes with other characters in the main story: Cyrax, who is fought by Sub-Zero and Scorpion; Kotal Kahn, fought by Jade; past Kabal, fought by past Sonya; Sub-Zero, fought by past Scorpion; and Kronika, fought by Fire God Liu Kang.
          • In Aftermath there are some other characters that are fought once: both versions of Nightwolf, present version is fought by his past self, and past version by Shang Tsung; present Erron Black and past Jade, fought by Sheeva, who is fought by Sindel and Shao Kahn, alongside past Kung Lao; Fujin, fought by Shang Tsung, and Shang Tsung by Fire God Liu Kang, depending of the player's choice.
  • Cyrax and Sektor are the only Story Mode opponents who are unplayable in the game, besides Kronika.
  • Scorpion and Liu Kang are the only playable characters in the Story Mode who appear as playable in two separate chapters.
  • Cassie, Jacqui, and Kotal Kahn are the only new timeline characters playable in the Story Mode.
  • Raiden is the only playable character in the Story Mode chapter where he faced one of his opponents twice, Liu Kang (both past as humans and present as revenants).
  • Johnny Cage and Scorpion are the only two characters who fought their past-selves and won.
    • Although Jax is the opposite, as he instead fought his present-self.
  • Jade, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, and Nightwolf are the only four characters who fought their Revenant counterparts. Kitana and Kabal never meet their present selves, and so no mirror match occurs for them. Something similar goes with Scorpion, who met his spectre counterpart.
  • The characters who have team-up scenes between past and present-selves are Kano, Johnny Cage, Jax and Scorpion. However, Scorpion was only temporary due to his present-self’s death at the same time.
  • Sonya Blade is the only playable fighter whose present-self died before the time merger begins.
    • Although Raiden’s present-self only ceases to exist when the time merger is complete.
  • Liu Kang and Kung Lao are the only characters to encounter their revenant counterpart twice.
    • Although Jax is the opposite, as his present-self has been reformed by Raiden during their second encounter.
  • Erron Black and Kitana are the only fighters who only met between their past and present counterparts for a few seconds in cutscene only.
  • Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot, Sindel and Sheeva are the only klassic trilogy characters who never have their past-selves present.
    • The same goes with Rain, who himself never appears in the Story Mode.
  • Erron Black is the only non-klassic character to have both past and present-selves, while Skarlet is the only non-klassic character who only appear as her time-displaced past-self.
  • Geras is the most fought opponent, he is fought five times, by past Liu Kang and past Kung Lao, past Sonya, past Raiden, past Nightwolf, and Sindel and Shao Kahn.
    • Although in the main story, he is fought just three times, alongside past Erron Black, both versions of Kabal, present Jade and both bersions of Liu Kang, he is still the most fought opponent anyway, because he is has two more fights in Aftermath, instead of one just like the previous mentioned characters (or just Kabal and Liu Kang, if counting separate versions).
  • Sonya, Kano, Skarlet and D'Vorah are the only playable character who are fought only in the main story, in opposite to Cassie Cage and the characters added in Aftermath. Cyrax and Sektor do not count, despite being present only in the main story.
    • Counting separate versions, present Kitana, past Erron Black, present Jade, present Liu Kang, present Kung Lao and past Kabal are also fought only in the story mode, while present Erron Black, past Jade, past Kitana and past Kung Lao are fought only in Aftermath.
  • The Alternate Ending on Chapter 12 revealed that it was Kitana as the timekeeper with Kung Lao and Raiden of that timeline. And was revealed by Liu Kang when they reunited in Liu Kang's timeline in MK1.


  • In Chapter 2, when Kotal Kahn was fighting Shao Kahn, past Liu Kang can be seen with his shirt on, which he didn't wear until the start of Chapter 3.
  • In Chapter 8, when Sonya puts her foot in past Kano's neck, he is seen with a circular cybernetic heart, instead of his rectangular one.
  • In Chapter 11, when Raiden was taking to present Jax, the present Scorpion can be seen fighting the cyborgs instead of past Scorpion.
  • In Chapter 12, when Raiden's army assault on Kronika's Keep, Cassie wears her Santa Anas skin instead of her base default skin, and Jacqui wears Running and Gunning instead of her base default skin.
  • In Chapter 14, when Shang Tsung shoots a flaming skull at one of the Tarkatan warriors, it misses the warrior, but he still gets hit and flung into the acid pit in a different direction.