Argus: It is done. Taven and Daegon have been hidden. The dragons, Orin and Caro, will be at their sides.

Delia: I trust they will be safe in the caves. I only hope Shao Kahn shows no interest in Earthrealm.

Argus: It is unlikely. His attention seems focused only on Edenia. The pyramid is completed. You are certain the battle will take place here, Delia?

Delia: I am. I have sent Blaze to monitor the realms. When the time has come, he will signal the dragons and the quest will begin. Are we doing the right thing, Argus?

Argus: Your visions determined this course of action. The powerful warriors to come... the corruption of a Mortal Kombat tournament... The chain of events you foretell will lead to a conflict that will destroy us all! These kombatants must be dealt with!

Delia: I am talking about Taven and Daegon. Must they be involved?

Argus: Our sons are the only ones we can trust. Furthermore, they will prove their worth before the Elder Gods. They will bring honor to Edenia.

Delia: And to you... If they survive....

Argus: We have equipped them well. And the monoliths will hone their skills. This must be done.

Argus: Daegon and Taven will remain dormant. When they are revived, they will embark on a quest to save the realms from Armageddon. May the Elder Gods watch over them.

Orin: Taven! It is good to see you have awakened. Do not worry -- your strength will soon return.

Taven: Orin? What happened?

Orin: You were encased in stone -- to protect you from harm until I received the signal to awaken you. You are no longer in Edenia, Taven. You are in Earthrealm.

Taven: I don't understand. Why am I in Earthrealm?

Orin: Your father has a very important task here for you. Your brother, Daegon, will also be participating. It is a competition between the two of you, from what I understand.

Taven: Competition? Last I remember, Daegon and I were summoned to Father's throne room, and...

Orin: … and there you were both rendered unconscious. I don't know the details of this quest. I was charged only with hiding you in Earthrealm and awakening you when the time came. That time is now.

Taven: No... This is all too strange. Where is my father? I wish to speak with him.

Orin: I will send you to his temple. Find the main chamber and place your hand on the altar.Your father will speak to you there and present you with a weapon to use on your quest. No doubt your brother has been awakened by Caro and will be sent there shortly.

Taven: Why will I need a weapon? Very well, Orin, lead the way.

Taven: Who are you?

Kobra: I'm Kobra. No one crosses this bridge. No one!

Taven: We shall see...

Kira: Kobra! I just got the signal from Kabal. The ambush has begun!

Kobra: If you are not a member of the Black Dragon Clan, I'm gonna have to finish you!

Argus: Taven, place your hand on the monolith.

Taven: Father?

Taven: Where am I?

Argus: This is a training area.

Taven: Father, is that you?

Argus: No, Taven. I am merely a reflection of your father. My purpose is to train you for your coming challenge.

Taven: Would you tell me what this is all about?

Argus: You will find your answers within the temple. This monolith was created to help you hone your fighting skills. There are others like it scattered throughout the realms. They can only be activated by you or your brother.

Argus: Now then, let us begin your training.

Taven: Was I inside the monolith? How is that possible? Maybe Father will explain when I find him in the temple.

Kabal: You fight well. I don't know who you are, but there is always room in the Black Dragon Clan for another ruthless warrior.

Taven: I have no intention of joining you and your thugs.

Kabal: You will regret your decision. Fight!

Taven: Strange-looking warrior. At least I won't have to deal with his clan any longer. Looks like I've finally arrived at my father's temple. I didn't know he had one here in Earthrealm. I'm sure he'll explain everything once I locate him in the main chamber.

Taven: What are these images supposed to represent? That looks like Mother having one of her visions... and this must be Father speaking with the Elder Gods. These sleeping figures might be my brother and I.

Taven: How long was I unconscious? And what's this? It appears as if my brother and I are attacking some... demon. I have no memory of that....

Taven: What does this all mean? Where is everyone? Doesn't seem like anyone's worshipped here in ages.

Argus: Taven, the time has come for you and Daegon to prove your worth to Edenia. I must choose my successor as Protector of the Realm.

Argus: I give you each a weapon of great power. You will find them on the wall behind this altar. Your mother has also left you items of great importance. You will find them in her temple to the north.

Taven: What are they? What is their purpose?

Argus: You must find Blaze -- a firespawn created by your mother. Use the items we have given you to defeat him. The victor will not only succeed me as Protector of Edenia, but he will receive a gift worthy of a god.

Argus: Go now, and may the Elder Gods watch over you.

Sektor: Sektor to warship. Rendezvous for immediate evac.

Tekunin: Grandmaster Sektor, the prisoner is awake.

Sektor: Good. Now I can get the information I need.

Taven: What are you?

Sektor: I will ask the questions! I need to know what you learned in from the altar in the temple! What message did you receive?

Sektor: Answer me!

Taven: You are going to regret having --

Sektor: Increase power!

Sektor: What information did you acquire from the altar?

Tekunin: Grandmaster Sektor! The ship is being attacked!

Tekunin: Incoming fighters! Special Forces!

Sonya: Tekunin warship! This is Sonya Blade! You are in violation of the Earthrealm Accord! Surrender immediately or risk annihilation!

Sektor: Remain at your posts! Initiate code K-0-N-N-1-H-5!

Tekunin: Affirmative!

Taven: I have to find some way out of this ship and back to the portal.

Sektor: You are not leaving until I get all the information I need -- even if I have to beat it out of you. Fight!

Orin: Welcome back, Taven. You were away quite a long time.

Taven: I was ambushed. More than once....

Orin: By your father's holy men?

Taven: No. His followers apparently abandoned the temple long ago. Warriors in red occupy it now.

Orin: This is not right. Something is amiss. Did you learn more about the quest? Where is the weapon your father left you?

Taven: There was no weapon. I'm assuming it was stolen long ago. As for the quest, apparently it's a race to kombat a firespawn named Blaze. Whoever defeats him will succeed Father as Protector of Edenia!

Orin: Yes... Blaze! He is the watcher who sounded the call to awaken you.

Orin: But how can defeating him in battle grant you the title of Protector? Your mother was mortal. You are only a half-god. Transforming you into a full god would require...

Taven: Require what?

Orin: What else did you learn?

Taven: I must travel to the north. Mother has left me an item in her temple. I hope it's still there.

Orin: I will send you there now.

Sonya: I'm Sonya Blade of the Earthrealm Special Forces. You've got some explaining to do. What are the Tekunin up to?

Taven: Why do you assume I have information?

Sonya: You have some connection with Sektor. He placed a homing device on you that I've been tracking since you teleported away from the Tekunin warship -- first to the heart of a mountain, then to this frozen wilderness. I can follow you anywhere.

Sonya: Now answer me! What is Sektor planning?

Taven: I appreciate your assistance with the beast, but I am afraid I cannot help you. I know nothing about Sek-tor.

Sonya: You're hiding something. Comply or I'll be forced to bring you in for further questioning!

Taven: I'm the son of Argus! You have no authority over me!

Sonya: I have full authority!

Monk: You most have been sent by the gods!

Taven: Yes, in a manner of speaking.

Monk: You must help us! Our abbot has been captured by the Tengu! You must free him!

Taven: I am not here to rescue anyone. I am looking for a temple. Do you know of one?

Monk: A herald of the gods who searches for a temple! Only the abbot would know of such a place. He could reveal to you its location, but if he is slain by the Tengu you may never find it. You must save him!

Taven: Very well then... Where can I find this... abbot?

Monk: He is being held in the Tengu encampment. That way. To the north.

Taven: Thank you. I appreciate your help. Now excuse me.

Abbot: I am grateful that the gods would send a hero to free me.

Taven: I did not come here merely to free you. I need information. I was told you knew the location of a temple.

Abbot: You must be referring to the temple of Delia! Return me to my fellow monks and I will reveal its location to you.

Taven: By the Elder Gods... Very well... Lead the way, old man.

Abbot: We are here at last. Our place of worship: the holy obelisk. Once again I am humbled that the gods would deliver me from peril.

Taven: Yes, the gods are great. Now if you will please direct me to the temple...

Abbot: Indeed! The temple of Delia, the Lady of Flame! Built to honor the Edenian sorceress who foresaw the Great Battle. Legends tell that --

Taven: Please, I am in a hurry!

Abbot: The temple is down this path.

Taven: I thank you for your help.

Abbot: I wish you good fortune. Ahhh, I see the obelisk begins to glow with the power of my fellow monks' prayers. I only pray the Tengu did not defile it with their touch.

Delia: Taven. You have entered an obelisk of your father's creation. I have empowered it to train you further in the art of kombat.

Taven: You're not really my mother, are you?

Delia: No, I am not your mother. I am merely a reflection of the woman who enchanted this stone. My purpose is to aid you on your quest.

Taven: Can you tell me more about this quest?

Delia: Only that you will find a gift in the temple. It lies behind a wall. Place your hand in the recess to unlock the door.

Delia: Your training will now begin.

Wu Lae: Stop where you are! Your dark allies may have escaped for now, but you have nowhere to hide. Kill him!

Wu Lae: Wait! Stop! You are free to go!

Taven: Oh, I'm free to go? After I've already defeated your entire clan? How generous of you!

Wu Lae: My sincerest apologies, warrior! When I was told that you had attacked my men near the obelisk, I assumed you were with the other two outsiders we encountered. But clearly you are human. You must be Lin Kuei!

Taven: I haven't the slightest idea what you're referring to. And what is a 'Lin Kuei'?

Wu Lae: The Lin Kuei are a rival clan of powerful warriors. You fight with such skill I mistook you for one of their ranks. We Tengu have an uneasy truce with the Lin Kuei, and we avoid their territory. They reside in an ancient temple near here.

Taven: And where would this temple be?

Wu Lae: Further up this path. It is not far. But you would be wise not to venture near it. The Lin Kuei are secretive -- and as inhospitable to strangers as we are.

Taven: I will be ready. Thank you for the information. You are free to go.

Taven: What?

Rain: So it is true! Delia's son has returned to claim the prize and save the realms. I figured you would eventually come to this place... Taven.

Taven: You seem to know much about me, but I know nothing of you, friend.

Rain: I am no friend of yours. I am Rain, a Prince of Edenia. Once I have defeated you, I will find and kill your brother as well. Then I will claim the prize!

Taven: Well, 'prince', let us see what you can do.

Taven: You're alive!

Frost: Uhhh… what happened?

Taven: You were encased in ice. Who are you?

Frost: I am Frost. Where...? Sub-Zero!

Taven: Uh... Sub-Zero?

Frost: The medallion! Give me the medallion!

Taven: You seem to be a bit delirious. Maybe you should --

Frost: The Lin Kuei will be MINE!

Taven: At last, an empty room. Maybe I can...

Sub-Zero: Rest? Think again, intruder. You may have bested my Lin Kuei warriors, but you will not get past me.

Taven: And you are?

Sub-Zero: I am Sub-Zero. Grand Master of the Lin Kuei. And you are trespassing. Fight!

Sub-Zero: Your tattoo!

Taven: What about it?

Sub-Zero: It resembles the dragon image on the door behind you! Who are you? And why are you here?

Taven: This must be it!

Sub-Zero: This must be what?

Taven: This temple was a shrine to my mother... before your clan commandeered it.

Sub-Zero: I assure you it had been abandoned long before we arrived.

Taven: I realize that. My name is Taven. I merely came here to retrieve something. A gift from my mother.

Sub-Zero: Then tell me: Where is this 'gift'?

Taven: Most likely behind this vault door.

Sub-Zero: The door on the right was unlocked when we first arrived here years ago. There was nothing inside. The other door has remained sealed, despite our best efforts to open it.

Taven: It seems my brother has already been here to retrieve his gift. Strange... That would mean he's been awake for quite some time.

Sub-Zero: I assume you have a key.

Taven: You could say that.

Sub-Zero: You have your 'gift'. Now tell me: For what purpose would a sorceress leave her son such a powerful set of armor?

Taven: Apparently I need it for my quest. Something important is supposed to happen once I complete it, though I do not know what that 'something' is yet. At first I assumed the quest was nothing more than a game. But I'm no longer certain.

Sub-Zero: What do you mean?

Taven: A warrior named Rain mentioned something about saving the realms. And I've also been repeatedly attacked by assassins in red, I don't recognize their crest though it seems vaguely familiar. A dragon, I believe. Do you have any idea who they are?

Sub-Zero: I may.

Lin Kuei: Grand Master! More intruders have breached the temple! The east entrance!

Sub-Zero: Friends of yours?

Lin Kuei: They are dark warriors, yet they resemble our own Lin Kuei!

Sub-Zero: Time to choose sides: friend or foe?

Taven: I'll help.

Sub-Zero: Then defend the Lin Kuei temple! Smash these new intruders!

Smoke: You will not escape!

Taven: What were those?

Noob: You will join me or you will die!

Taven: We shall see.

Sub-Zero: I should thank you. You probably saved my life.

Taven: Who is he? He doesn't seem... human?

Sub-Zero: He is Noob Saibot. A warrior from the Netherrealm. He is my brother.

Taven: Your brother? Why did he try to kill you?

Sub-Zero: He was corrupted long ago. But now I have the chance to save him. The Lin Kuei owe you much, Taven.

Sub-Zero: In return for your aid, I will help you find the men who have been hunting you. They are called the Red Dragon, a clan of mysterious warriors. I can't help you get inside their base, but I can reveal its location.

Taven: Where?

Sub-Zero: Charred Mountain.

Orin: Taven! You have acquired a suit of armor.

Taven: It's the item Mother left me to help with the quest.

Orin: Are you ready to begin your search for Blaze?

Taven: Not yet. The warriors in red ambushed me again outside the temple. I met someone there named Sub-Zero. He gave me information that could lead me to them.

Orin: Who are they?

Taven: He said they're called the Red Dragon Clan. His Lin Kuei recently located their stronghold. It is in Charred Mountain.

Taven: I would like to 'visit' them, before I search for the firespawn. They may be the ones who stole my father's sword. Will you send me there?

Orin: As you wish.

Fujin: Stop, Taven!

Taven: Fujin!

Fujin: I sense that there is more significance to your actions here than is apparent. I suggest you return to Edenia immediately.

Taven: I would like some information first. The Red Dragon have attacked me twice. I'd like to know the reason and I'm not leaving until I find it!

Fujin: Such ignorance! I will stop you... by force if necessary.

Taven: I respect you, Fujin. You are a friend to my family. But I will not leave!

Fujin: Then you leave me no choice. Fight!

Taven: I didn't want to do that. Fujin has been an ally for many ages. But I need to confront the Red Dragon. This must be the entrance to their stronghold. I hope they haven't been alerted to my presence. I'll soon find out.

Daegon: Taven.

Taven: Daegon! You look... older....

Daegon: I am older. Much older than you, big brother.

Taven: So you were awakened long ago. Why are you here?

Daegon: This is my stronghold.

Taven: Your stronghold? And these warriors...?

Daegon: I formed the Red Dragon Clan many ages ago.

Taven: There must be some misunderstanding. Your soldiers have been hunting me.

Daegon: There is no misunderstanding. For years my clan has infiltrated every corner of Earthrealm searching for you. Scouting parties were placed in locations where you were likely to appear. At our parents' temple, for instance.

Daegon: I see you found your armor. I wear mine always.

Taven: Why would you send your clan after me?

Daegon: Isn't it obvious? I intend to kill you.

Taven: What?!

Daegon: The prize will be mine, Taven. I will not risk losing it to you.

Mavado: Grand Master! Please excuse the intrusion.

Daegon: Speak, Mavado.

Mavado: Blaze has been found.

Daegon: Excellent! I must make preparations. See that my brother never leaves this stronghold alive.

Taven: Who are you?

Kano: Kano's the name.

Taven: I am Taven. Do you know what the Red Dragon are doing here?

Kano: Seems they're trying to create real red dragons. They've been able to create a hybrid of men and lizard -- using their own clan members as test subjects.

Taven: And you were next?

Kano: They were trying something new on me. But they'll never finish!

Taven: Wait! I have more questions for you!

Red Dragon: Quan Chi! I have done as you commanded.

Quan Chi: Then give me what you have found.

Red Dragon: I... I... I couldn't risk detection. I didn't carry the records with me, they're aaaaalll up here!

Quan Chi: Kill him!

Reptile: Close the portal, Dragon! I command you!

Taven: Caro! Get away from him, lizard!

Reptile: I am Reptile! And I do not answer to you! Fight!

Taven: Caro! You're injured!

Caro: I have been enslaved here by Daegon. He uses me to teleport his clan anywhere in the realms.

Taven: I can't believe he could be capable of something like this!

Caro: He is not the man we once knew.

Taven: What happened?

Caro: I am partially to blame. Long ago, I lost mental contact with the firespawn, Blaze. I mistakenly took it as the signal to awaken your brother. But it was too soon -- reviving him early had unforseen effects.

Caro: Daegon was unbalanced. He was outraged that he had been manipulated by your parents and demanded to know the true purpose of the quest.

Taven: Did they tell him?

Caro: Perhaps. Whatever he learned must have disturbed him greatly. He killed them both.

Taven: Killed them?! Impossible! Father was a god! Mother was a powerful sorceress!

Caro: How he did it is of little importance. They are gone, and I am to blame.

Taven: Do not condemn yourself.

Caro: Nevertheless, I wish to atone for my mistake. Moments ago I created this portal to the Netherrealm for your brother. He is there now. You must follow him. Leave now! I cannot hold the portal open much longer!

Taven: I will return to help you.

Caro: There is no need. I intend to stay here and destroy this atrocity Daegon has created in my name. When I am done, the Red Dragon will be nothing more than broken bodies strewn throughout the hollows of this mountain.

Caro: Go now, and may the Elder Gods watch over you.

Drahmin: Welcome to Hell!

Taven: Is that Shinnok? Why is an Elder God here in the Netherrealm? It seems as though he needs help!

Li Mei: How the mighty have fallen! This day is ours! Die, Shinnok!

Shinnok: Taven!

Li Mei: Where did you come from?

Shinnok: I am weakened! Son of Argus, you must protect me!

Taven: Step away from Lord Shinnok... Now!

Li Mei: You will pay for your interference!

Shinnok: Your assistance could not have come at a better time. You defended me against the she-devil Li Mei, and for that I am forever grateful.

Taven: I don't understand. Why did you need my help, Lord Shinnok? You are an Elder God.

Shinnok: I am an elder god no longer. I have been cast down... punished for involving myself in the affairs of mortals. Now I am cursed to preside over this wretched Netherrealm.

Taven: What could you have done to anger the Elder Gods?

Shinnok: Boldly asked, as always, Taven. Perhaps even a former Elder God may be permitted to ask his question first: Why are you here?

Taven: I'm looking for my brother, Daegon.

Shinnok: Yes... I remember him. You competed with one another often. You won most of the games, as I recall. But what makes you think he's here?

Taven: I followed him here. He's been corrupted somehow. I don't know what evil led him to this place, but when I find him he'll have much to answer for.

Shinnok: I will help you find him, Taven, but first I will need to regain my throne. Demons and strange warriors have overrun my sanctuary. Help me clear out the invaders and you will gain my favor. But you must listen to my instructions closely.

Taven: What must I do, Lord Shinnok?

Shinnok: Demons have overrun my spire!

Shinnok: Destroy the invaders!

Havik: Looking for trouble, I hope...

Shinnok: Careful, Taven, this one is most unpredictable.

Taven: You know him?

Havik: I am Havik -- a cleric of Chaos! Shinnok will not regain control of anything son long as I draw breath.

Shinnok: Havik is down. But there will be more like him in the chambers above.

Taven: Who are these invaders? Why did they attack you?

Shinnok: There is no time to discuss that now. We must Make our way to the next chamber before more arrive! Quickly! Enter the portal!

Taven: Get away from Lord Shinnok!

Shinnok: Eliminate them, Taven!

Shinnok: We have reached the top chamber at ast! My throne will restore my strength.

Sheeva: Your throne?

Shinnok: Sheeva!

Taven: A Shokan? Here?

Sheeva: The Spire is Ours!

Kintaro: You fight dor Shinnok! You will DIE for Shinnok!

Taven: Another one?

Shinnok: Destroy Kintaro so that I may reclaim the Spire!

Shinnok: My thanks to you, Taven. You have restored to me what little semblance of authority I have left.

Taven: I am honored to be of service to an Elder God.

Shinnok: Former Elder God... but I do appreciate your loyalty and respect. You may rise. Your brother... Yes, he has been to the Netherrealm, but he is not here any longer. I sense that he has gone -- back to Earthrealm.

Taven: What? Earthrealm?

Shinnok: I will send you to him. But you must leave now!

Taven: Thank you, Lord Shinnok.

Shinnok: He is strong. Quite strong! And a skilled warrior!

Daegon: I told you he was a problem.

Shinnok: He passed all my tests... destroyed my apparitions with ease... more quickly than you did. Perhaps I am aiding you the wrong brother...

Daegon: What? You swore you would help me!

Shinnok: Fool! Your brother has been effectively delayed -- his means of teleportation has been eliminated!

Daegon: Forgive me, Lord Shinnok! I didn't realize. It's just that your aid is vital to my success.

Shinnok: Our success. There is more to this 'quest' than you know. All things have led to this moment! The prize is not merely some 'gift', as your mother and father would have had you believe. It will determine the fate of many mortals -- a fact I will use to my advantage.

Daegon: I don't understand.

Shinnok: I have informed other warriors of the prize, to hasten their... participation. They will think, as you did, that godlike power will be bestowed upon the victor. It is a deception. They are marching to their doom. You shall be the victor -- and the catalyst to my ascension.

Daegon: What must I do, Lord Shinnok?

Taven: Orin! are you all right?

Orin: Taven... I am mortally wounded.

Taven: Did Daegon do this?

Orin: A sorcerer... Quan Chi... He somehow discovered the location of this cave.

Taven: I... I think I've seen him before!

Orin: I believe Quan Chi wants to prevent you from leaving Earthrealm. I've kept the portal open, but I'm growing weaker. You must go through now or you will be trapped here.

Taven: I promise you, Orin, I will find this Quan Chi and make him pay with his life!

Orin: Go now, and may the Elder Gods watch over you.

Taven: Shao Kahn's fortress! I must be in Outworld. I suspect Quan Chi is already inside. I must fins a way to get in.

Taven: This looks like Shao Kahn's dungeon. No sign of Quan Chi here.

Mileena: Quan Chi hasn't been down here in ages. I am Mileena. Mmmm... not bad. Care to dance?!

Shujinko: Stranger! The key you found! It will unlock my cell door! Please free me!

Taven: How do I know you won't attack me?

Shujinko: You have only my word. I am not here to do battle with you. My task is to eliminate Shao Kahn.

Taven: Alone? This I must see!

Shujinko: I thank you, stranger! I am Shujinko.

Taven: I am Taven. You plan to defeat Shao Kahn? Whole realms have tried to overthrow him.

Shujinko: Not only will I defeat him, but a host of his allies. They are in his chamber now, plotting some coming battle. I allowed myself to be captured. From this dungeon, I can enter Shao Kahn's Soul Chamber. Once there, I will be able to destroy Shao Kahn and his allies in one stroke. I suggest to leave quickly, Taven, for I cannot guarantee yout safety.

Taven: My safety? I just defeated this entire... Bah... Foolish old man.

Taven: Enjoying the view?

Goro: Who are you? What are you doing here?!

Taven: At ease, Shokan. I am looking for Quan Chi. Have you seen him?

Goro: He is with the emperor. I am Goro. I have been ordered to let no one pass, under penalty of death.

Taven: My death? Or yours?

Reiko: Well done. Those were elite guards.

Taven: If you say so.

Reiko: I assume you are here to kill the emperor.

Taven: If anyone deserves to die, it's Shao Kahn. But I'm here for someone else: Quan Chi.

Reiko: Ah, yes. He is in the next room with the others. As much as I would like to see him die, I have been charged to protect the emperor's allies. I am Reiko. General to Shao Kahn's army. The emperor could use warriors such as yourself.

Taven: As a rule, I don't ally myself with egotistical madmen.

Reiko: Then I am afraid I will have to kill you.

Quan Chi: ... and that is why we must put our differences aside and join forces!

Shang Tsung: Why should we believe you, Quan Chi? Why should we trust you?

Onaga: I will not join an alliance of traitors!

Quan Chi: Shang Tsung... Shao Kahn... Onaga... My comrades. We are all treacherous by nature and beatrayal is to be expected. But if we do not stand together, at least initially, it could mean the en of Darkness.

Onaga: I stand with no one! I will claim the prize and with it destroy you all!

Shao Kahn: Onaga...

Onaga: EMPEROR Onaga!

Shao Kahn: Not anymore. You haven't been listening to what Quan Chi has told us. The forces of Light also seek to acquire this power. You cannot defeat them alone. Only if we join forces does one of us have a chance of winning the prize.

Shang Tsung: But which one of us? If Onaga is the victor, he could use that power to overthrow you.

Shao Kahn: I'll take that chance.

Onaga: What of the brothers? What can be done about them?

Quan Chi: I have trapped one of them in Earthrealm. The other is in Edenia. We must go there now. Our allies are waiting.

Onaga: To war!

Raiden: Do not go through that portal.

Taven: Raiden! You look... different... ...but I'm glad you're here. I need your help. Shao Kahn and his allies are planning something.

Raiden: It is none of my concern.

Taven: I don't understand. You've always fought Shao Kahn's forces. Now he's planning another another battle and you won't lift a finger? We must not stand idly by! We must stop this --

Raiden: No, Taven. I have struck a deal with the emperor. Shao Kahn will honor Earthrealm's independence when his foreces have won.

Taven: When he's won? What are you saying? Why would that lunatic spare Earthrealm?

Raiden: Because in return, I will prevent you from completing your quest.

Taven: At last! Home in Edenia. I appear to be somewhere near the ancient craters of the Southlands. My brother... Shao Kahn and his allies... They're all here somewhere.

Scorpion: And they will all die here!

Taven: Who are you?

Scorpion: I am Scorpion. I seek revenge!

Taven: Revenge against me?

Scorpion: Against the Elder Gods. They betrayed me. As reward for doing their bidding, they promised resurrect my clan. They are no longer dead -- they are undead! For this treachery I will eliminate the Elder Gods' only means of saving the realms from Armageddon. I will destroy both your brother and you.

Scorpion: I will not let you pass! Prepare to face me in Hell!

Daegon: Well done, Taven.

Taven: Daegon!

Daegon: I was hoping Scorpion would kill you and spare me the effort, but it looks I will have to finish you myself. Blaze?! Why did you interfere?

Blaze: The quest has been corrupted. All did not go exactly as my creator had forseen it. You are in the wrong location. I will transport youto the rim of the crater where the final battle will take place. The quest will conclude when one of you defeats me there in kombat. We must make haste! Many warriors are gathering. If I am defeated by one of them, they will steal the prize and the true purpose of the quest will have failed. Armageddon will be upon you all.

Taven: I want nothing to do with this quest. My business is with Daegon.

Blaze: You have no choice! We are all bound to the quest! The fate of the realms will be deceided today!

Daegon: Then let's get this over with! I have waited an eternity for this moment!

Taven: When this is over, I am going to finish you.

Taven: How did we -- Daegon!

Daegon: You used to be faster than me. Last time we raced through Father's temple I believe you won. Seems like only yesterday....

Taven: It was yesterday.

Daegon: I suppose it was -- for you. But I was awakened prematurely. Over the Millenia I've grown musch faster, much stronger. This time my victory is assured.

Taven: The only thingnthat is assured is that you will pay for killing Mother and Father!

Daegon: So you know. Yes, I killed them. I had to! Lord Shinnok warned me that thay had decided to assist you!

Taven: You killed them over the prize?!

Daegon: With the very weapons Father gave us to use against Blaze. And now I will use them to destroy you. Fight!

Blaze: Unfortunate. It was not intended that the brothers kombat each other. Daegon has fallen. Now you must fulfill your obligation.

Taven: Obligation?! The quest destroyed my family! Explain to me why I should care!

Blaze: Your mother, my creator, foresaw the coming Armageddon: that through Mortal Kombat warriors would unknowingly tap into the very forces that make reality possible. Those warriors are in the crator below, engaged in Mortal Kombat.

Taven: All of them? But with than many fighting in one place...

Blaze: This crater will be the origin of the Apocalypse unless something is done to prevent it. The Elder Gods had ordered your father to orchestrate a solution. He decided to kill them all when the time came. But your mother argued merely to strip the kombatants of their special abilities, for some were heroes, underserving of death. In the end, they conceived of a contest between you and your brother. The victor would unleash one of two solutions. Like a coin toss, one side would disarm the warriors: the other would destroy them all.

Taven: Which side of the coin am I?

Blaze: It is unknown even to me. Your armor is the catalyst. The fate of the kombatants will be revealed when our battle is done.

Taven: So by defeating you, I could be killing them all.

Blaze: They are unimportant. Whichever outcome, you will be saving the realms. But you mustnot let anyone else kombat me.

Taven: Then allow me to win and we'll put an end to this!

Blaze: No, Taven. I must act according to my creator's design. Take your sword, walk through te archway and finish the quest. Now face me... in Mortal Kombat!


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