Mortal Kombat 11 is both the 11th fighting game and the 22nd installment in the Mortal Kombat series, developed by NetherRealm Studios, QLOC & Shiver and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It was released on April 23rd, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.


NetherRealm Studios is known for having developed the Mortal Kombat titles and also the Injustice series. For Mortal Kombat 11, the new Custom Character Variation system will be introduced, the official press release states that it will “deepen and personalize the player experience by giving them creative control of building customized versions of the character roster”.


Main article: Mortal Kombat 11's Story Mode

Some time after Shinnok's defeat at the hands of Cassie Cage, Raiden is seen torturing the fallen Elder God in the damaged Jinsei Chamber. The God of Thunder, now with a darker persona due to the Jinsei's corruption, announces to Shinnok that he will no longer have mercy and will destroy Earthrealm's enemies before they can attack the realm. Though Shinnok reminds him that he cannot kill an Elder God, but Raiden retorts that "There are fates worse than death" and decapitates him. Raiden resolves to deliver him to Liu Kang in the Netherrealm as a warning and before teleporting away.

The Keeper of Time, Kronika, appears in the chamber, enraged at Raiden for upseting the balance of time after Mortal Kombat X's events. She confronts and tells Shinnok that the Ark of Time bends at her will and that "it's only a matter of time." 

Tired of Earthrealm’s defiance, Kronika will bring order to the universe through any means necessary.[1]


Mortal Kombat 11 contains a roster of 24 playable characters and 7 DLC characters so far, with two still awaiting announcement.

Returning characters

New characters

DLC characters


Kombat Pack

Non-playable characters

  • Blaze (fighting Rain in the Krypt)
  • Bo' Rai Cho (Liu Kang's ending, Towers of Time modifier)
  • Chameleon (occasionally falls to his death in the Pit)
  • Cyrax[2] (Story Mode, Towers of Time modifier)
  • Ermac (deceased in the Krypt, Towers of Time modifier and turned into by Shang Tsung)
  • Goro (deceased in the Krypt and Story Mode)
  • Havik (Towers of Time modifier)
  • Hsu Hao (Erron Black intro - severed head, Towers of Time modifier)
  • Kenshi Takahashi (deceased in the Krypt, Towers of Time modifier)
  • Kharon (Story Mode)
  • Kintaro (one of Shang Tsung's fatalities)
  • Kung Jin (Towers of Time modifier, Cassie's ending)
  • Meat (Towers of Time modifier)
  • Mileena (Towers of Time modifier)
  • Moloch (deceased in Goro's Lair)
  • Nitara (Towers of Time modifier)
  • No-Face (Towers of Time modifier)
  • Onaga (Kung Lao's ending)
  • Quan Chi (Towers of Time modifier)
  • Rain (fighting Blaze in the Krypt, will occasionally fall to his death in the Pit, Towers of Time modifier, and turned into by Shang Tsung)
  • Reiko (Towers of Time modifier)
  • Reptile (found in the Krypt, Towers of Time modifier, and turned into by Shang Tsung)
  • Sareena (Kabal's ending)
  • Sektor[2] (Story Mode, Towers of Time modifier)
  • Sheeva[2] (Story Mode, Towers of Time modifier)
  • Shinnok (Story Mode, Towers of Time modifier)
  • Smoke (occasionally falls to his death in the Pit, Towers of Time modifier, and turned into by Shang Tsung)
  • Stryker (Towers of Time modifier)
  • Takeda Takahashi (various endings, Towers of Time modifier)
  • Tanya (Towers of Time modifier)
  • Tremor (occasionally falls to his death in the Pit, Towers of Time modifier)



A list of the modes that are available to play in Mortal Kombat 11.

  • Story Mode
  • Towers of Time
  • Klassic Towers
  • Krypt
  • Online
  • AI battles
  • Characters
  • Kollection
  • Fatality training
  • Training
  • Tutorials

Additional Content

The Premium Edition includes:

  • Steelcase
  • Kombat Pack[3]:
    • 6 new DLC playable characters
    • 1 week early access to DLC characters
    • 7 Skins
    • 7 sets of gear

The Kollector's Edition includes:

  • Everything from the Premium Edition
  • Exclusive Dragon Logo Magnet
  • Scorpion Mask


The game was revealed by Ed Boon on December 6, 2018, at The Game Awards of 2018.



  • This is the first game of the current timeline to have no Test Your Luck mode.
  • This is the first Mortal Kombat game in over 20 years (specifically, since Mortal Kombat 4) to be titled with just a number rather than a subtitle. While the previous entry was the tenth game in the mainline series, Mortal Kombat X, as a Roman numeral, does not count, as all of the marketing referred to the "X" as the letter, not "ten".
  • Unlike the previous game, character dialogue listings during match introductions do not differentiate as a result of chosen skins, meaning Revenant versions of characters will talk as if they're still Human, and present-iterations of characters can speak as if they're their past-iterations.
  • This is the first mainline Mortal Kombat title to not feature Quan-Chi as a playable character, a fightable enemy or so much as a cameo since his debut in Mortal Kombat 4 in 1997. Although he was not playable in Mortal Kombat Deception, he could still be found and fought in the game.
  • This game has a massive amount of skins, with everyone having at least 60.


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