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  • I can´t believe this ]

    I watched back to the comments to see if i was banned here for telling the truth.....appereantly i had luck that the people here who commented maliciously( ridley prime not included) are not total idiots. I might get banned for this but i don´t care about that. I have no patience arguing with foolish hypocritcs telling me i wouldn´t respect other opinions and not getting triggered, yet they are ranting at others for thier opinion in a far worse and more stupid manner than i did(I mean, i never called someone here butthead, what kind of sad individual does that)and i am new here!

    To the People here asking why i said DLK´s post is was over sensitive and unnessesarly hate filled for injustified reasons, here it is:

    It was over sensitive because he overreacted about some Child Characters (who didn´t even did much wrong) as if they ruined everything, when they didn´t, KK did more damage to the plot.

    It was unnessesarly hate-fillled because he used actually insults towards these Characters for no other reason than to appeal to Emotion rather than using good arguments.

    Speaking of no good arguments, they were injustified because they are no Millenial or LGBT stereotypes as they actually have unique personalities that don´t fit with thier supposive stereotypes at all, i mean Kung jin being an ass and dressing up as a average shaolin male isn´t something the typical gay guy would do and even then is this all that bad? i mean no one complained about the Old characters being stereotypes too like Liu Kang or the Ninjas( Ninjas being martial artists) or Jax being all that patriotic, yet why is it so bad with the new ones? I am no friend of Stereotypes either, but don´t use the S card at characters, who don´t deserve it, you can dislike them, but at least use some real arguments as to why they are bad.

    With that said i don´t have anything against people, who hate Character A or Z, because honestly they aren´t my favorites either and there are some things bothering me about them like Jaque not being unique enough and finding Cassie a little bit gross with her bubble gum. To her Role in the final chapter i say that she it was somewhat justified, but not a great way developing her Character.

    It´s not that i don´t accept other viewpoints, i can accept the fact that people dislike Armageddon despite me liking it and I can accept it that people hype Fujin, even though i find him a bit overrated, because he doesn´t do anything great at all except having some few good speeches.

    Overall my intent towards DKL was to point out my distaste with his reasoning for his dislike towards the children and I am sorry if i came off as a dick, but please, there is no need to throw Opinion cards( admit it, we all can´t respect every viewpoint, denying it is just stupid) and insults like that, I mean, come on, we are no idiots.

    @Godzillavkk I mean don´t you agree here with me?

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    • im laughing at you because youre pathetic, not because i "cant think properly".

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    • i'm glad that, instead of explaining your issue and a thorough and mature way, you decided to have a petty fit. with this kind of behavior, you will not be missed.

      if you want people to care about something you're upset about, explain why. don't just screech and cry and blame people for not understanding your clear turmoil that you won't even bother making a point of.

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