Unidentified Entity Number 10

aka The Darkness

  • I live in The gaming world
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is To follow the SCP Foundation and Skynet's orders
  • I am T-800, dumbass!
Before you leave a message...
Do you have a reason for sending your message, <insert name here>?
Please do not message me for idle chatter, as my Mortal Kombat wiki message wall is not the place for that.
Is it an issue with me on this wiki?
Please do not ask me to revert vandalism by other users, as I am not an admin of this wiki, but rather just a volunteer to contribute to this wiki. If you wish to discuss with me regarding my edits, feel free to ask, but it must have an aura of politeness regardless. If you do not wish to discuss with me regarding my edits, contact an admin.
Does your message maintain an aura of politeness?
I will not respond to messages that are filled with threats and insults, as that I will report you to Mortal Kombat Wiki staff. Even if you have an issue with me, I want the message to be at least polite. If I replied "I'll need some time before I reply", it means that I need some time before I reopen your thread and discuss about it. I do this to make sure I don't lose my temper, and that I don't make you feel uncomfortable. If I removed the thread with no reason, it means that I really don't want to talk about your situation.
Are you blocked on one of my wiki but can't contact me on Community Central?
In case you are blocked on Community Central, and wanted to discuss with me on my block with you, this is the only place where I will allow discussion.
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