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  • changing a few words at Villains wiki doesn't mean it's not plagiarism. yeah, some of the pages are fine, but you're just changing like a word or two here and there for the bad ones. either do rewrites or nothing at all.

    just some word of advice, that wiki has gotten in trouble before and it'll happen again if you're not rightfully cautious. I don't want to be "that guy" but you're forcing me to be more strict. this is like the third occurrence of this, and I don't want to get Wikia involved.

    EDIT: i've just seen that you undid everything that Riley did on that wiki, everything he had permission to do. do you WANT to get in trouble?

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    Dirtbag Daryl
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    don't say I didn't warn you
    08:49, March 7, 2016
    • Actually, Riley did roughly 40 plagiarism accusations and Biblical undid roughly half of that.

      Either way, yeah, I mean, what's even the point of having content on your wiki that's stolen from another's and shifted around here and there? Even if it doesn't technically constitute as plagiarism, why taint your wiki with such vapid and superficial content? It's best to just delete all of the stolen pages tbh. I doubt anyone would miss them.

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    • what's more annoying though, that little plagiarism notifier you guys have (with the pokemon or whatever that is by it) just shrugs plagiarism off like it's not a big deal.

      just saying "EH WE'LL GET TO IT SOME DAY" isn't a good way to handle plagiarism at all and, looking at your wiki, you have a shitload of to. plenty of content to be reported for, surely.

      this is unrelated to the our plagiarized content, but you should really talk to your fellow staff on that wiki about removing everything there that's been plagiarized (that you know of). that, or someone will report the wiki and a wikia official will make you do it, otherwise the other option is getting the wiki shut down. just some more advice.

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    • if you keep undoing Riley's edits there I'm gonna have to go that extra step, Biblikal.

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    • alright then

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  • I didn't do it on purpose...

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    Dirtbag Daryl
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    18:43, November 21, 2015
  • Not to be a dick right now, but I did ask you not to promote your wikis last year.

    You REALLY didn't need to make such a snappy response.

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    Riley Heligo
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    Okay, I'm done
    10:34, September 13, 2015
  • seems you got caught in an autoblock, had to remove it. you're fully unbanned now

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    • It's ok. I just needed to blow off some steam. I got a lot on my mind. Thank you sir.

      & I've fixed all my MK pages on The Evil Wiki. It wasn't easy gettin' to them while havin' incoming/unanswered emails, junk to cleanup, & more things to collect/add. Anyway, I think I've got it done.

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  • Could you tell Magma Dragoon how uncool he was for blocking me in the villains wiki. I know I was rather rash with Tearface but I don't deserve to suffer while pages are being deleted for plagiarism. Have everyone help rewrite the pages I plagiarized. These villains need to stay permanently for everyone to look at.

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