In the final battle of the first Mortal Kombat tournament, Liu Kang defeated Shang Tsung and saved Earthrealm from subjugation. But in the confusion of a mysterious earthquake, Shang Tsung and his fellow conspirators escaped through a portal to Outworld. Kung Lao, who had been disguised as a Masked Guard, helped his friends escape from the crumbling island. The defenders of Earthrealm narrowly escaped the destruction with their lives.

They returned home before the Wu Shi Academy was invaded by Baraka and his Tarkatan horde. This was an attempt to defy the rules of Mortal Kombat and take Earthrealm by force. The Shaolin Monks fended off the invasion. Howsever, Raiden sensed a deeper conspiracy and urged the pair to defeat Shang Tsung in Outworld. Will they succeed? Or will they succumb to Shang Tsung's evil plot?


The Xbox Controls.

The Playstation 2 Controls.

The Warriors

*Warriors that must be unlocked in order to be selectable.

Advanced Kontrols and Maneuvers

Note: The first button is for the Playstation 2 and the second is for the Xbox.

  • Grapple: Pressing the R2/BLK button near an enemy will activate a throw/grapple attack. You can choose the direction of the throw by using the analog stick.
  • Weapons: Pressing the R2/BLK button near a weapon make the character grab the weapon. There are various weapons throughout the game. The weapons can also be thrown by using the R2/BLK button.
  • Enemy Manipulation: Hold the R1/R button and then tap the R2/BLK button to take control of an enemies. You can use the opponent as a human shield and perform attacks. You can later upgrade the manipulation moves and gain new ones using the experience you earn throughout the game.
  • Special Attacks: Holding the R1/R button and taping any of the attack buttons will execute the special attack associated with that button. The special attacks can be upgraded as you progress. Special Attacks drain the special meter.
  • Blocking: Holding the L2/WHT button will allow you to block any incoming attacks. Blocking drains the energy meter, so if you are low on energy, your block will be broken.
  • Lock-On: Pressing the L2/WHT button will allow the player to lock its view onto the opponent he's facing. Using the left analog stick while using Lock-On will make the player strafe and using the right analog stick will change the opponent that is locked-on.
  • Evade: By pressing L2/WHT and tapping X/A you will be able to perform evades in any direction you choose. This will prove to be very important in tougher fights.
  • Fatalities: Pressing L1/L when the fatality meter is filled will enter the fatality input screen where you must input the fatality combination using the D-Pad and one of the face buttons.
  • Juggle Combos: Pressing Triangle/Y you will launch the enemies into the air and after that an airborne attack can be launched by pressing X/A and any of the attack buttons. The Square/X button is used for fast attacks so it is the most efficient when you are trying to keep the enemies up in the air, the Triangle/Y button is used for pop-up attack so it will make the opponent go even higher (normally so high it goes out of your reach ending the juggle), the Circle/B button is used to perform a powerful attack that sends the enemies down if it hits him and the R2/BLK button will throw the opponent away from you, ending the juggle. Juggling can prove to be very important because it allows the player to kill its enemies without suffering any damage.
  • Recovery Attacks: Pressing any of the attack buttons when a character is on a ground will make the character get up with an attack.
  • Air Recovery: Press X/A to recover in midair.


Goro's Lair

A map of Goro's Lair.

The game starts as the two Shaolin warriors, Liu Kang and Kung Lao escape from Goro's Lair. This level is where you'll learn most of the basic moves.

First grab a blue koin from the center of the starting room, Raiden will be explaining the basic moves.

Kill a group of Oni that runs out to attack.

*Secret: A secret koin can be found if you throw or punch an Oni into the hanging skeleton at the back of the room, however, this can only be gotten by the double ability.

When the Oni are finished, collect two more blue koins to receive more tips and generate more Oni. Slay all the Oni to make the gate open.

Enter the next room and perform a block when one of the Oni tries to attack.

Destroy the Oni and collect the blue koins from the floor. You have to collect them all, and destroy all of the Oni to open the next gate.

  • Note: Try to keep the weapon you picked from the previous room for as long as you can. With it, finishing the Oni will become much easier.

Going through the gate, you will enter a big room with spikes (the bottom of infamous arena "The Pit"), be careful because they can cause serious damage to your health bar. After you walk a little and fight some Oni, a cutscene with Johnny Cage uppercuting an Oni from the Pit onto the spikes appears. Dispatch some Oni and jump up onto the ledge on the other side. Follow the ledge around, jump up, and run across a wall.

  • Note: The spikes of the Pit can be used to instantly dispach the Oni.

*Secret: Shoot the moon with a projectile (Liu Kang's Fire Ball, Kung Lao's Hat, Sub-Zero's Ice Blast or Scorpion's Spear). You can either do this from the wall, or from the bridge you reach in just a moment. Shooting the moon makes a koin appear on the bridge.


Jump across ledges to the top of the room, and find a bridge. Run across the bridge, collecting the koin you got from shooting the moon.

Watch the short cutscene with Reptile, after that, Onis will appear.

*Secret: After crossing the bridge, drop down on the left side of the screen(towards the camera) to reach a hidden ledge with another koin.

Exiting the map, you'll find yourself in Goro's chandelier room. Grab a koin from beneath the chandelier to receive the ability to perform Fatalities. After grabbing it, Oni will appear, beat them to fill the Fatality Meter.

*Secret: Knocking one of the Oni up into the chandelier will destroy it and reveal a secret koin.

Kung Lao's Body Slash.png

With the Fatality Meter filled, perform a Fatality on one of the Oni. On-screen directions for which buttons to press will appear, follow them to do a Fatality.

  • Note: The directions to perform the fatalities discovered during the quest can be seen in the pause menu.

After defeating the Oni, move on to the next area. In there you will find two trigger plates on the floor. If you are playing Ko-Op you can activate those plates to access Goro's Secret Room.

  • Goro's Secret Room (Ko-Op only)

Entering Goro's secret room you will encounter more Oni. Notice the two big bells. Throw an Oni into each bell to ring it. When both bells have been rung, a pathway opens in the back wall leading back to Goro's Chandelier Room, behind a gate. Grab the koin and the gate will open.

The Golden Statue.

Go back to the two trigger plates' room and throw an Oni into the far wall to open a hole so you can go to the next area.

You'll find yourself outside Goro's Lair, next to a long bridge and a save point; the save point is represented as a golden statue. Save the game if you wish and continue towards the bridge. A small cutscene will appear showing a rock destroying the bridge - your only way out.

Go down and you will encounter your first boss, the Oni Warlord.

  • Note: When dropping down into the collapsed section, try to fall on the pedestal by using the camera and grab the sword.

Oni Warlord

The strategy to defeat the Oni Warlord depends on the character you are using.

  1. Kung Lao Spin Attack: Just constantly use the Kung Lao's Spin Attack and avoid being hit by the Oni Warlord since his attacks can cause serious damage.
  1. All out attack: Run and pound the Oni Warlord with repeated attacks, but run away when he raises his club. Keep this up until he is defeated.
  1. Aerials: Constantly use aerial attacks and avoid getting under his club. Kung Lao's quick aerial kicks work very well with this strategy.
  2. On a tall platform, a weapon can be seen. Head to the right end of the broken bridge, then jump on the platform, and pick up the sword. Since the sword does a devastating deal of damage, it would make the Oni Warlord easier to defeat, and it will save you some time and effort.

After defeating the Oni warlord, a golden koin will appear. Grab it and you'll obtain the ability to perform a long jump. Defeat the rest of the Oni and head up to the platforms. When the gap appears, perform a long jump, be careful not to fall or you'll lose health. After climbing all the platforms, you'll find yourself close to the save point. It's recommended for you to save the game at this point.

Use the long jump to jump across the broken section of the long bridge.

*Secret: On the far side of the bridge over the Oni Warlord pit, move toward the camera and look down. A platform is below you. Grab a secret koin from that platform.

Go across a small bridge with a waterfall behind it. Defeat a pair of Mask Guards by blocking and then conterattacking.

After defeating the Mask Guards a portal will open, head into it and you will be taken to the Wu Shi Academy.

Wu Shi Academy

A map of the Wu Shi Academy.

You have reached the Wu Shi Academy.

Watch a cutscene where Raiden presents the Earthrealm warriors with medals honoring them for their participation in the Mortal Kombat tournament.

During the ceremony, the academy will be attacked by a group of Tarkatan.

After watching the cutscene, move forward and destroy several Tartaka who will attack you.

  • Note: Be careful with the spikes on the walls because they can do you damage. You can throw the Tarkata against them to kill them instantly but you won't get any experience for doing it.

When the path forks, go right, onto a wooden bridge. A catapult stone flies in, destroying the bridge. Keep running to avoid taking any damage.

Be careful with the Flame Jet.

Watch the movie that shows how you can fling enemies with catapults. Jump across a barrier to a spot with two catapults. Destroy the Tartaka here.

  • Note: You can use the catapults or the flame jet to kill the Tarkata but no experience will be gained.

Jump up some stone steps, avoiding the flame jet. Turn right and throw a Tarkata into a pile of rocks making them tumble down, clearing an obstacle down below.

Go back down the steps while avoiding the flame jet: if you long jump from the top you'll avoid them for sure. Then proceed right.

*Secret: Walk up to the third catapult you discover on this level and knock an enemy into it. The catapult smashes open a chunk of wall down the road, revealing a koin that you can grab later on.

There's a lone catapult as you walk to your right. Knock an enemy into it to smash a barrier back near the rock pile you tumbled earlier. Backtrack to the steps with the flame jet, climb them once again, go left, and throw an enemy into the spiked balls to destroy a barricade up ahead, killing a Masked Guard near it.

Flamy way.png

*Secret: In Ko-Op Mode, you'll find a red koin up by the spiked balls. It does not appear in single player mode.

Go back down the steps and head right. You'll come across a series of platforms with flame jets and spikes on the ground.

Jump across them while avoiding being burned from the flame jets by jumping to the next platform just as the flames die down. Also avoid falling from the platform because the spikes will deal you damage.

  • Note: If you fired the third catapult earlier, you can collect a koin here.

Wu shi academy wall.png

After crossing the hazardous path, jump onto the wall and follow the path to the first academy building.

Entering the next area, a cutscene will appear. Afterwards, drop down to the courtyard to help Johnny Cage with the Tarkata.

Follow Johnny Cage to another courtyard. There will be an ambush and you will find yourself fighting a group of Tarkata alone. Fight them and head towards the gate that opens.

After a short cutscene, jump up a gap in the wall, and run along the wall dodging the spiked boulders that fly in from afar.

  • Note: Beware, the spiked boulders can deal a lot of damage.

At the end of the wall you'll find Johnny Cage trying to open another route. Keep the Tarkata away from him until he opens the gate. Defeat them and head down the gate, once again protecting Cage from the Tarkata while he opens the gate to the armory.

Head towards the armory and pick up a health upgrade and a sword. Now head up the wall by the pond and cut the ropes from the flaming cauldrons. Watch a small cutscene where Tarkata get burned.

Drop down to the courtyard once again.

You can now either keep moving forward, or go to a secret Ko-Op area.

  • Secret Area in First Academy Building (only in Ko-Op)

In the begining of the first academy building where you first encountered Johnny Cage there are two templates you can activate if you are playing Ko-Op to open a door to a secret area.

Beyond the door are two secret koins. The first is in a tree, but you can't get it yet because you can't double jump, forcing you to return here when you can. The second koin is lying on the ground. Grab it to unlock Wu Shi Arena for Versus Mode.

After leaving the courtyard that has a pond, take the path that leads beneath a Japanese-style arch. Drop down some stone steps and go right, past three firespouting statues. You will now enter the second academy building, which is burning. Jump across fires in the courtyard until you reach a Test Your Might switch, tap X(PS2) or A(Xbox) depending on which platform you're playing until the meter goes past the line and then press L1/L.

*Secret: Head up the roof near the Test Your Might switch and then go left where the spike ball is blocking. Pick up the koin to unlock Johnny Cage in Versus mode

  • Note: Use long jump to avoid being burned while jumping over the fire and be careful with the burning monks because they will do you damage.


By activating the switch, water will be released in the nearby roof. Jump onto that rooftop, and up to the wall behind it. Go left and enter the tower and activate the second Test Your Might switch there. Go right along the wall. Enter a tower and activate the third Test Your Might switch. Go right again. A stone statue (which you cannot destroy yet because you do not have the fist of ruin) blocks your path, but you can move toward the camera, dropping onto a lower wall. Follow the wall to the fourth Test Your Might switch, and activate it.

Keep going right, following the wall. You reach some rooftops overlooking the courtyard where you entered. Jump across the roofs to a high tower, and activate the fifth (and final) Test Your Might switch.

After watching a short cutscene, exit the academy building and go back past the three firespouting statues. You'll see a spot where you can drop down, near a spiked wall with a red koin hovering above it.

*Secret: There's a convenient tree branch next to the spiked wall. Later, when you have the pole swinging ability, you can hop on the pole and swing across to get that out of reach koin.

Drop down next to the spiked wall, and you'll find some Tarkata nearby. Defeat them by using consecutive attacks or just throw/push them towards the spikes. Then follow the path avoiding the swinging logs.

You will encounter some Masked Guards near a catapult. Fight them in order to proceed.

  • Note: You can use the catapults for fast kills but no experience points will be earned.

When you defeat them, a path is cleared. Go up the hill and save your progress.

*Secret: To reveal a passage back to Goro's Lair, destroy an Evil Statue with the Fist of Ruin ability (that you

gain after the battle with Kitana, Mileena, and Jade) and a secret portal appears.

Near the save there is a Portal that leads to the Evil Monastery. Head there and a cutscene with Raiden will appear. Afterwards, jump into the portal to proceed to the next area.

*Secret: To the left of the save point, near the gateway to the Portal, is a set of high poles. Once you have the pole swinging ability, return to this place. Jump over to grab a pole, then swing across to a ledge with a red koin.

The Evil Monastery

After the cutscene, kill the Shadow Priests near you. They can be quite tricky due to their teleports and special powers. They can't be killed with a fatality, so you'll have to finish them with a beating. Just send them flying into the air and juggle them with combos. Defeating them will open a path to the Wu Shi Academy but don't go there right now.

A map of The Portal.

  • Ko-Op Secret

Go left from the Wu Shi gateway and up a ramp. Stand on a pair of switches and a ledge will slide out from the pillar in front of you. Hop up the ledge to the top of the pillar and grab the secret koin.

Go right from the Wu Shi gateway. Then you must take a left and use a long jump to hop over the gap. Defeat a pair of Demon Generals and enter the portal to the Evil Monastery.

You'll appear at the base of the monastery steps. Run up these steps and enter the building. After the cutscene demon archers will ambush you. Run up the stairs to the second floor, and use a Test Your Might switch. This makes spikes shoot up at two spots on the ground floor. Drop down to the ground floor and impale the enemies on the spikes, by either using your pop-up special move or by uppercutting them into it, to unlock the door to the next level. After the cutscene, run upstairs and take the exit you just opened. Keep going until you reach an open courtyard with a row of spikes along the back wall. Knock an enemy onto the row of spikes and then jump onto the enemy using him as a platform to reach the upper level. Run upstairs to the exit. You'll enter a room with a giant statue with big horns and spiked claws which is patrolled by Demon Generals. Kill the Demon Generals and run upstairs to go to the next area.

*Secret: Knock enemies into each of the statue's claws to make a red koin appear behind its head. Run up the first flight of stairs and jump to grab it.

A cutscene with Kitana will appear and she will taunt you like in the previous ones. Afterwards, grab the red koin to gain the ability to perform a Multality, which is a way to instantly kill multiple enemies. To perform a multality, you have to fill the fatality gauge twice. Beat up enemies until you can perform a Multality. Follow the onscreen directions to pull it off and the gate will drop. Go past a pair of Fist of Ruin statues guarding a gateway, and start climbing the tower. You'll have to long jump across spike pits as you go. There are three spots where your progress will be blocked by gates. Each time you are stopped, kill all enemies to make the gate drop and keep going up. Watch out for the pillar Kitana sends rolling and head up to the top. After you make it to the top, save your progress at the glowing statue and then advance forward and jump onto the last two platforms. Now, you must defeat Kitana. She's not too tough at this moment; use distance and launch attacks to make your job easier. After a few moments, a cutscene will appear and she'll escape through a portal and you'll automatically follow her.

Kitana, Mileena and Jade

After following Kitana through the gateway, Mileena and Jade appear and you must fight all three at once.

As the battle begins, all three women will be fighting you. Concentrate on damaging Kitana and try to avoid Jade and Mileena. Running attacks and quick throws are a good way to deal damage. So just keep moving and attacking Kitana and you'll be fine. When you've damaged Kitana enough, you'll automatically throw her into a trap. She must stay in that trap for about a minute. At this point Mileena and Jade will try to free her by activating a pair of crystals close to the place where Kitana is trapped. Whenever one of them runs up to the pedestals, you must knock her away.

  • Note: If Kitana is set free from her trap, the battle starts over, and once again, you must focus on damaging Kitana.

After a while, a small cutscene will play and Kitana will be out of commission so you'll just have to worry about Jade and Mileena.

Fight them near one of the traps in the area. Use lots of launch attacks that pop them into the air, throws or power attacks can make one of them fall into one of the traps and then you pull the levers to activate the traps. Be sure to keep blocking or moving whenever you aren't attacking, because Mileena and Jade can attack out of nowhere.

Once you've lowered their health enough, you can knock them into one of the traps. If you manage to knock either of them into one of the traps, a cage pops up around them. Run to the front of that cage and use the Test Your Might switch there to inflict severe damage. Keep fighting, and keep trying to knock them into those traps since they receive a lot of damage from it. Throws, launch attacks, and power attacks give the best odds of knocking an enemy into a trap so focus on those. Eventually, one of them will run out of health and will be out of commission and ready to receive a fatality. After that happens, ignore her and beat down the other one. When both of them run out of health, follow the on screen commands to perform a fatality on them. After the fight, a koin appears on the dragon logo. Grab it to gain the Fist of Ruin ability. Also, remember to grab all the experience koins before heading out. Take the gateway back to the top of the monastery tower. Make your way back down the tower. Whenever a gate blocks your path, use Fist of Ruin to destroy an evil statue and drop the gate. Continue your descent until you reach the two statues blocking the portal.

  • Note: To use Fist of Ruin, charge your strong attack by holding circle/B.
  • Secret: When you have the Double Jump ability, climb onto the broken pillar to your left. From here, double jump up onto the roof where you will find a red koin

Use your Fist of Ruin ability to smash these two statues. When the path is clear, enter the vortex in front of you to return to the Portal.

You will see Reptile briefly before he vanishes into a portal. Follow him by traveling towards the camera, then go up the ramp to your right. Defeat the Shadow Priests to raise a pathway, allowing you access to the portal. Enter the vortex and you'll be transported to the Living Forest.

Living Forest

The Living Forest map.

Once you arrived at the Living Forest, you will fight the undead warriors.

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